Power of Social Media for the 21st Century Marketing


Power of Social Media for the 21st Century Marketing


In the virtual world of hash-tags, repost, likes, shares and subscribe, social media plays a significant role in marketing as well. Though it is platform to connect with people around the globe and stay updated on the current happenings, it is also proving to be a great place for earning customers for your brand.


As Statista suggests, by 2019, there will be approximately 2.77 billion social media users in the world. Imagine those many people knowing and connecting with your brand! Wouldn’t it be a successful platform to advertise and promote your products, services or brand?


We bet, it will be! Curating a list such key points, in this blog, we will be discussing the power of social media in the 21st century.


    Why Is Social Media Marketing Important Today?


Social media marketing has completely transformed the traditional marketing approach. While once new products were announced and marketed using print, broadcast and referral approach, with social media marketing things are simpler and easily accessible.


And, if you are still going old school, you’re incurring a huge loss for your brand or organization. With that being said, let’s discuss why is social media marketing important? And, how avoiding it can cost your business a significant loss!


1. Connects Your Target Audience


Everyday millions of people scroll through a number of sites to find a product or service of their choice. Regardless of the industry or sector, social media provides you an opportunity to connect to those people. Every content, advertisement, video or infographic you share on social media platform increases your chances of interacting with your audience.


Brands like Nike, Dove, Coca-Cola, L’Oreal, etc., are perfect examples of audience engagement and interaction. And, we all know, how successful they are. Thus, it is fair to point that social media marketing helps in understanding your audience better than any other marketing approach ever could.


Besides, connecting to the target audience is easier and more personal through social media. All you need to do is – keep your social posts interesting and enlightening. The rest will take its course step by step.


2. Works as a Grapevine


Happy customers are loyal customers! And, they further bring more value with themselves. For instance, how many times have you recommended your friends or family a shopping site just because you were satisfied with its service?


We guess, many! Similar is the case with social media marketing. If your audience is happy with your campaigns and services your brand is offering, they will promote it without saying. As per facts, 71% of clients who had a positive social media service experience with a brand are likely to suggest it to others.


And, this is not all! With just the word-of-mouth your brand can gain customers you didn’t even know existed. In other words, connecting to the audience through social media is the fastest way to create brand awareness.


As we say, it works like a grapevine. From one person to another, the information travels so fast that the future of the product or service can be easily determined given the type of response you get from your audience.


3. Builds Brand Authority


Social media marketing totally works on the type of content you are sharing with your audience. Brands that have the best products and have deep understanding of the benefits of their products impresses the audience the most.


For a simple reason, the audience or customers are curious to know everything about the product you are proposing to them. Until and unless you offer them the best of the knowledge of the product, they might not trust your brand.


That’s the reason why brands focus on promoting their survival story, history and testimonials. These types of posts tell the customers what’s unique about the brand. As a matter of fact, it builds trust of the audience in the brand.


Other than this, being transparent with your customers is another strong authority building social media strategy. Brands address criticisms as they arise, which can help in gaining the faith customers place in your business.


4. Less Investment, More ROI


Social media marketing is a prompt, inexpensive, and the most effective way to reach a wider audience. It helps you cut unnecessary marketing costs, without compromising the output. How?


Well, as a matter of fact, social media platforms include millions of potential customers, colleagues, and competitors. And, they are accessible to everyone for free. Also, an average Facebook ad costs $0.97 which is way less than what you would have paid for printing out a few flyers.


Other than this, social media marketing also acts as a real time saver. According to statistics, 95% of the marketing professionals who use social media confirmed that just by spending 6 hours per week on social media increased exposure for their businesses. Could you expect any better way than this for marketing?


5. Multiplies Organic Traffic


Another major highlight of social media marketing is the fact that it helps in driving organic traffic to your brand’s website. As you post content with keywords and images related to your brand and category, it attracts new potential customers to your site/page searching for the same.


The more knowledgeable your content information is, the higher the chances of driving traffic to your website. In addition, being active on social media also draws traffic to the website/page. The improved visibility and engagement with the content helps to boost its reach.


And, therefore, is an imperative part of any strategy to develop organic high quality back-links. Other than that, optimizing your brand’s social media profile helps in making your brand appear in the organic search listings.


6. Drive Sales


As per statistics, marketers who have been using social media for more than 3 years say that it has helped them increase sales. The major reason behind this progress is that your audience is way more active and approachable on social media.


