SMPP Service – A Tool Which Adds To The Vote Bank of Politicians


SMPP Service – A Tool Which Adds to The Vote Bank of Politicians


Being the largest democracy of the world, the significance of communication in the Indian political system increases manifold. Today, text messaging is used globally by politicians to influence voters and create a win-win situation. Mass texting not only allows politicians to connect with voters but also serves as a platform to establish effective communication with party workers. Irrespective of the level and range of the election, mass texting enables a politician to reach out to millions at just the click of a button.


Recently, a few days before the general elections, Indian Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi exercised text messaging campaign to get connected with the voters at large. Besides, he has also launched a missed call campaign earlier to get his tweets directly on the inbox of the people via SMS. Despite the presence of social media and other digital platforms, why the tech-savvy politicians like Shri Narendra Modi rely on SMPP Service for communicating with the audience? The answer lies in effectiveness. With more than 98% open rate within just three minutes of being received, bulk SMS is considered as the ‘most effective’ mobile marketing tool.


Bulk SMS, an effective tool to leverage political campaigns


Needless to mention that we are living in a mobile world where each marketer is trying to enter the mobile phones of the audience. As compare to emails, text messages carry much effective open & engagement rate and hence is the best way to approach voters. Politicians have the opportunity to disseminate real-time information to the voters and to the party workers, to mobilize rally & roadshows attendance, to provide a grievance redressal mechanism for the voters and to create awareness in their constituency via SMS. Given below are the few ways which suggest how a politician get the most out of bulk SMS marketing tools.


Create a rapport (special bond) with the voters


Text messaging is more personal in nature and allows a person to complete the communication with his/her convenience. Unlike calls, bulk SMS gives a person an opportunity to read and reply to the messages anytime as per his/her own convenience. It further allows you to establish quality communication directly with your voters. You can send them personalized messages on birthdays, anniversaries, etc. to create en rapport with them. Text message gives you a platform to share your vision & opinion with voters on the things that matter most on a personal channel.


Keep supporters in the loop


Text messaging enables you to stay connected with your supporters/party workers. Keep your supporters informed with the campaign developments. Send them alerts of rallies, booth level or assembly level meetings, events updates, etc. via SMS. All the important announcements can also be communicated instantly to workers via text message. In this way by establishing an instant and smooth communication with your supporters, you can leverage your campaign to get good results.


Give your voters a grievances redressal mechanism


The peculiarity of text messages is that it doesn’t require any extra installation or even an internet connection. Text messaging application is inbuilt and available in all of the mobile devices. You can use text messaging as a grievances redressal mechanism where the constituents can send their problems and grievances via SMS. Once you take an action to solve their problems or grievances you can also message them about the actions undertaken by you. In this way, a warm personal communication with the voters will certainly increase your credibility as a politician.


Make the most of your election campaign


Allow your voters to message you about what kind of development and governance they want? What are their expectations with their elected representative? Which are the major problems of their booth they want to address first? A survey including the above questions can be conducted before elections and the feedback can be used to draw the effective political campaign. During elections, text messaging can be used not only to make an appeal to the public for using their voting rights but to motivate the party workers as well.


The advanced applications of the text messaging tools, like URL shortener, allows you to send the link of your website and landing page along with the SMS. The multi-utility tool further allows you to track your campaign by providing you the details of the persons who have clicked the link. In this way, politicians have an opportunity to establish effective communication with voters and supporters at large.

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Myself Deepak Sharma, a writer, and a translator. I am passionate to write original & quality content in both the English as well as in the Hindi language. I have an experience of more than 7 years in writing blogs, articles, guest posts, promotional content, etc. in both English & Hindi languages. I also write creative content for various social media platforms. I have launched my own bilingual fortnightly newspaper “Must Read” in the capacity of publisher and editor. I am determined to give my readers a delightful and worthwhile reading experience. I am in association with Msgclub to provide them miscellaneous content on digital marketing & other services. Thank you.

The Pillar Stone Of The Strongest Bulk SMS Marketing Service


The Pillar Stone Of The Strongest Bulk SMS Marketing Service


Compared to traditional marketing medium, bulk SMS is fairly new in the marketing industry. However, if you consider the success rate of this platform, it is miles ahead from mediums like Direct Mail, Billboards & Flyers and Brochures.


Business owners from distinct industries are taking advantages of SMS platform to increase ROI and brand awareness. Thinking of utilizing this tool for your business too? Do you want to see a great return on investment from your marketing campaign?


Of course, who doesn’t, right?


However, to run a successful SMS marketing campaign you need to follow the right path of text marketing. What are those? Here’s the plan that will ensure your marketing success.


