Mobile Marketing Strategies You Shouldn’t Miss


Mobile Marketing Strategies You Shouldn’t Miss


Are you desire to sell any product or service? You must know this new and evolving marketing technique Mobile Marketing. However either if you want to market your product through offline or online, it could not be a matter. Mobile marketing technique rolls its magic stick on you to enlarge your sale. The use of mobile is indispensable in this contemporary workplace. One of the reasons behind this new technology is using desktop is decreasing when compared with using mobile. Increased number of mobile kindles the technology to move with mobile marketing technology.


Let us move on with mobile marketing strategies,


Strategy #1: Analyze mobile audience


Develop a detailed persona after getting the analyze part of your mobile audience. It acts as a perfect tool to understand the market in a great way. For example develop the profile that describes your target mobile audience such as job details, audience background, goals, purchase process and so on. In this base of analysis, you can identify your port of mobile marketing for your targeted audience.


Moreover, get a clear picture of research reports of smartphone usages on your location. From this, you can get the information such as count of mobile that first opened with an email, count of mobile that to access content or information. Based on all of this research you can decide whether you may go with email marketing or social media marketing through a smartphone.


Hence based on the mobile usage develop the personas of your target audience to move on with the correct mobile marketing strategy.


Strategy #2: Mobile Friendly landing website


When you are moving with the mobile marketing strategy it is a must-do strategy that your landing website should be mobile-friendly. It means your content should fit on the screen with all the possibilities such as scrolling, zooming and so on. However, maintain your landing website without any mobile-specific errors. In the marketing field, there is a lot of free mobile-friendly tool is available which help to give suggestions regarding this.


Since nowadays the audiences engage with mobile for purchasing their searching products. If your landing website is not mobile-friendly then you may lose your conversion. So take this strategy as a primary marketing tool.


Strategy #3: Native Mobile Ads


One of the best standard mobile ad formats is native mobile ads. When compared with other mobile ad formats, native ads completely blend well with the surrounding content rather than as an explicit separate ad. This makes the audience to click your ads. From this, you can get higher response rates from the audience. Also, it makes the audience to click through with a very compelling message.


Also, native mobile ads are sharable one. So that the audience can share your native mobile ads with their sources if your ad might be interested in them. In such cases, native ads help to spread quickly among the needy people. From this kind of native ads, you can improve the digital form of word of mouth.


For example, in the below screenshot you can see the banner ads in the first image. And native ads are in the second image. Native ads completely blend with the content and it aligns more closely with the audience mindset.

Native Mobile Ads

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Strategy #4: Augmented (AR) and virtual reality (VR)


As a marketer, you should analyze the viewpoint of the audience on your product or service. The perception like augmented reality and virtual reality are a pretty modern way to reach your product.


Augmented reality is nothing but the projection of virtual objects into the real world. This can be enhanced via headsets and visors.


In the below screenshot you can see the Augmented Reality which will help to project the objects into the real world by using mobile.

Augmented (AR) and virtual reality (VR)

Virtual reality is bringing new experience to the user. It can be effective with the use of headsets. And it may pull the audience into the virtual environment. For example, through virtual reality, you can bring the audience into the temple, university or wherever you want.


When compared with virtual reality, augmented reality is cheaper. You can develop augmented reality components to your mobile marketing campaigns.


Giving the real experience to your audience plays a very important role in marketing conversion rate.


All the above helps to envelop your marketing strategies into the success reach. Our discussion about mobile marketing strategies is not limited to but you may conclude all the above strategies in your mobile marketing strategy.

Author Bio:

Fazeela is a Digital Marketing Executive at Bright Bridge Infotech, a Law Firm Marketing company and she enjoys learning about the Digital Marketing field. She specializes in guest blogging, blog publishing, and social media. She is an avid reader and loves writing impeccable content pertaining to digital marketing. She holds a bachelor degree in Engineering.