Besides, when you amalgamate your brand with the known faces, it attracts your potential customers. For instance, travel influencers like Johnny Jet, Chris Burkard, Louis Cole, etc., have a huge number of followers on their social media accounts. People tend to visit the places, try food joints, and take part in activities suggested by them.


Thus, their partnership with various brands likes Marriott, Toyota, MTV, Greyhound, etc., helps the companies in driving sales. All you need to do is partner with these influencers to feature your product in their posts, pictures or videos. Also, you can have them tell an appealing story or journey of your brand.


And, that is not all! When the influencers give open reviews about your brand or provide tutorials about your product/service, the audience ought to try it. As a result, increase in sale and popularity of the brand.


7. Aids in Managing Brand Reputation


Maintaining online reputation of the brand is significant as one bad review from an unsatisfied customer can bring a wedge to your business. As per a survey by BrightLocal, 88% of the people confirmed they trust online reviews as much as they trust personal recommendations.


Therefore, it is only fair to say that if your brand develops a bad reputation on social media, you might lose your customers. For instance, brands like Adidas, Dove, Uber, McDonald, etc., experienced negative response from the audience due to their appalling social media campaigns. However, they were quick to remedy it by apologizing or withdrawing the services at once.


In other words, defamation itself may not damage your brand. But, the way your brand responds to it can straightforwardly impact its reputation. Thus, always try to be pro-active remedial on the comments or reviews left by the customers as they can make or break your brand reputation.


8. Humanizes Your Brand


Unless you are just looking for a way to survive in the market, it is imperative to establish a connection with your audience. People must know that they are not just a potential target for your brand. And, you are not just an establishment looking for a way to make money.


The audience should believe in your brand values and how your product or services are developed keeping in mind the best interests of the customers. The simplest way to achieve this is through social media.


Instead of copy-pasting or relying on automated replies, try to know your audience. Understand their concern and reply accordingly. Most of the times what puts off a consumer is negligible response from the brand. When it’s your mistake or consumers are experiencing a problem, acknowledge and be transparent about it. This proves you care about your clients and they hold value for your business.


Wendy’s Facebook page is an excellent example of brand-customer connection. They actually take time to read and respond to their customer complaints. And, this is what makes their brand standout from its competitors!


9. Watch Your Competition


Apart from finding your audience’s preferences, tastes and behavior, social media also helps in monitoring the competition. For example, if your competitor’s product or service is lagging on some platform, you can use it to win new customers by directly addressing it.


Famous brand like Nokia failed miserably when it ignored the rising demand of upgraded software. The company kept focusing on the hardware which led to its offset. In that period of time, Samsung, Sony, HTC, Apple, etc., took liberty of it and launched phones that outperformed than Nokia.


Though social media marketing was not prevalent at that time, it is now. You can find various ways to map your progress as well as your competitor’s. Some popular tools for monitoring competitors include SocialMention, Marketing Gardener, SEMRush, etc.


After Thoughts


Social media marketing is here to stay! If you are still unaware of the benefits of social media marketing, then, it’s time to get in the game. The longer you wait, the more your business will suffer. However, with strategic planning and proper implementation, it can help you flourish your business.

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6 Innovative Tips that Help Your Social Media Audience Research


6 Innovative Tips that Help Your Social Media Audience Research


Are you struggling in choosing the appropriate audience using social media?


Statistics reveal that 14% of Americans switch their mind about an issue because of something they perceived on social media. You should research the appropriate audience for the convincing process to buy the products or services will be easy. Evolving up with an exact strategy to choose the audience will help to build a strong online presence for the brands on social media platforms.


Be precise when setting the goals you want to achieve. It takes time to generate traffic & increase sales on social media.


1. Identify Your Buyer Persona


At first, let’s gear up about entering into social media platforms for commercial purposes. The primary characteristics of the potential customers have to be identified to determine the perfect audience.For large brands operating across the worlds, choosing the customers from millions of people is a big deal. Building a buyer persona is an important chapter to be done in the marketing since the people are diverse. The personal approach is required to gain the attention of the customers. If your business is large and struggling to create the persona, then it requires dividing of the audience into smaller groups to build a persona profile for each. Though it requires more effort and time, the engagement would be better and you can save the time.


2. Research How Users Interact with Brands


It’s essential to understand the targeted customer’s social media inclinations. To achieve the milestone of success in social media, behavior & interaction with brands of the targeted customer is required. Referring to the famous quote “Your brand is a story unfolding across all customer touch points.” by Jonah Sachs the entrepreneur and designer. So analyzing the way the user or the targeted customer interacts with the brand is important.


