How To Find Out The Best SMS Service In India?

How To Find Out The Best SMS Service In India?


SMS messaging is very helpful in sending information about coupons, current events, and special deals to customers. It’s a very convenient idea to reach the market and grow an audience. There’re various text message marketing service providers to help your business meet targets. These can send personalized messages to your customers to enhance the brand appeal. However, it pays to have ideas on how to find out the best SMS service in India. Consider the ideas below.


Reliability is key


The primary objective of contacting a reliable SMS service provider is to increase the success of your SMS marketing. The best SMS service provider should offer a reliable and secure platform with guaranteed high uptime level. this means you can always use their services at your convenience. The best SMS company should offer about 99 percent uptime. This ensures sending your messages any day or time of day.


Timely delivery of messages


Just like in any other form of communication, timing is key. Delivery of your messages should be done with minimal delays and free from impediments. Ensure to find an SMS service provider with a direct relationship with quality carriers. The right company should have a partnership with local and global tier one carriers. This will ensure a higher possible percentage of your messages are delivered successfully.




Regardless of how many messages you’re to send, choose the best bulk SMS provider in India who is scalable. This means the service provider has the capacity to accommodate the future needs of your business. It comes with working with businesses regardless of size and number of messages to send. Working with a scalable service provider eliminates the need to look for a new company as your needs evolve. The right agency should handle various requirements including:

– SMS campaigns
– SMS marketing
– Shortcodes
– Missed call alerts

Accessibility to customer service and support


A credible and professional SMS company must have a special customer service team. This should be accessible whenever you need their assistance. This will be very helpful in case you have burning issues to address or need to troubleshoot an issue. Choose a company with various options through which you can contact their technical team for assistance. These should be clearly visible on the company website. The various ways to contact the service provider might include:

– Social media profiles
– Instant chat
– Telephone numbers
– E-mail

Convenient payment options


Today, traditional bank transfer is not the only option for business transactions. Ensure to work with a company with a variety of online payment options. These might include Master card and Visa card to ensure you choose an option convenient for you. The various payment options offer different benefits and shortfalls.


Compliance with TRAI regulations


The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has guidelines regulating sending bulk SMS in the country. Therefore, ensure to work with a service provider who complies with such regulations. It will protect you from getting into the bad books of the law. The TRAI regulations are always updated to guide operators of bulk SMS service. Areas regulated by TRAI include:

– Transactional SMS
– Broadcasting to classified categories
– Promotional SMS
– Sending time
– Sender name

Industry experience


Before entrusting your requirements to any SMS service provider, ensure to evaluate their experience in the industry. This regards a check on how many customers they have and the number of years in the industry. Additionally, ensure to find out that the company works in your sector. A service provider who covers s a variety of sectors is your best bet just in case your business diversifies in the future.




Finally, the right company should have a platform with easy integration with your current customer relationship management software. Additionally, the platform should easily match with your loyalty programs, applications, and infrastructure. Such a platform will save you from a headache to enhance the effectiveness of your SMS transactional and Promotional Bulk SMS.


Bottom line


Evaluating SMS service providers might seem overwhelming but it will prove beneficial in the long run. Ensure to have a checklist when evaluating service providers to enable your business benefit endlessly from this innovative communication tool.

Drive Conversions with on brand SEO Copywriting

Drive Conversions with on brand SEO Copywriting


Effective copywriting skills ensure that your blogs generate the desirable revenue and views for your brand identity on the internet. The use of on-brand copywriting services can help you optimize the existing blogs as well as create new grammatically-correct blogs that work in a singular direction towards the creation of a reliable brand identity. Research suggests that 74% of the audience on your website will focus on the grammar and spelling of the content. (Source)

Drive Conversions with on brand SEO Copywriting

Here are the 5 key elements of the on-brand SEO copywriting process which can help you get the maximum conversions out of the deal.