7 Essentials to Stand Out with a Mobile Content Marketing Strategy


7 Essentials to Stand Out with a Mobile Content Marketing Strategy


Mobile phones and people have become inseparable and from there comes the need to pay extra attention to mobile content. Responsive design has become essential because every website owner is aware of how important it is to adapt the website to mobiles. But what about the content you produce?


Content is another important aspect which should be created specifically for mobile phones if you want the best results. If you are ready to improve your mobile content and get noticed, you need to know these seven essentials.


1. Know your audience


You need to tailor the content you create depending on who is your target audience.
Think about their age, economic status, gender, location, etc.


This will determine every further step and how you’ll approach the mobile content marketing.


For example, if your target audience is teenagers, your content will focus more on visuals, short copy, and trending topics. On the other hand, if your target audience is mature, working people, you should provide credible and backed up information, with enticing headlines, and valid copy.


2. Use an attention-grabbing headline


When we are scrolling on your phone, the type of headlines which attract our attention are the short, effective ones.


A powerful headline is a must have if you want to get readers to take a further look into your content. If you don’t provide something that will spark their interest, you won’t even have the opportunity to amaze them with content.


Also, think about what your target audience would like to see, for example, it is not the same if you’re composing a headline for 20-somethings or 40-somethings. Young people respond best to short, mysterious, and bombastic headlines while adults and older people want more straightforward and informative headlines.


3. Add visuals


It is all about aesthetics these days. Platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest has changed the internet priorities. It is enough to say that Pinterest is the most mobile social network and 64% of its referred traffic comes from either smartphones or tablet devices.


Informative content is still important but what people also want is (putting it in plain words) something pretty.


This calls for adding images and videos.


You don’t have to have a lot of visuals. It all depends on the type of content you are creating, but a few images which will add something extra are essential.


4. Adapt the images and videos


Users spend on average 69% of their media time on smartphones. That is why when adding visuals, you need to make sure that they are appropriate for your mobile design.


The images you include need to fit the screen and change size depending on the screen rotation. In addition, it is important that they load quickly.


Bold colors and minimalistic images tend to be the best choice for mobile users.


For videos, pay attention that you don’t have auto-play with the sound set on because no one wants to be the star of the show when their phone starts screaming on the bus.


These simple hacks will make a world of difference for your users.


5. Front load the content


Unlike the computer screen which shows us a lot of information as soon as we enter a page, mobile phones show less space.


This means that you don’t have a chance to interest your users with several paragraphs.


Front loading the content which you find most interesting is an important step if you want to stand out and grab users’ attention.


The first few sentences are deal-breakers.


This can be challenging because it puts a lot of pressure on that initial writing. If you need some help, try to find editing service reviews and get someone to help you out with perfecting the beginning of your content.


If you don’t grab the readers’ attention right away, you won’t get a chance to repair the damage.


6. Format the content


Mobile content needs to be easily scannable and readability always needs to be on point.


Most of the times users just skim the content first and then decide whether they want to know more about it.


Long paragraphs and an unclear copy will instantly repel the readers.


Here are a few things you should focus on when formatting the content for mobile users:

• Short paragraphs (2-3 sentences max)
• Bulleted lists
• Brief headings
• Brief subheadings
• Bolded words (if applicable)

7. Localize content


Whether you run a blog or you are a business owner, your local community is the one you should target first. The reason why is that their attention can be the easiest one to get.


No one can become an instant wonder of the world. Therefore, prepare your mobile content to cater to the needs of locals.


One of the strategies you can apply is to use Google Alerts to find out which are the trending topics in your region.


You can also use local keywords to improve visibility and get their attention.


Lastly, don’t forget to use Google Maps if you run a business. Up to 50% of consumers gather store location and other info through mobile search.


You can even use a GPS enabled the app to increase engagement with your customers.


Just focus on connecting your content to the local community and providing them with easy to reach location information.

Localize content

Some final thoughts


Effective mobile content marketing strategy can bring you many benefits such as growing traffic, conversion, and driving offline actions. It just needs to be adapted to the needs of the users.