3. Determine Your Social Media Audience Size


Nowadays, all social media platform has a search option used to find the target audience. Twitter has an advanced search option whereas LinkedIn allows you to search by names, email, keywords etc. Another tool used for estimating the size of the audience on Facebook is Facebook’s Business Manager. It enables you to conduct immediate market research.


For example, if you want to reach women in Houston between the ages of 20 to 50 who love dark chocolate cookies, Facebook Business Manager will tell you that 50,000 users match your criteria. Now you can start working with the selected audience to generate leads.


Another option is to begin by focusing on a narrower niche, examining different marketing strategies, and slowly showing your content to a wider audience.
Some additional tools to work with Twitter are:

● Followerwonk.
● TweetReach.
● Twazzup.
● Twitonomy.

You should also consider social media tools like Hootsuite that integrates Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, and more that enable you to maintain multiple platforms in one place.


4. Survey Your Customers


You can research the prefered audience deeply by using relevant surveys in accordance over each audience category.


Here are some necessary tips for creating a survey:

● Include puzzles that will be compelling to your audience.
● Use understandable language.
● Three to five questions that take less than 2 or 3 minutes is more than enough for a survey.
● Keep at least a couple of questions that let the audience say what they think.
● Make participation more attractive, including special bonus, discounts that drive the user to buy the products.

5. Research Your Audience Using Messengers


Despite the exponential growth of trending social messaging apps like WhatsApp, Telegram, Messenger, Viber, and WeChat, marketing specialists are not in a hurry to experiment with these platforms. According to the recent study of the buffer, only 20% of the marketers have utilised the messaging apps for marketing. You can stand ahead of the competitors by starting focusing on the messengers that allow users to have access to the brand to ask queries, buy goods & services, review etc.


6. Connect with Your Customers


Once you are done with the survey results, it’s time to leverage that knowledge to build a stronger brand presence on social media. You need to develop a well created out content plan and social media calendar, including posts for holidays, sales, special offers, and other events. Scheduling the post by analyzing the time spent by the day users is essential. Promoting your stream of business is not a straight road since the platforms & user trends are changing day-to-day. With multiple experiments, you will get the knowledge of how it works, & every new marketing campaign will achieve the success rate.




Hence you might have understood how to research your social media audience. Try to implement the above-mentioned tips and achieve the success rate of your business in digital space.

Author Bio:

Fazeela is a Digital Marketing Executive at Bright Bridge Infotech and she enjoys learning about the Digital Marketing field. She specializes in guest blogging, blog publishing, and social media. She is an avid reader and loves writing impeccable contents pertaining to digital marketing. She holds a bachelor degree in Engineering.

5 Social Media Techniques to Boost your Website Traffic


5 Social Media Techniques to Boost your Website Traffic


To be very frank, Social media has gone bonkers today. Right from the day you are born, to the selfie you just clicked in your bathroom, it has everything that needs to know about you. If we look at it, social media is a big creature with billion different brain that has information about billions of people that are active on social media. So businesses today are like “Hmm. Let us capture that!”. Companies today are investing half of their budget for social media content to gain attention and traffic that could turn units into money. Social media is the one and only, undoubtedly, unequivocally, the best dimension to your consumer’s undivided attention. Now there are the best and worst ways to do it. What are those social media techniques that will boost your website traffic and that will make your boring business look interesting!? Let’s explore!


Visual is king


No matter how much you argue about written content or copy that persuade people, it is the visual that attracts people the most. Create enticing and tantalizing visuals that will evoke a sense of excitement in the consumer and force him or her to click the ad or post. Now in the vast traffic of social media, brands are vulnerable to get lost. Make sure you have the right and dynamic visual content in place that redirects the audience to your website!

Visual is king

65% of the information people recollect are from strands of Visual Content they came across.


Use Instagram


If any brand, A-N-Y brand, fails to recognize the power of Instagram, they won’t take off. Instagram has become the hub of lifestyle and trends. You have a tsunami of Influencers and celebrities promoting brands and products. Again, visual content rides Instagram. Make your Instagram page engaging and compelling through which you can redirect your audience to the website. Design your content to suit the Instagram euphoria. It will get converted into traffic multifold.

Use Instagram

There is a rise in the percentage of Adults using Instagram since 2012


Make your content shareable


What you put out there counts. It is equally important to make the content mobile-friendly as the majority of people using social media access it through their phones. Make your content easily shareable. Design your images, posts, and ads according to the platform and device it’s going to channelize into. The audience will remember and share your content if they get easy buttons and options to share.