Keyword Density Management


The most important element of the SEO copywriting process is the keyword density selection. Without the ample amount of keywords in your content, it will not generate the desired traffic in a limited time. The SEO copywriting process will increase the number of keywords in the content as per your requirement. The process can also dilute the overall content in case it is stuffed with just too many keywords.

Keyword Density Management

Keywords analysis and research is a big part of the process too. The top SEO copywriters can help you leverage the best internet-based tools to perform a comprehensive keyword research. They can also ensure that the density of the keywords stays optimum and homogenous throughout the entire length of content. A high density of keywords in the introductory paragraphs or the conclusion of the blog is not beneficial to your website. In fact, Google and other search engines will recognize this practice as keyword stuffing. After recognition, they will penalize the website and push it down the search result rankings by a significant amount.


Increase in Readability of Content


Readability is a big part of the SEO process. Great content will go unnoticed if it is not readable enough. Increased readability allows you to keep the audience engaged on your website for a longer period. This process increases the chances of a conversion significantly.


An SEO copywriter knows the importance of creating lists and adding subheadings to the content body. The copywriter also uses extremely simple language to appeal to the masses. The use of complicated and lengthy sentence structure does more harm than good. By adding enough space between the sentences, the SEO copywriter can increase the readability of the content by a major factor. Under certain circumstances, the copywriter can also work with the web developer to select the write font and theme of the website, so that content stays readable throughout the web page.


Content Addition/Optimization


The content addition is a big part of the SEO copywriting process. It helps in the dilution of the overall keyword density. With the content addition process, you can keep all the important keywords and spread them homogenously across the content. You don’t need to get rid of essential keywords just to increase the readability of the content.


SEO copywriters have this special skill that allows them to write a 10,000-word long blog in an extremely attractive manner. They put the space between the lines in such a manner that it allows the reader to go through the blog quickly. The reader can either choose to skim through the most important and relevant aspects of the blog or choose to read the entire blog at a stretch. Research suggests that people usually read only 20% of the content on a website. (Source)


Social-Media Sharing of Content


The SEO copywriters can help you drive conversions by generating content that is ready for social media consumption. They can generate small meta-titles and meta-descriptions for the blogs and articles so that you can share them on social media platforms easily. The best copywriters can help you leverage the overall benefits of SEO, SEM (Search Engine Marketing) as well as SMM (Social Media Marketing) together.

Social-Media Sharing of Content

With this feature, you can easily share your content on multiple social media platforms to increase the readership. The copywriter can also help you create a sustainable and consistent brand image for your company on the internet. The best copywriters understand your company’s ethics, requirements as well as the target audience to generate highly focused and specific content.


Call to Action


The Call to Action, also known as CTA is one of the most important elements of a functional article/blog. The top SEO copywriters are smart enough to incorporate the CTA in the content in an extremely subtle manner. They know how to correctly balance the informational and promotional aspects of the overall content so that it drives up the conversion by a major factor.

Call to Action

The SEO copywriters make sure that your call to action lines receive the necessary attention. They are experts in targeting the customers’ psyche, making them click that purchase button at the end of the blog.


Modern-day SEO copywriters also leverage technologies such as keyword planner and tools like SEMrush to increase the overall impact of the content. With high-quality copywriting services, you can see an exponential growth in conversion over a short period.

Author Bio:

Hello, I am Amara Luis. I am digital marketing consultant and freelance writer who love to write about SEO services & different marketing tips. I have years of experience in internet marketing field. I offer freelance writing, blogging, copywriting & outsource SEO services to businesses. I have worked with many B2C & B2B businesses by providing them internet marketing content that gain attention & enhance their search engine visibility.

7 Effective Steps For Successful Social Media Utilization For Digital Marketing

7 effective steps for successful Social Media Utilization for Digital Marketing

7 Effective Steps For Successful Social Media Utilization For Digital Marketing




The popularity of social media is not just limited to personal usage. Today social media has become one of the most important media for the business promotion. The reasons are simple and straight, SM has a huge pool of users and has far better reach than any other medium available today. It is because of the same reason that today, major companies are focusing and emphasizing on social media for their brand or product promotion.


