How Bulk SMS Can Be Used In The Education Sector In India?


How Bulk SMS Can Be Used In The Education Sector In India?


Communication is the key to run any successful educational institution. We all remember the times around ten or twenty years ago when we would reach the gates of our school only to find out it was closed due to extreme winter. There was an eerie sense of satisfaction but also an undeniable agitation for not getting this information in advance. Who likes to compromise on some extra hours of sleep anyway!


Recently, the use of bulk SMS has bridged this communication gap between schools/colleges and parents. Parents and students no longer have to wait around for the school/college to send notifications by post, they can be updated simply with the ease of their cell phones via SMS. Mobile technology has come in very handy for this purpose.


Here are a number of examples of how bulk SMS can benefit a school or college:


1. Sending Reminders


Any impromptu change in the schedule of a school/college can wreck havoc on its functionality. For this purpose, bulk SMS massaging comes in very handy and can be used to send out weekly or daily messages to staff and students. Bulk SMS is an extremely efficient way used by educational institutions to reach out to tons of people at once. They can be notified close to the time of important events or deadlines.


2. Handling Queries


Parents often might have some unresolved queries about their children and various things related to them. For this reason, short-codes and USSD codes can help answer their questions. It’s not always feasible for parents or children to visit the premises of their educational institution for smallest of queries. For that reason, bulk SMS is a cost-effective and a time saving technique to make people’s lives simpler.


3. Attendance


One major problem with teenage students is their unannounced absence from their school/college premises. In such cases, bulk SMS helps to notify the parents or guardians of the children missing from school. This way, parents can track the attendance record of their children and can even notify the school via a text message if their child is unable to attend school/college on a particular day.


4. Homework


Homework is a crucial part of the educational curriculum. While some students are sincere enough to take care of it by themselves, others need to be kept under a strict watch of the school. For this purpose, the school/college can notify parents by sending a text when their children haven’t done the homework assigned.


5. Parent-teacher communication


There’s no denying that sending messages helps to bridge the communication gap between parents and staff but it also aides in facilitating their communication. Schools and colleges no longer have to follow the cumbersome traditional methods of circulars and notifications, they can simply connect with parents via mobile phones, a procedure which doesn’t even require internet connectivity.


6. Feedbacks


Feedbacks are very crucial for continuous and comprehensive growth of an educational institute. Every educational institute can make use of bulk SMS service for the feedback and carrying out surveys. Sending simple messages to parents and students and asking about their feedback is the simplest way to know where your institution stands. An institution can improve upon its shortcomings by utilising the valuable feedback from parents and students.


7. Student’s Results


Awry results can be a bit discouraging for some students and they might even hide it from their parents sometimes. Schools and colleges can inform the parents about the same using bulk SMS service. This helps in keeping a check on the students and parents can constantly monitor the performance of their children. It even helps to encourage students to perform better in exams as they know their results would never be hidden from their parents.


8. Emergencies


Bulk SMS service is a fast and a convenient way to inform parents about any emergency, like natural calamity, fire breakout, terrorist attack, etc. In such cases, parents can be immediately be made aware of the distressful situation and can take steps accordingly.


9. Unscheduled Holidays


Sometimes, due to unforeseen circumstances like extreme weather conditions, political upheavals, accidents, etc., the school or college might remain shut. Such impromptu closure can be brought to students’ notice with the help of bulk SMS service. Similarly, is a teacher falls ill, he or she can inform the students via bulk SMS about cancellation of classes.


10. Promotions


Educational institutes are always on a constant lookout to take themselves to new heights by adding to existing infrastructure, collaborating with international organisations, organising workshops, etc. In such cases, they can inform parents and students about their achievements and accolades via bulk SMS. It helps in building the credibility of the institute in the eyes of the people.


While technology is considered a bane by some, it definitely has its set of boons. It has undoubtedly made our lives simpler over the last few decades. It has not only bridged the gap between parents and school/college, but has also augmented the education sector of the country tremendously. Parents are today more efficiently informed about the paraphernalia that surrounds their children, as compared to twenty years ago. As informed individuals, they are in a better capacity to make informed decisions about their children’s education. While technology as a whole is to be credited for this, bulk SMS has definitely tipped the scale here.

Mobile Marketing – A Comprehensive Solution To Boost Your Business Campaigns


Mobile Marketing – A Comprehensive Solution To Boost Your Business Campaigns


Staying in refreshed mode is the most ideal approach to be essential in this creating overall economy. Additionally, right now, the improvement of PDAs is adding to an incredible proportion of individuals being on the web. In the country, 75% of total mechanized minutes starts from PDAs.