Make your content shareable

The annual digital ad budgets for mobile content in 2016 was 51%


Optimize content differently for each platform


Every platform works differently. You need to sit and plan what content will go on which platform. After that, strategize the optimization of content for each platform. It will give you a radical edge on gaining maximum momentum of visibility, readability, and shareability on social media. Some platforms are visual worthy. Some encourage copy that can turn visuals into an exciting piece of storytelling. Strategize. Optimize!

Optimize content differently for each platform

Make the best use of content marketing platforms like Storify, HubSpot, Klout, BuzzSumo, Scribble Live, etc.


Timing matters


Right from the content, to the nature of that content, to the effectiveness of it, you know what is equally essential to accelerate traffic to your website? Timing! People run on schedules. And they keep one part of the day to engage in social media activities. If you treasure the benefit of that, you will be light years ahead in gaining traffic to your web blog or site. Use social media to give out content to consumers in stipulated timings which will effectively work in how they see and receive content. In case of that, you need to have insight into your audience’s timing to crash into social media. Use that chance to post your content and get responses quickly.

Timing matters

Statistics show a majority of people hopping on to their social media profiles at night after dinner.


Get on Instagram. Get your visuals running. Upload that post on time. Schedule your content for different platforms. It will get your web traffic up and running. Social media is the biggest pool where you can find potential consumers and massive traffic. Inviting that undivided attention is valuable. There are lots of brands that lose out on pulp when they don’t pay attention to social media.


Give value!

Make that click worth something!

Author Bio:

Mudabbira Khan is an English Hons. Graduate. She is passionate about writing, blogging and currently working as contributing editor on various portals like BestKodiAddons.info, TheArticle.in and few others.

Three Significant Social Media Trends to Watch Out for this Year

Three Significant Social Media Trends to Watch Out for this Year


“Social media is about the people, not about your business. Provide for the people and the people will provide for you.”-Matt Goulart


An online marketer that has failed to factor in the efficacy of social media in exposing your brand and content is a marketer that has failed.


In this time and age wherein social media dominates a majority of people’s lives, it would almost be unthinkable not to exploit the phenomenon. After all, any shrewd online marketer would take advantage of social media’s prowess and would see its utilitarian purpose in gaining a wider and more expansive customer base that would ultimately result to increased profits and revenue. However, digital marketers should know by now that trends are elastic. The popularity of these same trends is largely dependent on what its respective users would deem as useful or trendy. In other words, as marketers, you cannot rely on a single trend alone and expect it to consistently give you increased conversion rates and a marked increase in profits and revenue. Social media is constantly changing and its users are being more discriminating and selective in the trends they choose to partake in.


What was trendy a year ago may not necessarily be relevant today which is why your marketing strategy should also include a review on social media trends that would prove most useful to your brand, business and campaign and then refine your techniques accordingly. Today, as social media channels becoming increasingly saturated with users and various brands, the competition is a lot stiffer than ever and consequently, your viewers’ attention spans are decreasing. As an online marketer, what are you to do? Well, you need to adapt to these changes and be ready to integrate them into your strategy in the coming months.


Here are just some of the biggest social media trends this year has seen:


1.) Instagram Stories


When Snapchat first released a feature that allowed users to share short videos that would be long gone after 24 hours, it instantly hit with audiences. It worked so well that both Instagram and Facebook have integrated the very same feature into their own social media channels—albeit, with a little more users in Instagram than in Facebook. Considering all these, it is high time for brands to start integrating the feature into their marketing strategy and get on board with the stories feature. In any case, the feature is incredibly fun to use and view and it allows you to add filters, hashtags and texts. Furthermore, Instagram routinely updates the feature from time to time and presently, you can now ask your followers questions, conduct polls and even do a survey. Quite a multifaceted design for just one feature which brands can certainly take advantage of.


2.) Augmented and Virtual Reality


Back in the day, augmented and virtual reality were two aspects thought to be solely in the realm of gaming. However, social media channels have creatively and cleverly incorporated the technology into their platforms as well. The new Iphone’s integration of animated emojis and Pokemon GO’s latest popularity are two testaments to just how augmented reality can be ingeniously utilized. While most brands would acknowledge the feature for its massive appeal, they do not see beyond its novelty. However, there is great potential in augmented reality and the payoff for brands is rather immense. With the feature, brands and businesses would now be able to explore beyond traditional marketing and advertising ideas. With the feature, companies can now showcase their products in new ways to customers such as having them see what a certain furniture would look like in a room or how a certain piece of clothing would look like on them. Unfortunately, augmented reality might take a bit of time and money to fully implement into your marketing efforts, but it would all be worth the investment.


