How To Find Out The Best SMS Service In India?

How To Find Out The Best SMS Service In India?


SMS messaging is very helpful in sending information about coupons, current events, and special deals to customers. It’s a very convenient idea to reach the market and grow an audience. There’re various text message marketing service providers to help your business meet targets. These can send personalized messages to your customers to enhance the brand appeal. However, it pays to have ideas on how to find out the best SMS service in India. Consider the ideas below.


Reliability is key


The primary objective of contacting a reliable SMS service provider is to increase the success of your SMS marketing. The best SMS service provider should offer a reliable and secure platform with guaranteed high uptime level. this means you can always use their services at your convenience. The best SMS company should offer about 99 percent uptime. This ensures sending your messages any day or time of day.


Timely delivery of messages


Just like in any other form of communication, timing is key. Delivery of your messages should be done with minimal delays and free from impediments. Ensure to find an SMS service provider with a direct relationship with quality carriers. The right company should have a partnership with local and global tier one carriers. This will ensure a higher possible percentage of your messages are delivered successfully.




Regardless of how many messages you’re to send, choose the best bulk SMS provider in India who is scalable. This means the service provider has the capacity to accommodate the future needs of your business. It comes with working with businesses regardless of size and number of messages to send. Working with a scalable service provider eliminates the need to look for a new company as your needs evolve. The right agency should handle various requirements including:

– SMS campaigns
– SMS marketing
– Shortcodes
– Missed call alerts

Accessibility to customer service and support


A credible and professional SMS company must have a special customer service team. This should be accessible whenever you need their assistance. This will be very helpful in case you have burning issues to address or need to troubleshoot an issue. Choose a company with various options through which you can contact their technical team for assistance. These should be clearly visible on the company website. The various ways to contact the service provider might include:

– Social media profiles
– Instant chat
– Telephone numbers
– E-mail

Convenient payment options


Today, traditional bank transfer is not the only option for business transactions. Ensure to work with a company with a variety of online payment options. These might include Master card and Visa card to ensure you choose an option convenient for you. The various payment options offer different benefits and shortfalls.


Compliance with TRAI regulations


The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has guidelines regulating sending bulk SMS in the country. Therefore, ensure to work with a service provider who complies with such regulations. It will protect you from getting into the bad books of the law. The TRAI regulations are always updated to guide operators of bulk SMS service. Areas regulated by TRAI include:

– Transactional SMS
– Broadcasting to classified categories
– Promotional SMS
– Sending time
– Sender name

Industry experience


Before entrusting your requirements to any SMS service provider, ensure to evaluate their experience in the industry. This regards a check on how many customers they have and the number of years in the industry. Additionally, ensure to find out that the company works in your sector. A service provider who covers s a variety of sectors is your best bet just in case your business diversifies in the future.




Finally, the right company should have a platform with easy integration with your current customer relationship management software. Additionally, the platform should easily match with your loyalty programs, applications, and infrastructure. Such a platform will save you from a headache to enhance the effectiveness of your SMS transactional and Promotional Bulk SMS.


Bottom line


Evaluating SMS service providers might seem overwhelming but it will prove beneficial in the long run. Ensure to have a checklist when evaluating service providers to enable your business benefit endlessly from this innovative communication tool.