1: Get the phone number


Well, of course, to send SMS you need phone numbers. But how would you get one? You don’t have to worry a bit about this if you are working with reputed bulk SMS provider. Let them know in which area you are trying to promote your service or products, they will make sure your campaign reaches to the desired person.


2: Segment your phone list


Always remember, everyone on your contact list doesn’t have the exact same need. So, marketing and communicating to them, in the same way, will be a total failure for your campaign.


You need to divide your contact list into different categories. One thing you can do to understand your potential customer’s need by running a poll or survey.


3: Make sure SMSs are being delivered


If your customers aren’t getting the messages, what’s the point of bulk SMS campaign anyway, right? To ensure your SMSs are getting delivered, test the speed and reliability of bulk SMS service provider you want to use and make sure texts are being delivered to the opt-in customers.


4: Engage for maximum impact


The more you communicate with your consumer the more they know and like you. Connect with them in every event or occasion. Let them know you have remembered them though they have completed a purchase. Ask them for feedback or suggestion if they have successfully purchased any product or service from you already. Make them feel that you care about what they think and willing to improve and change according to their needs.


5: Track your SMS


It is necessary to keep monitoring of your SMS after you get the feedback and reviews. No marketing tool can sustain without proper analysis, you must find that in which part of SMS marketing you are earning more and in which you are losing. You can simply trace how many people have tapped in the URL or short like that you sent. You can use Analytics tool for that, it will give complete tracking, analysis and traffic reports of your SMS marketing.


6: Test, Test & Test


To know what gives you best result, you must combine tracking with testing. Test your opening sentences and words, test your call to actions button, test sending your SMS on different times on different days, test your offers, and test everything important to your overall success.


7: Be frequent


Putting your SMS in front of your potential clients frequently helps you stay at the top of their mind. And if you constantly deliver quality content, they will be looking forward to your texts. When that happens, you become a welcome guest rather of an annoying marketer.


Don’t be upset if they don’t respond to your first message. The point of using Bulk SMS is to get you to stay at the top of your potential customer’s mind. SO when they do need any product or services, your brand name will be the first to pop up in their mind.


There you have it “The pillar stone of the strongest Bulk SMS marketing service”. If you want to see your business ROI go up, implement these principles and you will see the result.

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HSP Media Network – India’s No.1 Media marketing service provider company. Bulk SMS provider in India.

Bulk SMS: Getting Your Business Ahead Of Your Competitors


Bulk SMS: Getting Your Business Ahead Of Your Competitors


With a 98% open rate versus email, SMS is an excellent tool for your business to start investing. There are about 3 billion mobile phone users worldwide and reaching out to the people around your niche can leverage you from the competition.


Social media and prints are excellent mediums. But SMS is a platform that can deliver your information directly at your targeted lists instantly with fewer barriers compared to the two aforementioned.


Getting to know bulk SMS


Bulk SMS Service or bulk messaging refers to sending out an SMS or promotional information to a predetermined group of recipients at once. In other words, it allows a business to send a large number of messages to multiple recipients.


How can you utilize bulk SMS for your business?


Whether your business is just starting out, a small business, a large one, or been standing for quite some time now, we know that cost is your number one consideration in improving your market standing.


There are a lot of marketing and advertising campaigns but yes, some costs too much.


Bulk SMS, on the other hand, is a cost-effective way to reach your customers, to communicate with millions of them no matter where they are. It able to cut half the amount of companies spend on other digital or print areas.

Here are some ways your business can use bulk SMS:

1. Use bulk SMS to send promotional offers and product sales.


Through bulk SMS, you can inform thousands of your customers that you have product offers such as a 2-day sale, a 20% off, or a $5 off every $50 worth of purchase. You can propose an extension of subscription, you can give out freebies, anything you think that can grab their attention.


2. Send alerts to your customers using bulk SMS


Send a message to your customers to inform them about significant updates or information. For instance, if your business doesn’t operate during the upcoming holiday season or you have emergencies to attend. Keeping them informed improves your customer engagement resulting in customer loyalty.


3. Inform your customers about your new product or services


When you have a new product (or a service) to offer to your customers, it became easy to update your customers with bulk SMS. You can send out a message to your audience telling them about your new product and what incentives they can avail if they purchase it.


The advantages of using bulk SMS to reach customers are endless; from boosting your sales to updating your customers about your products to converting prospects into your loyal customers.


Why would you invest in bulk SMS?


1. Cost-effective and Impressive Open Rate


As I mentioned earlier, bulk SMS offers fewer cost than any other marketing platforms and its open rate is 98% versus the email with 20%. Also, SMS messages are read on average of five seconds after it was sent out and 95% of all text messages are read within 3 minutes.