Well, initially the question that was asked by business businesses was, “why should our business be on social media?”. Which is now being replaced by “How can our business grow in social media?” As vital as social media marketing is for any business to stay ahead in the curve, it equally important to understand how will you implement the strategies for the scope of better monetizing opportunities.


To give you a clear idea on how to use social media for improving the opportunities of generating better profit from your business, below are some steps that every business shall follow to have a broader view of the opportunities-efforts spectrum;


Make an audit of your current social media presence


Before you start planning your strategies to bring your business into social media marketing, you should first check that what’s your business’ current status on various social media platform. This will help you to understand that how much efforts you have to put to reach up to your desired level. To do so you can follow certain steps mentioned below.


Which you are currently active on?


Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, or Tumblr, there are many social media platforms available today where you can promote your business as a digital marketing practice. What you need to do is, you need to analyze that which social media platform shall support your strategies in most efficient manner.


Make a list of the platforms that you want to promote your business on and check the reach of these platforms to get the best out of your strategies.


Are your networks optimization friendly?


When you select a platform for social marketing, make sure that the particular platform is optimization friendly, especially for images, videos and photos. This shall enable you to have a better plan when you are stepping into social media marketing.


Which platform will offer you the desired value?


As discussed above, while selecting the correct medium for social media marketing, do some research that which platform shall provide you the best value of your investment. Investments can be in the terms of money, or time. So take your time and analyze that which platform shall provide you the best value of your investments.


Which platform will offer you the desired value?


When you are planning down your social media strategies for digital marketing, make sure you are crystal clear about the audience you want to target. While preparing the strategies, it is really important to understand what percent of your targeted audience is active on which platform. You have to identify, your customer on following parameters.

– Location
– Job Title
– Income
– Pain Points (that your business can solve)
– Most Used Social Network
– Age

Let’s be practical, it’s of no use to hire one of the best marketers if you are not sure about the genre of customers you want to target. If you do so, most likely you are bound to waste your time, resource, and most importantly, your money.


Make an impact with a social media statement

Make an impact with a social media statement

In the words of Dan Schawbel–“What makes you weird, makes you unique and makes you stand out.” Which means to be unique, make a unique identity for your brand on social media. Come up with some catchy statement or taglines specifically for social media platform. A statement that defines your brand and catches the eyes of the viewer. This mission statement will drive your future goals on social media platforms. Make sure that your statement marks your presence over the platform. This will impact your future social media campaigns and will help you drive more leads for your business. It is also very important that you keep the genre of the audience/customer in mind while framing the mission statement.


For example, you can come up with a statement like “to use social media to educate current and potential customers about digital marketing, with a focus on social media marketing.” This statement will represent your brand on the social media platform and will make it simpler and clearer than what you should create and what you should offer.


Identify the major KPIs to improve your status


As it is said “if you cannot measure it, you cannot improve it”, which holds true in the sector of social marketing also. How are you going to measure, whether or not your efforts are paying off? And, let us remind you, we are not talking about merely gaining more followers, we are talking about making money. In order to monitor your progress and where do you stand with your social media campaign, you should identify certain matrices that can visually represent your efforts.

Some such KPIs are;
Conversion Rate:It is defined as the ratio of the number of visitors who viewed your social media post to the number of people who landed on your website.
Time Spent on website:This matrix defines the total time a user stays on your website.
Reach:In the application of statistics to advertising and media analysis, reach refers to the total number of different people or households exposed, at least once, to a medium during a given period.
Brand Mentions:This defines the number of times your brand name used as the keyword in your social media post.
Sentiment:This matrix categorized the viewer’s comments on the basis of the sentiments they are expressing. The viewer can be happy, satisfied or irate.
Total Shares:It is the number of shares that your post gets on various social media campaigns.