With these seven essentials, you’ll be ready to have a strong start and improve your mobile content strategy in no time. In order to fully improve, make sure that you measure the number of visitors and have all the information on what is working and what needs to be changed.

6 Digital Marketing Skills For Your Entry-Level CV


6 Digital Marketing Skills For Your Entry-Level CV


Entering any new industry is scary and exciting at the same time! Part of that comes from the effort to land your first digital marketing position. Your job application materials are a critical piece of the puzzle. Placing the right skills in the right place on your entry-level CV can be the difference between making it to an interview and getting placed in the trash bin with several other applicants.


The skills for your entry-level CV should be diverse and target the relevant trends in the field. The following skills will demonstrate your digital fluency and technical know-how to be effective in the field.


1. Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is important because it is a platform for people to discover and share similar content. Link building is a vital asset of using social media sites and it helps improve a company’s visibility and web presence in relevant circles. It is a great benefit to a company for an applicant to feel comfortable posting effective marketing in multiple social media platforms.


2. Marketing Campaign Analytics

Marketing Campaign Analytics

Combining all types of digital marketing, including social media marketing, is possible through savvy use of analytics. There is data available for basically all user actions and decisions. This data can inform decision making and assess whether you are able to help the company meet targeted demographics.


3. SEO Optimization

SEO Optimization

It is common knowledge that people do not go past the first three results in search engine results. This makes it imperative for your website to show up in the top of a result. Search engine optimization is a moving target with evolving standards. Staying abreast of the latest trends is critical to create a digital presence.


4. Content Creation and Delivery

Content Creation and Delivery

People need to consume content to gain awareness of a company or product. Delivering engaging content through social media marketing and other platforms takes skill and a sense of what the customer or client wants to see. People digest information in short and bite size chunks and react to visual messaging. According to this Infographic, if your website lacks content, you could be losing up to 44% of potential clients. So, content creation and delivery is very important!


5. Communication Skills

Communication Skills

Most of the work you will do is online. This does not mean that you will never talk to people. Actually, it is quite the opposite! As a digital marketer, you will excel in some technical skills and fall short in others. Digital marketing team members are able to create a wonderful and engaging experience by working in a collaborative environment. Showing evidence of past projects where you communicated well is critical.


6. Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing

While many people have laptops or tablets, even more have smart phones. Creating digital marketing experiences that can work on any screen and with multiple apps is critical. We all spend a lot of time on our phone and can be subtly influenced by the marketing seen. Responsive design is a skill that any top marketer should learn.


In Conclusion


The above skills should make their way onto any entry-level digital marketing resume. Gaining a deep awareness of how to optimize digital marketing through social media and analytics is critical towards helping the business you will work for.

Author’s Bio:

Hello, my name is Emin, I am a Los Angeles-based designer and a marketing specialist, I love writing about guides and tutorials about Social Media Marketing and Internet Marketing in general.

Mobile Marketing – A Comprehensive Solution To Boost Your Business Campaigns


Mobile Marketing – A Comprehensive Solution To Boost Your Business Campaigns


Staying in refreshed mode is the most ideal approach to be essential in this creating overall economy. Additionally, right now, the improvement of PDAs is adding to an incredible proportion of individuals being on the web. In the country, 75% of total mechanized minutes starts from PDAs.


In 2017, over 35% of site pages were served to a PDA. In 2018, that number has risen to 53% according to marketing statistics. The class with the most essential dimension of mobile chase volume is food and drink with 73%. Following content and refreshment are prosperity, sports, news, lifestyle, and retail. Associations in these undertakings and various others will immediately get results while merging convenient into their framework. With this information, obviously, mobile marketing ought to even now be a stress to all promoters while making a healthy automated framework.


Here are five mobile marketing examples to recollect while developing your campaigns, and as you begin to envision 2019.


1) Augmented Reality


Augmented reality (AR) enhances and supports veritable circumstances by superimposing virtual segments onto them, henceforth giving a more noticeable regard add to cut down costs, all around. AR is something past finding ATMs inside 50 yards of you. Tremendous data-driven AR can imagine and offer what the customer needs before being unequivocally asked.