2. SMS is available 24/7


Any message can be sent at any time. Bulk SMS is available 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, and seven days a week. But remember a perfect timing in sending out a message. You might annoy your customers if you send a message around 10 pm and most of them are all fast asleep.


3. Speed


Campaigns can be developed and delivered to your target audience in a span of minutes as bulk SMS has virtually zero lead time. By using bulk messaging, you can drive footfall in your slow business operation day.


4. Highly targeted way


Traditional methods of marketing hurt the budget of any business owners. They send out marketing messages and hope that they land a potential customer’s inbox. Cost is critical in any business. That is why a highly targeted audience is essential in a business marketing campaign. With bulk SMS, you can choose your audience. Example of those you are most likely to reach out are people who already have a relationship with you and have agreed to receive your marketing messages.


Try bulk SMS in your business now


Investing in bulk SMS is a perfect step for you to get ahead of your competitors. Building your relationship with your customers in ways such as informing them about your product offers and sending them personalized messages can drive scalable results. Bulk SMS enables businesses to create endless opportunities to engage with customers and increase sales.

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Merryl is currently working at Rethink Staffing. She’s a former student journalist with a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. She contributed numerous articles to various niches such as business, health, tech and more.

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How Bulk SMS Can Be Used In The Education Sector In India?


How Bulk SMS Can Be Used In The Education Sector In India?


Communication is the key to run any successful educational institution. We all remember the times around ten or twenty years ago when we would reach the gates of our school only to find out it was closed due to extreme winter. There was an eerie sense of satisfaction but also an undeniable agitation for not getting this information in advance. Who likes to compromise on some extra hours of sleep anyway!


Recently, the use of bulk SMS has bridged this communication gap between schools/colleges and parents. Parents and students no longer have to wait around for the school/college to send notifications by post, they can be updated simply with the ease of their cell phones via SMS. Mobile technology has come in very handy for this purpose.


Here are a number of examples of how bulk SMS can benefit a school or college:


1. Sending Reminders


Any impromptu change in the schedule of a school/college can wreck havoc on its functionality. For this purpose, bulk SMS massaging comes in very handy and can be used to send out weekly or daily messages to staff and students. Bulk SMS is an extremely efficient way used by educational institutions to reach out to tons of people at once. They can be notified close to the time of important events or deadlines.


2. Handling Queries


Parents often might have some unresolved queries about their children and various things related to them. For this reason, short-codes and USSD codes can help answer their questions. It’s not always feasible for parents or children to visit the premises of their educational institution for smallest of queries. For that reason, bulk SMS is a cost-effective and a time saving technique to make people’s lives simpler.


3. Attendance


One major problem with teenage students is their unannounced absence from their school/college premises. In such cases, bulk SMS helps to notify the parents or guardians of the children missing from school. This way, parents can track the attendance record of their children and can even notify the school via a text message if their child is unable to attend school/college on a particular day.


4. Homework


Homework is a crucial part of the educational curriculum. While some students are sincere enough to take care of it by themselves, others need to be kept under a strict watch of the school. For this purpose, the school/college can notify parents by sending a text when their children haven’t done the homework assigned.


5. Parent-teacher communication


There’s no denying that sending messages helps to bridge the communication gap between parents and staff but it also aides in facilitating their communication. Schools and colleges no longer have to follow the cumbersome traditional methods of circulars and notifications, they can simply connect with parents via mobile phones, a procedure which doesn’t even require internet connectivity.


6. Feedbacks


Feedbacks are very crucial for continuous and comprehensive growth of an educational institute. Every educational institute can make use of bulk SMS service for the feedback and carrying out surveys. Sending simple messages to parents and students and asking about their feedback is the simplest way to know where your institution stands. An institution can improve upon its shortcomings by utilising the valuable feedback from parents and students.


7. Student’s Results


Awry results can be a bit discouraging for some students and they might even hide it from their parents sometimes. Schools and colleges can inform the parents about the same using bulk SMS service. This helps in keeping a check on the students and parents can constantly monitor the performance of their children. It even helps to encourage students to perform better in exams as they know their results would never be hidden from their parents.


8. Emergencies


Bulk SMS service is a fast and a convenient way to inform parents about any emergency, like natural calamity, fire breakout, terrorist attack, etc. In such cases, parents can be immediately be made aware of the distressful situation and can take steps accordingly.