3.) Live Streaming


Live streaming has been around for quite a while, but the concept did not fully take off until Facebook chose to incorporate the very same feature into its social media platform. Resultantly, how people use them has evolved. As smartphone softwares advance, live streaming videos become more accessible to an even wider audience. As an online marketer, you should try to capitalize on the trend while it is still in its incipiency and you might find that you would revel in the kind of organic reach it can engender.


Whether you are doubling your marketing efforts or refining your online marketing tecniques, as a digital agency in Cebu or elsewhere, having an idea of the top social media trends should be one of your primary concerns. Doing so would help you create a more effective strategy that would ultimately prove useful and pivotal to your marketing campaign.

About Author:

Janice Jaramillo is a twenty something who loves to write on various topics. She is currently associated with Optimind Technology Solutions. She also likes to travel around the world to meet new people and gain new experiences.

Why Social Media Marketing Is Significant for Your Business


Why Social Media Marketing Is Significant for Your Business


Social Media has become one of the most used platforms across the world. People use the platform for being in connection with the outer world. With this, they also maintain business relationships as well as keep up with their relatives. But, the sector that gets benefited immensely is the business sector. As we all know that a large group of persons remain active on the social media and promoting one’s website or business on the same can be the best option. You can clearly promote your products and services effectively through the medium. By this, you can safely promote your business and make people aware about the same. So, we can say that marketing through social media has become a need and most of the businessmen are getting benefited by it. Let us now go through some of the why social media is crucial for your business:c

Improved brand awareness:


Social media makes it easier for the marketers to receive a chance to enhance their brand awareness. By marketing online, they craft an easier way to introduce their brand to the people. Having a social media page for your brand will certainly help you to earn maximum profit. Use it to market your product and see the difference.




Social media is one of the most cost-effective ways to market your business. If, in case, you decide to use paid advertising on social media, always begin small to watch what you should expect. This will help you to attain a greater return on investment and hold a big budget for other business & marketing payments. By just investing a little time and money, you can elevate your conversion rates & get a return on investment on the money you invested at first.


Engage with customers:


Through this medium, you can engage with the customers in a better way. The more you communicate with the audience, the more opportunities you have for conversion. Set up a two-way communication with the audience so their requirements are known and their interest is provided easily. Communication with the customers is one of the ways to win their attention and convey them the brand message. Thus, the brand will reach more audience in real terms and gets itself established without any annoyance.


Healthier customer satisfaction:


Social Media plays an important role in maintaining customer satisfaction. Communication and networking are essential for attaining the best results and for this maintaining the balance is important. A brand that values its clienteles, takes the time to compose a personal message, which is perceived naturally in a positive light. Use the medium to frame a stronger relationship.


Marketplace Awareness:


With a positive interaction with the customers, you can frame a strong marketplace awareness amongst them. Finding what are their needs and requirements is the most important part of a business. So, by going through the activities of the customers on your profile, you can see customer’s interests and opinions better. With Social Media Marketing, you can have a better understanding of the customers and their specific needs. Once you attain a big following, use some tools to examine other demographics of your customers.


Increased Traffic:


With the assistance of the social media platforms, you will likely to attain the best traffic. Social media is a big platform where the customers get in touch with your website and if they like it, they keep on visiting the same. High-quality content is always welcome and if you work on improving your content, you will surely receive the best. All in all, the more quality content you share, the more traffic you will produce while making conversion chances.




There is no denying that “Social Media marketing” has many advantages for established brands. By regularly updating the social media strategy, you can fetch customer satisfaction more. Competition is on the rise, so do not let your competitors take your customers away. The earlier you begin to follow a correct strategy, the more you will grow. So, whenever you are planning to begin working for the steady growth of your business, do not forget marketing through the best social media tools and tactics. Be aware and make a mark amongst the customers present!



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I am a Social media expert and have an interest in writing blogs on the current and advanced topics. With this, I want to enhance my knowledge of the social media trends to educate the customers. I wish to work for Megicbyte Solutions, an eminent seo services company in Noida, Gurgaon, Delhi India that delivers the optimum SEO services with the help of their professionals.