Curate an engaging content


Remember, content is the king. Be it any sort of marketing, like social media marketing, content marketing or any digital marketing medium, the prime requisite is an engaging content. Try to curate a content that engages the viewer in some sort of conversation. Ask questions, this will help you to understand your customer better. And also help you to plan your social media campaigns.


However, it has been observed that most of the organizations directly jump to this step, which again takes their efforts to vain. The best practice is to follow the above-mentioned steps i.e, know your customers, make a mission statement, identify the KPIs and then finally then create the content for your viewers.


Well, now here’s the fun part, when you are aware of the genre you are targeting, and a crystal clear idea about what you will pitching in your content, armed with this information you can actually connect with your viewers and engage them with your content. So what actually falls under the category of “CONTENT”? below are some examples:

– Images
– Videos
– Blog posts
– Newsletters
– Info graphics
– eBooks
– Testimonials

The list can go on and never end, however, make sure that the form of content you’re curating, it matches and aligns with the mission statement you created. Or, in simple words, the content should reflect the ideas and services you willing to offer. Keep this in mind that content is the fuel that keeps the social media marketing for any brand up and running. So it’s really important to have a quality and engaging content.


Make an investment in social media management tool


To boost your marketing campaigns, it always a plus to make some investments in some of the social media management tools. These tools can help the marketers to boost the productivity of the websites and scale the efforts in a much simpler manner. Also, these tools help you to align the social media strategies with the content calendar. Such tools allow to you schedule your posts in accordance with the mission statement you curated and services you shall be offering to the client.


Track it, analyze it and optimize it


This is the most important step to have a successful social media marketing strategy. Even the best marketers in the social media marketing sector rely on error and trial method. It might seem quite basic but, tracking the derived results, analyzing the data utilized and making tweaks in the efforts to get optimize it accordingly is highly crucial.


Every above-mentioned step should be reanalyzed and re-evaluated once you’ve derived results from them. Make some changes if you are not getting the desired results and re-do the steps and have a successful social media marketing campaign.


Author’s take


A social media marketing strategy is not a onetime thing. It requires constant work, constant tweaks if any come up. So, at last, we would suggest that, get out there, create a social media strategy, start tracking the results, and start optimizing as you grow in social media platforms.

Author’s Bio

Nick Piolotto is a software engineer and content writer who enjoy creative copyrighting in digital marketing and software development. He is writer by the day and reader by night.

Tips on How to Choose the Best CRM Software for your Business


Tips on How to Choose the Best CRM Software for your Business


Most of you are aware of what CRM means but those who don’t, it stands for Customer Relationship Management and it surely has a huge role to play in determining the success of your business. Negative customer relationships can spell doom for the business and on the contrary, profits will be hitting the roof if a business accomplishes in sustaining a positive and enduring relationship with its customers.


What is the worst case scenario? Downing of shutters! And that’s exactly the cost that you’ve to pay for a bad customer service. If your sole motive is to see your business grow, then making customer relationship management an integral part of your growth strategy is a must. As a business, you should be having your finger on the pulse of your customers, meaning responding to their feedback as quickly as possible, even if it’s a negative one.


In spite of customer relationships being so important, there are many existing businesses that turn their backs to this resource. So, in order to find a permanent solution,you now have software available that can help you effectively and seamlessly manage customer relationships. You can make use of this technology to automate key business processes such as sales, marketing, customer service, and technical support.


The right CRM software will help you heighten your business and let you achieve your goals. But the keyword here is right. Therefore, you need to choose CRM Software that fits your business needs and requirements that also aligns with your organization’s objectives.


So, how do you go about choosing the perfect CRM for your business? Here are a few tips that will help you do that:


Ensure it meets the growing needs of your business:


Your business will make inevitable growth but are you sure of the CRM software that you’re using will be able to keep pace with the same?


It’s a given fact that your business will expand as well as contrast at regular time intervals, so it is essential to make sure that the CRM put to use can scale up and down in order to match the existing business resources. If not, then your CRM will only disrupt the growth.