In 2017, over 35% of site pages were served to a PDA. In 2018, that number has risen to 53% according to marketing statistics. The class with the most essential dimension of mobile chase volume is food and drink with 73%. Following content and refreshment are prosperity, sports, news, lifestyle, and retail. Associations in these undertakings and various others will immediately get results while merging convenient into their framework. With this information, obviously, mobile marketing ought to even now be a stress to all promoters while making a healthy automated framework.


Here are five mobile marketing examples to recollect while developing your campaigns, and as you begin to envision 2019.


1) Augmented Reality


Augmented reality (AR) enhances and supports veritable circumstances by superimposing virtual segments onto them, henceforth giving a more noticeable regard add to cut down costs, all around. AR is something past finding ATMs inside 50 yards of you. Tremendous data-driven AR can imagine and offer what the customer needs before being unequivocally asked.


2) Chatbots


Most groundwork customer support uses trademark language chatbots. As shown by various magazines, before this present decade’s finished, over 85% of such customer affiliations will be performed by chatbots.


As opposed to believing that the customers will visit you up, publicists can interface with customers by using chatbots on educating applications. By inviting captivated customers to talk, or illuminating them explicitly if security settings allow it, you can directly interface with potential and repeat buyers. Chatbots can work without stopping for even a minute and wipe out a lot of troubling extraordinary jobs needing to be done related to starter request.


3) User-Generated Content


Customer made content is a mind-blowing strategy to allow your customers to share their story and advance your things meanwhile. This is an exceptional strategy to normally make buyer profiles to help associate with your customer along their entire voyage.


Consider moving a test with customer-created content for your next event. Or then again, you may utilize customer delivered content inside an express geolocation, for instance, making a Snapchat or Instagram channel. By then, you can pull most of the substance that is using your channel to demonstrate live at an event or use for future social posts.


4) Interactive Ads


Playable promotions are the best in class time of customer obtainment channels on mobile. They stream play sessions of versatile entertainments inside various applications through the cloud, using virtualization programming.


After a short time, the commercial hardens and advances a present. Equivalent modified game plans have been made with HTML5. For redirections, it allows customers to test the right thing instead of settling on a choice about it on screen catches or video. This “freemium” model can in like manner be used for tech courses of action.


5) Bulk SMS Marketing


Bulk SMS service is the best way to boost any promotional campaigns like if you are launching new product or services you can use SMS marketing it is the best for business promotions and for making strong customer relationship. With the help of various bulk SMS services like promotional SMS, Transactional SMS, long code, shortcode etc. These services are used to send SMS according to your needs like if suppose you are from any financial advisory firm or from the bank then you need to send important transaction details for which transactional SMS services can be used. Similarly, if you are having a product or service based business then you can use promotional SMS service to send promotional offers and discounts to a particular customer or in a group.


6) Geo-Based Promotions


Close field correspondence, ease reference point makers, extended reality, GPS-following, the current mechanical decisions open up an extensive variety of potential results for creative parameters. As we in general know, timing is everything in displaying. Geo-concentrating on enables us to offer the most appropriate substance at the right moment the customer may require it, in light of their territory.

Mobile Marketing Isn’t Dead

While mobile is never again the latest and most noticeable, it’s up ’til now a methodology that publicists should consider and get it. A healthy propelled system doesn’t ignore the open gateways that compact publicizing gives. It’s a splendid enhancement to the system you starting at now have set up.


How are you using mobile marketing today? Instruct me concerning it in the comments.

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Hello, I am Prashant Shrivastav, Digital Marketing Expert at MsgClub® – A Leading Bulk SMS Company in India. We are helping individuals and small to enterprise level companies by providing smart solutions such as bulk SMS, voice call SMS, SMS marketing tools and many more solutions. For any query or business partnership you can contact us at [email protected].

How to Make a SMS Marketing Campaign Successful?


How to Make a SMS Marketing Campaign Successful?


In comparison to email marketing this particular method has farthest reach. Email marketing has its own area or target audience whereas SMS marketing tries to cover most of the part.


But there are numerous points by focusing on which you can make your Text marketing campaign successful. Let’s see those important points-


● Using the Right Apparatus-


To accomplish a target you need determination towards it. Just like that to achieve the target of reaching more & more customers you need a tool that can send bulk SMS to large number of clients or customers. Many Bulk SMS software boast of providing numerous features but one should always trust on the tool that has essential features rigged in it. The more features tool has the more it will be beneficial for the users.


● Appropriate List of Numbers-


Text marketing is not just sending messages to anyone you wish to but to those who are in or would require your product or services. For that you need some kind of Phone number extractor tool that can give you numbers either from Internet, Files and different other sources. If the tool can extract both on the basis of URLs & Keywords it will be really a great advantage to the user.


● Content-


Always apply the KISS formula for the content i.e. ‘Keep It Short & Simple’. Try to make the message accurate in its explanation. If you will try to make the description long the reader will instantly start losing interest and that may result in blockage of your promotion through DND. So make the content both pleasant and accurate.


