5 Ways to Win Customers By SMS in 2021


5 Ways to Win Customers By SMS in 2021


Are you looking for ways to utilize SMS messaging to increase your ecommerce sales?


Don’t worry if you have not figured how to go about and start text message marketing.


In this blog post, I will show you 5 bulletproof SMS marketing strategies that you can put to work today.


Send drip campaigns through text


Drip SMS campaigns, also referred as drip texting, drip marketing, automated SMS campaigns, lifecycle messaging and marketing automation. The concept is the same: a set of automated marketing text messages are sent out on a schedule or based on triggering events.


A triggering event can be: –


– Welcome & onboard customers


– Transactions through the store


– Changes regarding a user’s account


– Personal events by your user for e.g. Birthday month


The drip campaigns are of crucial importance for keeping your active customers engaged while you continue providing them with relevant and valuable content.


Send exclusive offers & deals through text


For many consumers, SMS remains the most convenient way for getting promotion and sales from a specific service provider as well as businesses.


Reaching out proactively and engaging with prospects is powerful instead of waiting for people to chat with you on your ecommerce store.


Youcan use SMS for sending sales and promotions since it’s a cost-effective and engaging way to engage with your prospects and customers. This a powerful method of text message marketing. You can also use a business SMS tools which help you to keep track of customer information, so you can push promotions to clients who haven’t made a purchase in a while.

Send exclusive offers & deals through text

Run a “Text to Win” contest


Text to win sweepstakes are an excellent way to engage with your customers and target audience. Everyone loves the opportunity to win something and running it all through a simple texting contest makes it even more fun.


For this to work customers need to sign up by texting a particular keyword to be in the run for sweepstakes contest.


Either select some winners randomly from everyone who opts in or you can also leave everyone a smaller prize who put the effort of texting the keyword.


Brands using SMS marketing choose to run contests as they are a great way to grow subscriber lists because each person who opts in for this contest can be marketed for future promotions which makes these sweepstakes a great way to boost list sizes.

Run a “Text to Win” contest

Convert Leads into SMS subscribers using Live Chat


I am sure you already have customer support live chat embedded in your ecommerce store, but it doesn’t have to stop there. You can turn your ecommerce website into a lead generation system by asking customers to connect on SMS via live chat.


When customers use live chat to seek real-time response to their questions, the business can remove obstacles from conversions.


So you can generate SMS subscribers from your website visitors by using a chatbot and opt-in widget.


Gather Data & Feedback


I recommend ending the drip sequence or welcome message with a poll or survey, giving your business the opportunity to receive real-time feedback from your customers or prospects. Surveys will help you in learning more about your audience members as well as their needs and desires which in turn will help craft your offerings to your customer.


This works best if you can frame the feedback in the form of simple yes or no questions or ask customers to score the performance of your company. SMS is better suited for short and sweet messages and questions; if you try to get the client to write you back long paragraphs of feedback, you can expect a much lower engagement rate.

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Mainul Quader is the owner of Skripts, content generation tool for ecommerce business to help generate product descriptions for their store.Check out https://skripts.co/ if you need help with writing your own product descriptions, marketing copy and even sms messaging.

Why SMS Reminders Should be Leveraged by Every Business


Why SMS Reminders Should be Leveraged by Every Business


In India, a straightforward SMS reminder blast is all it takes to enhance vaccination coverage and even decrease rates of preventable childhood infections. This study by Johns Hopkins Medicine and the Indian nonprofit child health organization Bal Umang Drishya Sanstha (BUDS) proves the ability of SMS reminders — when used right.


It’s easy to forget the small things you scheduled through the week in your planner unless you set reminders for them. From healthcare to recruiters — message reminders are often easily leveraged as a cost and time-saving exercise, for both the business owner and the end-user.


What are SMS reminders?


SMS reminders are alert messages conveyed to a customer using SMS as the communication channel. They’re utilized by businesses to make sure that their customers don’t forget their existing appointments or ones that they have to schedule in the near future. This also ensures that there are a lesser number of missed slots — allowing the business to carry on its functions without being suffering from the loss of appointments.


In a dental clinic: most appointments are taken by patients at least a week in advance, one of them missing it results in the slot going vacant. The dentist cannot ask another patient for that specific slot as it could be inconvenient for them. This leads to losing some business for the day, or worse, reflecting poorly on the brand’s identity.


A fairly common challenge, it is often easily resolved using an automatic reminder message system. The business team sends an alert message to its customers for upcoming or scheduled events or even personalized messages based on prior interactions.


Types of message reminders


1. Upcoming Appointment Reminders


It is a busy world we live in— unless everything is on the planner, there’s a high chance that we’ll remember the next appointment. The appointment would have been taken a week before, as per the convenience of the customer. A reminder message ensures that customers don’t forget what’s important for them, creates brand loyalty, and at the same time, ensures that you simply don’t lose your time and money.