Opt for a fully-customizable CRM tool:


Since every business is different from one another, flexibility is very important. To meet with the unique needs and the changing ecosystem of the businesses, your CRM software should be customizable. It should allow you to modify tags and custom fields during various sales stages, customize filters and create regular sales reports that are in tune with your organization’s operations.


Pick up a SaaS-based solution:


Why SaaS (Software as a service)?

It is said that 41% of all CRM systems sold in 2013 were SaaS based, creating a huge buzz all across. This simply means that they are doing something right. Using a SaaS-based CRM allows you multiple perks. The biggest of those bonus points is that while on a SaaS-based system, you wouldn’t require spending any significant amount of money during your primary stages of investment. You are also at liberty to customize andplay up the subscription package as per your needs. And because this CRM is hosted on the cloud, it gives you an easy access to all your vital data.
You won’t be burdened with CRM upgrades & maintenance as the third-party provider will be taking care of those aspects. You just have to concentrate on utilizing the potential of the CRM in the best ways you can. So make the most of your chosen service!


Find the right vendor:


Buying a product without putting that into test is not something very advisable. Don’t get carried away with all the vendor hype or all the good things you’re probably hearing about the CRM software. Make sure to try out an evaluation copy of the software and let your team understand its features and benefits themselves. It should be able to meet its promised functionalities to ensure a seamless integration with your business’s existing environment.


Ponder over ROI:


You don’t want to make an investment that doesn’t serve the expected returns. Hence, prior to settling down with a particular CRM, the delivery of ROI should be taken into consideration. It’s natural to be confused. But once you get to know how the ROI is measured, you’ll be able to buy a product with features that delivers on your goals, keeping your business all up and running.


All said and done, don’t buy a CRM system just because somebody says it’s good for you. Buy it because you know it’s good for you!


Author Bio:


Sales & Marketing Head at, David likes to connect with like-minded professionals. In his free time, he likes to read and write informative blogs and articles which can help other gain more information.

Why Social Media Marketing Is Significant for Your Business


Why Social Media Marketing Is Significant for Your Business


Social Media has become one of the most used platforms across the world. People use the platform for being in connection with the outer world. With this, they also maintain business relationships as well as keep up with their relatives. But, the sector that gets benefited immensely is the business sector. As we all know that a large group of persons remain active on the social media and promoting one’s website or business on the same can be the best option. You can clearly promote your products and services effectively through the medium. By this, you can safely promote your business and make people aware about the same. So, we can say that marketing through social media has become a need and most of the businessmen are getting benefited by it. Let us now go through some of the why social media is crucial for your business:c

Improved brand awareness:


Social media makes it easier for the marketers to receive a chance to enhance their brand awareness. By marketing online, they craft an easier way to introduce their brand to the people. Having a social media page for your brand will certainly help you to earn maximum profit. Use it to market your product and see the difference.




Social media is one of the most cost-effective ways to market your business. If, in case, you decide to use paid advertising on social media, always begin small to watch what you should expect. This will help you to attain a greater return on investment and hold a big budget for other business & marketing payments. By just investing a little time and money, you can elevate your conversion rates & get a return on investment on the money you invested at first.


Engage with customers:


Through this medium, you can engage with the customers in a better way. The more you communicate with the audience, the more opportunities you have for conversion. Set up a two-way communication with the audience so their requirements are known and their interest is provided easily. Communication with the customers is one of the ways to win their attention and convey them the brand message. Thus, the brand will reach more audience in real terms and gets itself established without any annoyance.


Healthier customer satisfaction:


Social Media plays an important role in maintaining customer satisfaction. Communication and networking are essential for attaining the best results and for this maintaining the balance is important. A brand that values its clienteles, takes the time to compose a personal message, which is perceived naturally in a positive light. Use the medium to frame a stronger relationship.