● Beware of DNDs-


One of the important factors that may hamper your progress. Many cell phone numbers have DND applied on them and thus can stop your promotion. Try to use Bulk SMS software that have the ability to crack the DND and can deliver your messages.


● Keep the Messages & Numbers-


This features if given can be of great advantage for the users. Sometimes users can require the numbers & content for further use next time thus they will definitely need saving option in the tool. So try to employ software that can save the content along with the numbers so that they can use next time.


So following these steps can bring success to your marketing campaign. It is very important to use the right tool for the right purpose.

Author Bio:

Priya is a Technical SEO at Hopinfirst, a Augmented Reality app development company, having a team of best app developers who delivers best Augmented Reality app solutions mainly on Android and iOS platform. She regularly contributes his knowledge on the blogging sites.

The Advantages of Promoting Your Business through Bulk SMS


The Advantages of Promoting Your Business through Bulk SMS


One of the more up to date approaches to advertise your business is utilizing SMS. Numerous entrepreneurs are doubtful about utilizing SMS as a showcasing apparatus since it might appear to be meddling or held for specific organizations like the ringtone advertise. Be that as it may, there are numerous advantages of utilizing this advertising channel and it might be worth utilizing it for your business.


The primary advantage of utilizing Bulk SMS is keeping contact with your clients:


In the event that you as of now have the client’s contact data, you should utilize it further bolstering its full good fortune. The truth is that numerous organizations don’t contact their clients enough. Utilizing SMS is an extraordinary method to do as such and a powerful method to tell clients about unique occasions and offers.


The second advantage of utilizing Bulk SMS is that it can be very savvy:


This technique is far less expensive than utilizing direct showcasing to tell your clients about your advancement. In the event that you feel that you can’t stand to utilize coordinate mailing as a result of the costs included, you ought to think about utilizing SMS as an option. You might be astounded with the sort of results you get.


The third advantage is that Bulk SMS can make your showcasing advancement more compelling:


Studies have demonstrated that showcasing efforts are significantly more fruitful when different channels are utilized. On the off chance that you have an uncommon occasion or advancement, you should utilize numerous channels from email, sites, post office based mail, telephone development, and even SMS to expand your outcomes.


In case you’re thinking about hiring Bulk SMS Company, at that point you need to investigate the different programming to enable you to deal with these battles. The product will enable you to deal with a database and will enable you to try and alter the message to make it more individual. You can likewise set up follow up crusades to help the viability of your battle.

Author Bio:
Dixit Soni is the Digital Marketing Manager at HSP Media Network, a Email Marketing Service Provider in India. He is responsible for digital marketing activities that have to do with communicating, creating and delivering offering that have value for clients or enterprise partners.

Stimulate Your Business Revenue With Bulk SMS Marketing


Stimulate Your Business Revenue With Bulk SMS Marketing


It is believed that , Everybody knows about SMS Marketing because there is no one who has not received any SMS till date. Mostly every individual is using mobiles whether it be a smartphone or the simple one. The text message has been working in the market for 25 years. So it’s a well-known fact that everybody is aware of SMS or text message. But did you ever think why people/ businesses/organisations use SMS marketing? It is so because SMS marketing is the easiest, effective and cost-saving way to boost the revenue of any business.


The reason behind choosing SMS marketing to stimulate revenues


Every business wants to expand their customer base because of which they spent money on advertising. But to spend money smartly is the key to achieve success. Advertising can be done in many ways like email marketing, spending money on hoardings etc but it is not that much effective as compared to SMS marketing.


Businesses are opting for SMS marketing to reach to masses. As open rates of SMS is much more than any other medium of marketing. Every second individual has opened the SMS in 3 minutes after receiving it.


As SMS has highest open rates so it is obvious people are willing to read those SMS. When people read promotional SMS they will get attracted to deals and offers mentioned in the SMS and if they want to avail those deals or offers they will surely buy it. In this way, businesses grab the attention of customers and get the gateway to generate revenue. Thanks to advancement in communication and telecom industry because of which businesses are able to reach to their customers easily.


Let us understand how this unique technology works?


First of all, one has to understand how and from where these SMS have been come from? Does it come directly from the organisation, shop, retail outlet? Or there is some technology behind this? Your answer is here is, yes there are many Bulk SMS gateway providers available in the market which is accountable for all the operations.


They have a robust setup of smpp server, smsc platforms to serve bulk SMS services. They provide transactional as well as promotional sm according to your needs. On behalf of the company, these service providers send SMS and they get paid by the companies/ organisations.

For example:

suppose “X” is a fashion outlet and want to promote their fresh arrival stocks to their customers so for it “X” will hire “Y” which is a bulk SMS gateway provider company. “Y” will send an SMS with the name of “X” to its customers.
X is hiring Y because they don’t have that technical platform which Y has. So X will pay To Y to do this campaign.