2) Chatbots


Most groundwork customer support uses trademark language chatbots. As shown by various magazines, before this present decade’s finished, over 85% of such customer affiliations will be performed by chatbots.


As opposed to believing that the customers will visit you up, publicists can interface with customers by using chatbots on educating applications. By inviting captivated customers to talk, or illuminating them explicitly if security settings allow it, you can directly interface with potential and repeat buyers. Chatbots can work without stopping for even a minute and wipe out a lot of troubling extraordinary jobs needing to be done related to starter request.


3) User-Generated Content


Customer made content is a mind-blowing strategy to allow your customers to share their story and advance your things meanwhile. This is an exceptional strategy to normally make buyer profiles to help associate with your customer along their entire voyage.


Consider moving a test with customer-created content for your next event. Or then again, you may utilize customer delivered content inside an express geolocation, for instance, making a Snapchat or Instagram channel. By then, you can pull most of the substance that is using your channel to demonstrate live at an event or use for future social posts.


4) Interactive Ads


Playable promotions are the best in class time of customer obtainment channels on mobile. They stream play sessions of versatile entertainments inside various applications through the cloud, using virtualization programming.


After a short time, the commercial hardens and advances a present. Equivalent modified game plans have been made with HTML5. For redirections, it allows customers to test the right thing instead of settling on a choice about it on screen catches or video. This “freemium” model can in like manner be used for tech courses of action.


5) Bulk SMS Marketing


Bulk SMS service is the best way to boost any promotional campaigns like if you are launching new product or services you can use SMS marketing it is the best for business promotions and for making strong customer relationship. With the help of various bulk SMS services like promotional SMS, Transactional SMS, long code, shortcode etc. These services are used to send SMS according to your needs like if suppose you are from any financial advisory firm or from the bank then you need to send important transaction details for which transactional SMS services can be used. Similarly, if you are having a product or service based business then you can use promotional SMS service to send promotional offers and discounts to a particular customer or in a group.


6) Geo-Based Promotions


Close field correspondence, ease reference point makers, extended reality, GPS-following, the current mechanical decisions open up an extensive variety of potential results for creative parameters. As we in general know, timing is everything in displaying. Geo-concentrating on enables us to offer the most appropriate substance at the right moment the customer may require it, in light of their territory.

Mobile Marketing Isn’t Dead

While mobile is never again the latest and most noticeable, it’s up ’til now a methodology that publicists should consider and get it. A healthy propelled system doesn’t ignore the open gateways that compact publicizing gives. It’s a splendid enhancement to the system you starting at now have set up.


How are you using mobile marketing today? Instruct me concerning it in the comments.

Author’s Bio:-

Hello, I am Prashant Shrivastav, Digital Marketing Expert at MsgClub® – A Leading Bulk SMS Company in India. We are helping individuals and small to enterprise level companies by providing smart solutions such as bulk SMS, voice call SMS, SMS marketing tools and many more solutions. For any query or business partnership you can contact us at [email protected].

Significant Reasons Why Mobile Marketing Is A Great Option


Significant Reasons Why Mobile Marketing Is A Great Option


Marketing Land is a world-class computerized distribution that covers all parts of the advanced advertising industry. Mobile Marketing includes achieving clients and prospects when they’re utilizing the web far from the conventional home/office work area condition. The expanded utilization of cell phones, tablets and comparative cell phones has made mobile advertising an unquestionable requirement for some organizations.


Associations need to start changing their promoting efforts to remain mindful of the advancements in technology. Mobile Phone adoption rates are extending at a phenomenal rate, outflanking 85% in 2017 alone. Impressively, typical mobile phones conversion rates are up 64% appeared differently in relation to the ordinary work region conversion rates for online business alone. Bulk SMS services also play an important role in the conversion rate of a prospect into a customer.In the present automated and interconnected world, the centrality of efforts is flexible and pleasant that can’t be overstated. To avail this exclusive services you just need to contact bulk SMS gateway provider.