Marketplace Awareness:


With a positive interaction with the customers, you can frame a strong marketplace awareness amongst them. Finding what are their needs and requirements is the most important part of a business. So, by going through the activities of the customers on your profile, you can see customer’s interests and opinions better. With Social Media Marketing, you can have a better understanding of the customers and their specific needs. Once you attain a big following, use some tools to examine other demographics of your customers.


Increased Traffic:


With the assistance of the social media platforms, you will likely to attain the best traffic. Social media is a big platform where the customers get in touch with your website and if they like it, they keep on visiting the same. High-quality content is always welcome and if you work on improving your content, you will surely receive the best. All in all, the more quality content you share, the more traffic you will produce while making conversion chances.




There is no denying that “Social Media marketing” has many advantages for established brands. By regularly updating the social media strategy, you can fetch customer satisfaction more. Competition is on the rise, so do not let your competitors take your customers away. The earlier you begin to follow a correct strategy, the more you will grow. So, whenever you are planning to begin working for the steady growth of your business, do not forget marketing through the best social media tools and tactics. Be aware and make a mark amongst the customers present!



    Author Bio:


I am a Social media expert and have an interest in writing blogs on the current and advanced topics. With this, I want to enhance my knowledge of the social media trends to educate the customers. I wish to work for Megicbyte Solutions, an eminent seo services company in Noida, Gurgaon, Delhi India that delivers the optimum SEO services with the help of their professionals.

Reasons: Why SMS Marketing Is Better Than Any Other Marketing Platform?

SMS Marketing is superior to some other method of promoting? This may appear like a hotly debated issue among advertisers all around the globe. A large portion of the showcasing mediums have been accessible since decades, however the far reaching of cell phones has unquestionably changed the way every advertiser treat these alternatives in the Marketing Plans.


SMS Marketing is referred to come as a solid choice to connect with end clients with exact and focused on messages. Said beneath is consented information that contrasts SMS showcasing and alternate methods of promoting to give you a diagram of their present remaining as a viable marketing tool.


1) Open Rate


– Open Rate of SMS Marketing – 90%

– Open Rate of different methods of Marketing – 30 to 35%


These numbers don’t leave anything for us to banter on as your client will undoubtedly read your message sent through SMS.


2) Quantity matters


– Number of instant messages; the lesser, the better

– Number of messages or advertisements, the more the better


We don’t have to consider this twice. Simply consider how you treat your messages and emails. In the event that you continue getting an email from a similar address, there is likelihood you may very well open it once. With messages, no one is tolerant towards pointless aggravation. The purpose of an instant message is simply to give out the required data in an exact way and that is the thing that individuals anticipate from promoting messages.


3) Nature of Campaign/SMS


The idea of the message is extremely fundamental for instant messages and some other method of showcasing. For example, in the event that you have an offer or markdown to offer to your clients, SMS Marketing is the ideal mode. No other medium of promoting will make an effect as instant messages when rebates and offers are considered.


4) Click – Through – Rate


– The CTR of SMS Marketing – 40%

– The CTR of different methods of advertising – 7 to 10%


The motivation behind why each advertiser is considering SMS Marketing important is a direct result of the wide infiltration of cell phones in the market. Cell phones are reasonable and also you can get Affordable Bulk SMS Plan from bulk SMS Provider Company.


Thus the likelihood of the end-client opening the connection sent by means of message, if it is of their given advantages, is substantially higher now than any time in recent memory.


In any case to state, a SMS will dependably discover a path in your client’s inbox. At long last, it is protected to state that SMS showcasing is a more successful instrument than some other. Have you attempted it yet?

HSP Media Network | Bulk SMS Makes an Effective Marketing Strategy

  With more than 4.5 billion portable memberships around the world, versatile advertising is ended up being a productive venture for business people and multinational organizations. As the cell phones have moved toward becoming as an indispensable piece of life, contacting individuals through Short Message Service, for example, mass SMS isn’t only a brilliant way however practical advertising much as well. With its financially savvy, reliable,and quicker turnaround time, SMS showcasing is ended up being a superior apparatus in the present advertising field.