Why is bulk SMS marketing beneficial for businesses?


The best point about promoting through SMS messages is
it will connect directly to your customers. This SMS advertising campaign has the highest open rates. Businesses don’t have to look for TV, newspapers, or other various platforms for advertising as SMS marketing is the most cost-effective and reliable advertising and promotion platform.


We have understood how SMS marketing helps in achieving customers attention, boosting sales and generating revenues. But there is one more important part of SMS marketing that people usually don’t know about it that is Reselling of SMS.


Many bulk SMS gateway providers facilitate with Bulk SMS reseller program. In which they have provided the facility to resell the SMS. This could be beneficial for those who wanted to earn money without having much investment. So if companies want to earn more or they can purchase SMS from the bulk SMS provider and resell to other after including their profit margin.


In this way, SMS marketing works in the field of promotions and advertising.

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Greetings!! Myself Asmita Mishra, a person of letters performing with MsgClub for last 3 years as a wordsmith. Being a columnist, I am immaculate, pristine and full of ingenuity. I am symmetrically flawless in both technical and non-technical content crafting. My endeavor in undertakings is to convey and furnish the attributes of every aspect of my work. MsgClub is the leading company provides bulk SMS solutions, voice SMS, missed call services and so forth. for any assistance reach us at [email protected]. It will be our pleasure to assist you in any manner you want.

Bulk SMS Marketing: A Goldmine of a Mobile Marketing Strategy

Bulk SMS Marketing: A Goldmine of a Mobile Marketing Strategy


In this competitive edge, business owners are looking for a way that helps them to reach out to their customers that your competitors aren’t trying right now? Many professional experts recommend bulk SMS service. Read our post more to learn why?


With the advent of technology lot of online marketing channels is available. Most of our valuable time and manpower is wasted on the most visible channels like display ads, search-engine-optimization, social media, email, and content.


However, these amazing strategies for business presence deserve huge attention. But among from them, SMS marketing which is a most vital part of mobile marketing strategy is an equally powerful channel of professional communication & advertising.


Think about it: You usually send at least 2-3 messages every day. Even with competition apart from the chatting apps like FB messenger, Hangouts, WeChat, Whatsapp etc. People are widely enjoying benefits of Bulk SMS messaging and they still sending 350 billion text SMS per month. It is virtually accessible on every cell phone, whereas other mobile apps face problems with compatibility and internet access.


For the right small, medium and large sized business organizations, text SMS is an untapped fountain of big opportunities. Know here 5 reasons to optimize your marketing strategy with bulk SMS messaging-


1. SMS is totally permission-based


You might be heard that the mobile user or customer has to opt-in before receiving any text SMS updates from the brand or company they’re interested. This model established trust between you and your consumers. Just because people agreed to join your list, it’s safe to assume that subscribers think your updates for them are valuable.


2. SMS is mobile-oriented


Texting was especially the main feature of any mobile device, users understand its benefits and limitations. On the other hand, 65% of the web apps were built as websites first than later developed for mobile.


In other words, we can say in text SMS there is no learning curve or user-interface issues. It just works well on mobile phones.


3. SMS has a whopping open rate


According to the reports generated by MobileSquared ‘’ out of 100 more than 90% of the text messages are read by subscribers within three minutes of its delivery on mobile number. Did you ever get any kind of amazing response on email marketing campaign? Email marketing has an average open rate of 22%, 29% for tweets and 12% for Facebook posts.


As SMS is short and simple in nature, customer’s inboxes are much less saturated with marketing messages.


4. People are more willing to receive promotional SMS


As business enterprises need the right incentives to get consumer’s mobile number, many of them obtain contact numbers just offering services like SMS reminders.


According to MobileSquared experts, 54% of the Indian women are signing up to receive updates and reminders on health, sporting and spiritual organizations. So, always offer valuable things so that people are willing to share their active mobile numbers.


So, what’re you waiting for? Get started with text SMS marketing today. As people often send SMS to a friend or family member to share important information, being an owner of your company you should also opt it for any kind of business. Probably there are many bulk SMS gateway providers in India that offer the latest features in their interface to make your transactional and promotional SMS marketing campaign simpler. Even, you can also personalize your content under this technique. Potential customers are likely to be responding more to personal text messages rather than those general messages updates.


Find out the reliable SMS provider in your country and make sure their interface is packed with all features like Schedule SMS, Personalize SMS, Campaign tracking, URL shortener, Unicode etc.

Author Bio:

Hello, I am Prashant Shrivastav, Digital Marketing Expert at MsgClub® – A Leading Bulk SMS Company in India. We are helping individuals and small to enterprise level companies by providing smart solutions such as bulk SMS, voice call SMS, SMS marketing tools and many more solutions. For any query or business partnership you can contact us at [email protected].