Coming up next are five important considerations on the essentialness of cell phone marketing that publicists need to survey as a component of their mechanized framework:


1. Time Spent On Mobile Devices Is Increasing


Generally, people spent an ordinary of 10 hours out of consistently on PDAs. About 35% of this time was spent on phones or tablets, as shown by eMarketer. This infers the ordinary people puts in over 500 hours out of consistently investigating destinations or visiting on their wireless, giving the plenteous opportunity to get their thought and influence them to look at your business on a device they use such an extensive amount the time as a part of their step by step lives. Advancing examples are furthermore responding to this enhancement: It is evaluated that by 2019, about 72% of exhibiting rupees will be spent making applications and plugs for cell phone platforms.


2. Mobile Commerce And Mobile Marketing Go Hand-In-Hand


Clients are using their mobile phones to purchase things from Amazon, eBay and various online business sites. Associations as colossal as Walmart and as meagre as mother and pop shops are seeing this and making straightforward gateways and locales to support bargains. As a matter of fact, it is foreseen that before the completion of 2018, 70% of online business visits will start on a mobile phone. Associations that make composed flexible fights that control customers from thing preface to the arrangement will see an amazing lift in revenue.


3. Customers Purchase In Stores


Flexible advancement allows clients to shop and take a gander at while they walk around the store walkway. Associations that have dynamic flexible promoting endeavours can abuse this: Search engine improvement and an easily sheltered site can give your business an edge when the purchaser is set up to purchase. Additionally, web files are modifying their counts to give a higher tendency to flexible pleasant areas. This makes the necessity for associations to upgrade their web closeness and tie new kinds of automatic marketing into their assignments.


4. Short Message Service (SMS) Open Rates Are Higher Than Email


SMS has an open rate of 98%, and up to 90% of people who open the message will examine it inside three seconds. This is far higher than email displaying or other automated channels. Accommodating your SMS messages so they offer to imminent customers will give them inspiration to furthermore ask about your things or organizations, and they will most likely start on the contraption in which they just got the message. This thing encourages bulk SMS gateway provider to advance their SMS marketing tactics.


5. Mobile Marketing Reaches A Broader Market


Mobile phones and tablets are winding up dynamically surely understood gadgets for correspondence overall economics. They are smaller, lighter, more affordable and more adaptable than PCs and laptops. Producers are in like manner responding to customer demand and developing snappier, more weighty and more moderate phones. These enhancements infer that sponsors have a splendid opportunity to put their displaying messages under the control of their customers, and adaptable empowers publicists and advertisers to contact a significantly broader social event of individuals subsequently.


Digital advertising is industriously progressing, and flexible displaying accept a key employee in that system. The push toward mobile phones is an example that will continue to progress, and associations need to ensure they have a solid flexible displaying plan to interface with those digital customers.

Author’s Bio:

Hello, I am Prashant Shrivastav, Digital Marketing Expert at MsgClub® – A Leading Bulk SMS Company in India. We are helping individuals and small to enterprise level companies by providing smart solutions such as bulk SMS, voice call SMS, SMS marketing tools and many more solutions. For any query or business partnership you can contact us at [email protected].

Top 15 Benefits of SMS Marketing


Top 15 Benefits of SMS Marketing


SMS (Short Message Service) is a text message sent by one person to another by the medium of a cell phone. SMS marketing is the term for the use of SMS as a marketing channel. Today, most of the companies have tight marketing budget as a result of which, clear benefits and a high return on investment is expected out of every single channel.


SMS marketing today, because of its various advantages has become an important part of the multi-channel marketing. And if you are not utilizing its benefit then you are missing out on a big marketing opportunity.


To help to know how text message marketing is one of the best marketing channels these days, here are the top 15 benefits of SMS marketing:


1. Direct and Instant Deliverability:


One of the biggest advantages of SMS marketing is that, SMS can reach a customer’s mobile devices instantly and quickly, as compared to the E-mail and mobile push notifications which requires the user to be connected to the internet.