2. Event Reminders


A reminder SMS is often sent to promote upcoming events at your business. this could be a customer event that you’re hosting or simply the launch of the latest products or services that are useful to the customer. a fast message reminds them of the same and creates the impression that you simply truly care about their changing needs.


3. Recurring Appointment Reminders


Just like a monthly subscription, you’ll be able to actually set recurring appointments with your customers. Using appointment reminders, you can rest assured that their appointments are less likely to be missed.


4. Scheduling Appointments


Don’t just ask customers to schedule their next appointment on their way out. Follow it up with SMS reminders to do a similar. Thanks to widespread text messaging usage, your customers will thank you for giving them a neater answer.


5. Follow-up Reminders


You can also use SMS reminders to follow up with your customers after a meeting and ask for their feedback too. Doing so within 24 hours of their visit will make sure that you get first-hand reviews from the customer to form your business better.


Advantages of text message reminders


The benefit of using an alert SMS vary for businesses, depending on their respective industry. Here some common advantages of sending text SMS reminders to customers.


1. Reduces no-shows


Every missed appointment is lost revenue. To plan your time and allocate resources better, make sure that your pipeline is full and moving along the defined user journey in a timely manner by leveraging a reminder system to communicate with your customers. After receiving a reminder SMS, automatically lesser people left the scheduled event/ appointment.


2. Reduces defaulters


By sending SMS alerts to customers for payments, you keep down bad debts with your business. This helps customers remind them about their dues, and even saves them the additional charges that they may incur from delays.


For instance, insurance companies send automated reminder messages about premium payments that a customer has to make. A simple alert SMS make sure savings for both the customer and the company, while also evolve greater brand adherence.


3. Better customer experience


Reminder messages not only ensure sales for the business but also create a greater customer experience. By ensuring that the customer needs are met on time, and are available on the mobile phone, the reminder message act as the much-needed bridge for communication between the business and the customer.


For instance, regular check-up reminders help doctors stay in-tuned with their patients. This ensures the correct treatment on an ongoing basis, helping them stay within the better of their health.


4. Saves costs


Message reminders are often used to let customers track their orders or the status of any application. Since text messages are cheaper than emails and outbound calls, they assist businesses to save costs. Nowadays shipment services use a reminder message to send the status of a shipment.


Why should businesses use SMS reminders?


The growth of mobile phone usage has resulted in enabling businesses to stay in-tuned with their customers. A recent study has proven that the primary thing that individuals do after awakening is checking their phone.


But with the growth of mobile, the one channel that’s surpassing even Facebook in being the foremost frequently used data service is a text message. Most of the text messages are opened within the first three minutes of being received, while almost two-thirds of emails are never even opened!


Yes, texting is really 10 xs more efficient than even reaching your customers via phone calls.


That is why SMS reminders are being increasingly used by businesses to remain connected with their existing customers to make sure brand loyalty.


How can you use it?


Text messages can actually serve as a good addition to your marketing and sales campaigns. Apart from advanced scheduling and alerts, you can use them as a medium to regularly nurture your customers. Here are a couple of ways different industries use SMS reminder system:


1. Healthcare


It’s vital for the healthcare industry to remain in-tuned with the patients. this is often done to ensure their well-being and offer timely treatments that improve patient care. A message can be used to remind the customers or patients to schedule their next visit or apprise them of an upcoming one, or even alert them about self-examination.


2. Automotive


The sole way an automotive brand can ensure an excellent driving experience for their customers is through the timely service of their vehicles. From oil changes to tire rotation, businesses can use SMS reminders to reduce missed appointments that require to be scheduled on a recurring basis. or even use it as a channel to let customers know when their vehicle is ready after the service.


3. Education


Establishing a relationship between parents and teachers is extremely important for a student’s growth. to make sure high attendance rates during meetings and events, the academic institutions can use reminder messages that let everyone plan their days in advance. They also let you communicate any last-minute changes — be it declaring a vacation or rescheduling examinations.


4. Beauty


Cut down on no-shows for your salon by sending customers message reminders for their scheduled appointments, or even alert them about discounts. You can also send them an SMS about the newest trends that they might be interested in.


5. Hotels


Hotels can use a reminder message to send a booking confirmation text to guests. This lets them allocate rooms based on confirmation and also as a technique to carry reservations.


6. Travel agencies

Travel agencies

It’s practically impossible for travel agents to follow up with customers through phone calls to remind them of their upcoming travel or the documents they could need for an equivalent. In fixing an automatic reminder message will make sure that the customer is ready for the travel and has everything in place before the scheduled departure.


7. Airlines


Using an alert SMS, the airline sends all information about check-in times, flight delays, flight cancellations, and more. This helps their customers plan their travel better and ensures an excellent experience in any given scenario.