   It is normal that by 2014 versatile web utilization may over take work area web use. As indicated by Mobile Marketer, SMS has reaction time 8 times more than email. With expanding cell phone clients around the world, versatile is an essential passageway through which business people can achieve potential clients easily. It evaluated that almost 98% of the SMS are opened and perused by individuals, making portable advertising a viable and dependable showcasing methodology in the present focused promoting field. Every one of these insights plainly pinpoints the significance of SMS advertising as a viable showcasing methodology.


  Prior, business people and organizations needed to depend on SMS specialist organizations to send mass SMS to clients, however now HSP Media Network helped business people to pass on updates to clients in only a straightforward snap. Sending SMS in mass amounts is one of the least difficult and savvy approach to achieve substantial number of prospects in time.


  A mass SMS programming empowers you to send your advertisement message in a SMS shape specifically from your exceed expectations database. You can send these messages either from your PC or through your versatile. As mass SMS promoting is getting to be prominent in the advertising field, it is likewise being utilized as a part of different segments, for example, monetary establishments, corporate, instruction organizations, FMCG advertisers and numerous other individuals. This product empowers an organization to send customized messages to prospects and would remain in the inbox till the collector erases it. So regardless of whether the collector has no quick prerequisite for the promoted item or administration, he can get in touch with you in future at whatever point the need emerges as your contact is spared in his inbox.


  Because of its powerful execution in the promoting field, even extensive scale associations have begun to make utilization of Bulk SMS technique to help their business profitability. Notwithstanding, business visionaries need to pick the best mass SMS programming in view of their desire and spending plan since some product might not have all the propelled usefulness required to send SMS to countless. In this way, kickoff your showcasing effort utilizing mass SMS advertising methodology and push forward of your rivals.

Bulk SMS Services – Your best tool for Mobile Marketing and Client – Engagement

imagelWhether you own a Fashion portal and want to send out upcoming festival season sale updates to your customers OR you belong to an electoral party and want to do campaigning for the upcoming elections; Bulk SMS is the best and undeniably the cheapest option you can opt as part of your Mobile marketing strategy.

Moreover, if you are dealing with International customers or need to reach out to your international clientele, HSP Media Network got you covered in that too – our comprehensive list of prices for International SMS services are designed to caters all your needs.

Bulk SMS services have proven track record of the best Sales conversion rates, and can be used for varied purposes:

  • Message Notifications (like transaction alerts, login alerts, etc.)
  • Birthday/Festival/Occasional wishes.
  • Offer notifications (EOS sale/New Products on Discount, etc.)
  • Newsletters
  • Alerts (Order Confirmation/Shipment/Delivery, etc.)
  • Product Promotions.

Above are one of the broader categorization of services which can avail the benefits of this mobile marketing campaign giant, but its real implementation can open doors to countless benefits. If you belong/own a business which caters customers for any of the above categories, and still haven’t opted for the Bulk SMS service to automate your marketing – YOU ARE BEHIND!!!

You might be the best in your business, but in this fast-paced digital world, if you are not cashing on this medium, your competitor certainly has an edge over you. When the SMS reaches the customer containing name of your business in it, believe us – that’s the biggest Brand campaigning you can do for your business.

image (2)

To summarize, using Bulk SMS services can help you make quick and efficient decisions about your mobile marketing strategies, as you can track its effect real-time. Moreover, your brand value will be sky-rocketed with just a click of a button!

Still confused? Or want to explore our services? Contact HSP Media network and someone would be there to assist for all your queries. Even if you want to switch your existing provider’s services, just call or contact us, for a quote – we promise that our customer centric plans would surely blow off your mind!

How Transactional and Voice SMS Services are Effective in Marketing?

How Transactional and Voice SMS Services are Effective in Marketing?