Less than 7 seconds is the required average timing for all mobile carriers and the SMS to move from one person to another. It is definitely an advantage over email and push notifications as the push notification and emails at times are received or sent late due to the poor internet connections.


2. A High Return on Investment:


Still being the preferred medium for instant and personal messaging, with Facebook making the reaching and personally targeting customers more difficult, cumbersome and costlier than ever, more and more people have turned to SMS.


SMS being the original messaging medium still remains the market leader resulting in SMS having a very high return on investment. It has been found that SMS delivers around 1600% return on investment which has placed it among one of the most efficient marketing channels.


SMS marketing has always been one the most inexpensive method of communication in comparison to the traditional marketing mediums.


3. Efficient for Brand Reinforcement:


SMS marketing reinforces the brand among the customers. One could leverage upon SMS as a channel to stay on top of the customers’ mind by engaging them with communication that is in line with the rest of the marketing. This has always been one of the major benefits of the SMS marketing.


4. High Engagement Rates:


It has been found that 95% of the SMS messages are read within 2 minutes of receiving them which makes SMS engagement rates quite huge as compared to the E-mails. Thus, SMS can deliver critical information with a very good success rate.


5. Short term promotions for retail or e-commerce business:


Coupons and promotions have proven to be an excellent way to a greater number of people to stores or websites. SMS is a great channel to communicate your offers while conducting a limited time sale or promotion, as obviously one wants many people to know about it, especially when the consumers are on the move.


With this way, one does not have to worry about what they miss out because they didn’t get message on time.


6. Limited requirement of the personal details:


Text message marketing provides the subscribers the option to provide as much little information they wish to provide. This flexibility is often attractive for the customers in general as this gives them the control.


7. Great for the emerging markets:


SMS proves to be a much better channel for communicating information in places where data is very expensive and demand for Wi-fi is low.


8. Good customer service report:


Feedback from customers often proves to be fruitful and SMS has always been great channel to receive feedback from the customers via surveys. Research has shown that on an average 35% customers respond to a surveys via SMS with the average response time for users being less than just 5 minutes leading to great results in a very short period of time.


9. One can use short codes to simplify response and build the database:


SMS marketing gives an advantage to the customers make the first move by adding a short code or keyword to print collateral, advertisements and advertising boards as well as social media. This strategy makes the customers familiar with a brand’s code and the keywords and hence they are more likely to interact and respond.


10. Solid open rate:


Research has shown that open rate of SMS message is a whopping 93% as compared to the 30% for the email. Often customers carry their mobile phones in their hand which makes communication of message easy to them. Solid open rate has made SMS marketing advantageous over the years.


11. Deliver Event trigger engagement:


Use of marketing automation tools such as Gleantap helps in sending event triggered SMS messages to the customers based on their intent and action on the e-commerce store. Event-triggered SMS has proved helpful in engaging customers who are high in value and intent.


12. Automation:


One of the big benefits of SMS marketing is that SMS can often be scheduled to be sent at a certain date or time which frees up the resources and ensures they aren’t sent during unsociable hours.


13. Support and integration with other channels:


One of the major advantages of SMS marketing is its when one integrates it into one of the marketing campaigns. A simple integration of SMS with other market methods to create drip campaigns gets the message straight to the customers and ensures that they know what you have to offer them.


14. Mobile Friendly:


We all know that mobile is here and surely it isn’t going anywhere and will stay here for a long time. But, what makes SMS so attractive is its compatibility with every other mobile phone so there’s no need to worry about eliminating any user or getting the customers on board with the brand-new technologies.


15. Personal:


Very often we see that email and direct mailboxes are populated with unnecessary junk mails and spam which is very irritating. With SMS marketing customers can only opt in to SMS updates from the company they wish to so one can always know that they are delivering the message to the right person without being lost or ignored.


This gives a very good opportunity to make the customers feel really special as it is easy to personalise each message and does not take extra time.