Reminder messages are an excellent way to stay connected with your customers and at the same time, save your business time and money. Want to form reminding your customers about their upcoming appointments easier? The Datagenit reminder system can assist you set up automated messages to remain in-tuned with your customers which make further good and prosper relation with client.

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Vikram Dixit is a seasoned marketer and a sales expert. He is the Manager of Datagenit, a leading digital marketing company that offers Bulk SMS service Or IVR solution, Internet research, email & chat support, and more.

How To Boost Website Traffic With Bulk SMS Marketing?


How To Boost Website Traffic With Bulk SMS Marketing?


Web traffic is that the quantity of knowledge sent and received by guests to an internet site. This is determined by the range of tourists and therefore the number of pages they visit. Sites monitor the incoming and outgoing traffic to examine that components or pages of their web site ar in style and if there are any apparent trends, like one specific page being viewed largely by individuals in an exceedingly explicit country. There are some ways to observe this traffic and therefore the gathered knowledge is employed to assist structure sites, highlight security issues or indicate a possible lack of information measure.


Why website traffic is important?


Web traffic is to net selling as the location is to assets. It’s the only thing that really matters. If you can’t generate targeted guests to your web site, you’ll not build any sales. Usually the owner or designer of the site is that the person selected to drive web traffic to the location. The chief ingredient in generating net traffic is that the program. You can definitely go with advertising, but it will cost you, more or less, depends on the advertising campaign. Using the search engines to come up with targeted (interested in your product) net traffic is that the least high-priced technique far-famed.


Unfortunately, several web site house owners don’t perceive the importance of computer program visibility, which leads to web traffic. They place additional importance on manufacturing a “pretty” web site. Note that this can be unhealthy, but it is really secondary to search engine placement.


Why Do You Need To Focus On Using SMS Marketing For Website Traffic?


If your business entirely online or If your company’s next priority is driving more visitors to your site to increase website traffic. Then SMS marketing is the best way to increase traffic for your website. Individually SMS selling and selling through websites ar sensible selling techniques. However, once you place them along, you’ll increase the web site traffic method far better.


As we are heading towards a digital explosion, the challenge for marketers is to juggle between multiple marketing channels and choose the best out of them. Everyone within the digital selling world admits the importance of the SMS integrated selling used across industries for promotion and transactions.


SMS is and will be one of the best techniques used to promote business irrespective of its size.SMS integrated marketing has become the most popular medium among marketers. It is not something new, instead of an age-old practice. Besides being a robust standalone channel, SMS can enhance the efficiency of your marketing efforts on every level of engagement. It will provide you with an Associate in Nursing well-rounded success in boosting traffic through complete loyalty to re-targeting customers and ill lost sales.


Now here comes the most question “The way to increase the web site traffic using SMS marketing?”


Here are some ways concerned in SMS selling for web site traffic generation which will assist you to reach your goal:


Embedded links


Despite being limited to 160 characters, the SMS space still allows marketers to provide customers with relevant information. You may not have enough space for promotional material, but you can include links to drive traffic to your website. Use texting to boost curiosity and compel customers to follow the link.


Another reason to implant a link in associate degree SMS message is to lure customers to your social media campaign. If you are running a competition or want to invite customers to like a page, a link gives them one-tap access without having to exit the text and open their browser.


Incentive’s boost the process


Incentives to recipients with some quite worth in exchange for clicking on the link can facilitate. An understandable incentive would be an exciting deal or a coupon. An SMS service for the web site is that the fastest thanks to connecting with customers and earn relations, but it can be laborious for a growing organization.


Professional team to your assistance


Professional Bulk SMS platforms facilitate automatize the method of causation text messages. They allow you to make a message within the gift and deliver later. They also provide analysis to gauge the success of your efforts, like click-through rates and the interest of people for you to adjust the next campaign as needed.


Keep it short


Customers expect text messages to be short. Longer texts may be broken up into multiple texts by the recipient’s cell phone providers which may cause them to not read the full text. By attaching a link at the bottom, customers may by no means see it or mislay interest before they get to it.


Utilize SMS API


Now app creators have figured out ways of sourcing web traffic using an SMS API, marketers can streamline messages and connect apps, brands, and customers. SMS messaging services allow you to send out bulk messages, and combining the qualities of an app with the enhanced user-experience of an app increases your chances of attracting more visitors.


Promotional SMS


A good option for you to grab your user’s attention is to provide them with some exclusive offers. These types of SMSes are termed as promotional SMS.


Re-targeting SMS


Consider that Associate in the Nursing existing client of your complete had purchased a pack of wash soap three months back. Now it might be a possibility that it has expired. Try victimization SMS to spice up web site traffic in such a case. Providing a link directing to restock supplies- send a reminder to them to purchase refills. To make it simple, the process includes a direct link to the corresponding refill or accessory.