Transactional and Voice sms services have recently replaced all the traditional methods of messaging. These kinds of marketing services are very much powerful in nature as larger portions of market can be easily captured. In this case, the messages are sent to the targeted customers in a completely customized manner and thus greater impacts can be ensured.Transactional and Voice Bulk sms services in India are quite a popular marketing concept these days and thus all Indian companies are highly dependent on the same for making extensive business promotion.


Leading features of these SMS services

  • Voice sms services help in broadcasting the message of your company openly so that innumerable call recipients can receive the same instantly.
  • Marketing campaign of any company can receive absolutely personalized touch by means of these kinds of valuable bulk-sms services. This is the very reason that voice sms services in India are so very popular.
  • Specialized notifications can be showed and on the other hand voice campaigns can be effectively scheduled by these specialized marketing strategies.
  • Real-time reporting can be highly ensured as a result of which you can come to know about the conversion rate without making any special efforts.
  • Varied regional languages can be included as a result of which good number of communities can be influenced at the same time.

Benefits of these unique SMS services

  • If you are looking for the best means of marketing, then nothing can be the right option other than bulk voice-messaging.
  • Notifications can be easily received as and when required and this is one of the greatest advantages in this regard.
  • Promotional campaign’s responses can be easily and efficiently measured band thus you can come to know how the customers are reacting at your company’s messages.In fact, the voice messages can be easily modified or altered in accordance of these received responses.
  • If you are intending to make promotion oradvertisement of any new service or product launched by your company, then this can be treated as one of the best way-outs that can cater you greater satisfaction and easy responses.

You can also receive valuable suggestions or comments from your customers so that your products can be improved. In fact, these responses play ate most valuable role in initiating extensive researches and experiments that ultimately leads to the overall improvement in the productivity and functionality of your product.

We, at HSP Media Networks, offer the best bulk voice SMS services to propagate the message or offers proffered by a brand or company to the targeted call recipients in the fastest way. The voice SMS is quite efficient in conveying the right information to the customers and prospects.

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How Promotional SMS Service Provider can help Your Business Grow?

How Promotional SMS Service Provider can help Your Business Grow?
Are you looking for the best promotional SMS services India? Well, in this regard nothing can be the right way-out other than choosing the most efficient provider. You are now highly suggested in outsourcing the services of marketing SMS to any Bulk sms provider India so that you can stay completely relaxed and can concentrate in other tasks of your concern. Moreover, you also need to bear a lower cost by means of outsourcing these services.
Best tips for choosing the right provider of bulk SMS in India
Finding out the best Bulk sms provider India is not an easy task rather it is quite challenging and daunting. Therefore, you got to follow few useful strategies or tips that can help you to get the right provider of this type. Some of the selective tips are as follows:-
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  • Online survey is the right solution that can help you to reach to the right provider but in this case web surfing should be done in a systematic manner. There are varied online sources that can fetch you the list of the most popular providers in your locality and these sources are online classifieds, business portals, reviews, customer testimonials and other related ones.
  • You can also ask your business colleagues who are already using these sms services so that you can get the name of their providers. In fact, this can be treated as one of the easiest and most flexible means of getting the best provider of your locality.
Why to rely on SMSProviders?
Bulk messages need to be framed in a professional manner and then only the targeted communities can be influenced and this task can be performed only by means of any experienced sms provider.These providers are well aware of the strategies regarding how to make optimum utilization of the promotional SMS services India so that their corporate clients can get more and more customers and that too within a short time.
You just need to chose an annual package and after that everything will be done by the provider on your behalf. These providers will send the messages on a repeated basis as long as the selected package is active and you do not require worrying about the same.
Thus, one-time investment can fetch your greater market responses throughout the whole year. This is how your business can get the scope of growing and flourishing like anything. If the marketing cost is reduced, then the overall company expenses can also be minimized to a great extent and this is really quite beneficial for company’s economic condition.
We, at HSP Media Networks, offer our clients the bulk sms services in India for bulk text SMS, bulk Voice SMS and international SMS. With the finest infrastructure and technologies to support your bulk SMS requisites, we help you propagate your message to your existing and potential customers.
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