Now that you know how beneficial text message marketing can be, and why it should be preferred over email marketing and other marketing channels.


Not only SMS Marketing cost efficient but it’s also easy and comfortable to use in comparison to emails. And as we see there’s also a high return on investment. Hence there’s every reason for you to switch over to SMS Marketing. It’s force to reckon with and its definitely the future.

Author Bio:

Aishwar Babber is currently as working at Gleantap, as an outreach manager. He is a passionate blogger and digital marketer. He loves to talk and blog about gadget, and latest tech, which motivates him to run GizmoBase.

Bulk SMS Marketing: A Goldmine of a Mobile Marketing Strategy

Bulk SMS Marketing: A Goldmine of a Mobile Marketing Strategy


In this competitive edge, business owners are looking for a way that helps them to reach out to their customers that your competitors aren’t trying right now? Many professional experts recommend bulk SMS service. Read our post more to learn why?


With the advent of technology lot of online marketing channels is available. Most of our valuable time and manpower is wasted on the most visible channels like display ads, search-engine-optimization, social media, email, and content.


However, these amazing strategies for business presence deserve huge attention. But among from them, SMS marketing which is a most vital part of mobile marketing strategy is an equally powerful channel of professional communication & advertising.


Think about it: You usually send at least 2-3 messages every day. Even with competition apart from the chatting apps like FB messenger, Hangouts, WeChat, Whatsapp etc. People are widely enjoying benefits of Bulk SMS messaging and they still sending 350 billion text SMS per month. It is virtually accessible on every cell phone, whereas other mobile apps face problems with compatibility and internet access.


For the right small, medium and large sized business organizations, text SMS is an untapped fountain of big opportunities. Know here 5 reasons to optimize your marketing strategy with bulk SMS messaging-


1. SMS is totally permission-based


You might be heard that the mobile user or customer has to opt-in before receiving any text SMS updates from the brand or company they’re interested. This model established trust between you and your consumers. Just because people agreed to join your list, it’s safe to assume that subscribers think your updates for them are valuable.


2. SMS is mobile-oriented


Texting was especially the main feature of any mobile device, users understand its benefits and limitations. On the other hand, 65% of the web apps were built as websites first than later developed for mobile.


In other words, we can say in text SMS there is no learning curve or user-interface issues. It just works well on mobile phones.


3. SMS has a whopping open rate


According to the reports generated by MobileSquared ‘’ out of 100 more than 90% of the text messages are read by subscribers within three minutes of its delivery on mobile number. Did you ever get any kind of amazing response on email marketing campaign? Email marketing has an average open rate of 22%, 29% for tweets and 12% for Facebook posts.


As SMS is short and simple in nature, customer’s inboxes are much less saturated with marketing messages.


4. People are more willing to receive promotional SMS


As business enterprises need the right incentives to get consumer’s mobile number, many of them obtain contact numbers just offering services like SMS reminders.


According to MobileSquared experts, 54% of the Indian women are signing up to receive updates and reminders on health, sporting and spiritual organizations. So, always offer valuable things so that people are willing to share their active mobile numbers.


So, what’re you waiting for? Get started with text SMS marketing today. As people often send SMS to a friend or family member to share important information, being an owner of your company you should also opt it for any kind of business. Probably there are many bulk SMS gateway providers in India that offer the latest features in their interface to make your transactional and promotional SMS marketing campaign simpler. Even, you can also personalize your content under this technique. Potential customers are likely to be responding more to personal text messages rather than those general messages updates.


Find out the reliable SMS provider in your country and make sure their interface is packed with all features like Schedule SMS, Personalize SMS, Campaign tracking, URL shortener, Unicode etc.

Author Bio:

Hello, I am Prashant Shrivastav, Digital Marketing Expert at MsgClub® – A Leading Bulk SMS Company in India. We are helping individuals and small to enterprise level companies by providing smart solutions such as bulk SMS, voice call SMS, SMS marketing tools and many more solutions. For any query or business partnership you can contact us at [email protected].