Feedback Survey


Let’s say recently in a sale some of your customers have bought a mobile phone. Now you can collect their mobile number details from the database and send bulk messages to this segmented audience for giving them feedback. In that SMS you can also incorporate a Google form link that is linked to your website. You should also look after, that the landing page you send people should be mobile-friendly.


Reminder SMS


Many a time it happens that your customers even after making their mind about buying do not end up purchasing stuff. This will lead to missing out on specific promo codes with excellent offers. Here SMS is used to boost website traffic. Give them the reminder message about this offer via an SMS campaigning. This will undoubtedly benefit your business and helps you to increase website traffic.


By integrating SMS marketing with websites as part of a cross-channel promotional strategy, businesses can see a rapid increase in traffic. SMS marketing for website traffic is becoming increasingly essential, especially if you are not having a brick and mortar store. Successful SMS lead generation plays an important role in creating a difference between a business that excels, and a business that struggles to shift consumers.


In this way, you can boost up the website traffic with bulk SMS marketing.

Author Bio

Deepak Sharma is the Founder and CEO of withStartups.com – A SEO Company in Delhi for startups. As a serial entrepreneur, Deepak has worked across sectors and countries and loves using technology to solve branding and customer acquisition problems. He is a published author and mentor to many startups.

Use a Reliable OTP SMS Gateway for Secured Business Transactions


Use a Reliable OTP SMS Gateway for Secured Business Transactions


The internet is one place that offers a lot of opportunities and comes with a plethora of possibilities. However, the most challenging part about using the internet especially by big and small business organizations is security. Businesses find it very difficult to secure the online privacy of their users. They store a huge amount of data on the internet including business data, user data and various other forms of confidential information. The problem here is that the majority of business websites nowadays deal with online transactions. With more and more people using the internet for buying the different products and services that they require, online transactions have become a bit tricky and difficult from the security point of view. Therefore, it makes complete sense for businesses to make use of a reliable OTP SMS Gateway for secure business transactions.

OTP SMS Gateway

OTP SMS Gateway for Securing Financial Transactions Online


Online financial transactions involve sending and receiving money on the internet. The process also involved the use of debit cards or credit cards where the users need to provide confidential information. With the number of online transactions increasing exponentially post the digital revolution, there is this huge pressure on businesses, financial organizations and banks to secure all their transactions against cybercriminals and hackers. Safety of the bank account data and credentials of the customers is a paramount concern for all businesses.

OTP SMS Authenticated

With the entire economy of the country heading towards becoming completely cashless, there is this increased use of different varieties of debit and credit cards for online transactions. The entire situation has speeded up the transaction procedures. It has become quite possible for individuals to send and receive money through their smartphones without any delays. Majority of the mobile banking deals make use of authentication like installing applications; logging into them with usernames and passwords along with OTP authentication for both-way verification. It is only because of these reasons that there has been a considerable increase in the search for a reliable and experienced OTP SMS gateway provider.


Two Factor Authentication and Its Requirement


It is necessary for the user to make use of his or her registered mobile number with the bank account for carrying out an online transaction. This helps in making the entire procedure more secure. Prior to any digital deal, a financial organization generally sends an OTP SMS verification code to the registered mobile number of the user for verifying the identity of the user. By using this OTP SMS verification, the procedure of digital transaction gets more seamless and faster. Two Factor Authentication which is also called Two Step Verification or 2FA is basically a security procedure where the user gives two varied authentication factors for verifying himself or herself to better protect both the user’s resources and credentials that he or she can access.

Two factor Authentication

Dual factor authentication offers a higher standard of assurance than other authentication techniques that depend on SFA or single-factor authentication. In SFA or authentication, the users need to provide just one factor which is generally a pass-code or password. 2FA procedures depend on users offering a password along with a second factor that is generally a biometric factor such as a facial scan or fingerprint or a security token.


Why Passwords are Not Good Enough?


Prior to understanding Two Factor Authentication and its necessity, it would make sense to actually understand why it is necessary to do all that you can actually do for improving the security of your online account. Nowadays, we have our lives operating on laptops and mobile devices. With the entire generation being completely dependent on such digital devices, it is no wonder that our digital accounts are fast becoming a magnet for hackers and cybercriminals. Fortunately, nowadays it has become easier for business organizations to add an extra layer of security and protection to their user accounts by going for Two Factor Authentication.

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Myself Deepak Sharma, a writer, and a translator. I am passionate to write original & quality content in both the English as well as in the Hindi language. I have an experience of more than 7 years in writing blogs, articles, guest posts, promotional content, etc. in both English & Hindi languages. I also write creative content for various social media platforms. I have launched my own bilingual fortnightly newspaper “Must Read” in the capacity of publisher and editor. I am determined to give my readers a delightful and worthwhile reading experience. I am in association with Msgclub to provide them miscellaneous content on digital marketing & other services. Thank you.