9. Unscheduled Holidays


Sometimes, due to unforeseen circumstances like extreme weather conditions, political upheavals, accidents, etc., the school or college might remain shut. Such impromptu closure can be brought to students’ notice with the help of bulk SMS service. Similarly, is a teacher falls ill, he or she can inform the students via bulk SMS about cancellation of classes.


10. Promotions


Educational institutes are always on a constant lookout to take themselves to new heights by adding to existing infrastructure, collaborating with international organisations, organising workshops, etc. In such cases, they can inform parents and students about their achievements and accolades via bulk SMS. It helps in building the credibility of the institute in the eyes of the people.


While technology is considered a bane by some, it definitely has its set of boons. It has undoubtedly made our lives simpler over the last few decades. It has not only bridged the gap between parents and school/college, but has also augmented the education sector of the country tremendously. Parents are today more efficiently informed about the paraphernalia that surrounds their children, as compared to twenty years ago. As informed individuals, they are in a better capacity to make informed decisions about their children’s education. While technology as a whole is to be credited for this, bulk SMS has definitely tipped the scale here.

Is B2B SMS Marketing an Effective Strategy to Invest On? Yes!


Is B2B SMS Marketing an Effective Strategy to Invest On? Yes!


Whenever we talk about SMS (short message service) the first thing that clicks in our mind is countless and annoying promotional text messages that we receive on our mobile phones.


Well, regardless of how annoying it may seem, it’s still considered an effective marketing strategy for international B2B marketplaces. In fact, according to research around 75% of people have no problem in getting an SMS from a brand.


As B2B marketers we have to step ahead and take risks by trying every marketing channel there is, to generate B2B leads. However, you have to take the right steps, or any type of promotional activity can backfire at you and destroy your reputation. Therefore, we’ve come up helpful tips to make your B2B SMS marketing campaign successful.


1. Establish an SMS List


In order to make sure that your B2B SMS marketing is successful, the first thing that you have to look in to is that all the users on your SMS list have subscribed for your services. If you start sending promotional SMS texts to just about anyone, you’ll eventually witness a decline in the rate of engagement. You may even get flagged as a spammer if too many people report your number.


In order to make your list authentic and relevant, you can send emails to all your subscribers as an invitation to subscribe for your SMS service. Other than that, you can also promote this service on your website and social media platforms. Once you have a compelling list, you won’t have to worry about having your SMS ignored.


2. Keep a Close Eye on Your SMS Campaign


Once you’ve started sending SMS to all your subscribers, make sure that you monitor that campaign. Just like every other B2B marketing strategy, this one also needs to be analyzed every now then. Why? Well, you’re probably going to spend lots of money on this strategy, that’s why!. If it doesn’t generate the expected ROI, then it’s better to either make alterations or simply stop and think of something else.


3. Introduce Offers Your Customers Can’t Ignore


If you really want all your SMS to generate leads and increase your ROI, you’ll have to come up with exclusive deals and discounts. Your offer will definitely be the driving force of the leads you wish to generate.


In addition, you can also place an offer for all those customers who subscribe to your SMS service as a token of appreciation. People love free and discounted stuff, so this technique can surely build your SMS subscriber list.


However, one crucial aspect you should focus on is the frequency and time. Don’t over send texts, because it may irritate your user. In addition, always have a look at the clock before sending your SMS. You wouldn’t want to wake someone up with your message.


4. Segment Your List


By creating segments in your list, you’ll be able to send the most relevant content to the right audience. In order for that to happen, you also have to know your audience well enough. For example, if you’re promoting tech goods through your B2B SMS marketing campaign and send messages to buyers that belong to a different industry, you’ll only become a source of irritation.


Maintaining a happy audience is crucial for the future of this marketing strategy. Once you are able to develop a good relation with your client, all your marketing tactics will show positive outcomes.


Wrapping Up


If you are running an online B2B marketplace, SMS marketing can play a significant role in boosting your ROI. Once you have won the trust of your clients, you can even add links in your messages to enhance both your traffic and the number of quality leads. However, just like any other B2B marketing technique, planning is essential. To start off, follow all the tips we’ve mentioned above. Once you’ve got the hang of it and are generating useful results, you are free to experiment with new ideas.

Author Bio

Beatrice McGraw is a digital marketing expert who works for ExportHub – A Foreign B2B Marketplace. She just loves to share her knowledge with the world in the form of blogs, videos and various other types of content. In her free time, she is an active gamer and a techwiz who adores researching innovative solutions that emerge in the digital world. Follow her on Twitter here: @McgrawBeatrice.

Significant Reasons Why Mobile Marketing Is A Great Option


Significant Reasons Why Mobile Marketing Is A Great Option


Marketing Land is a world-class computerized distribution that covers all parts of the advanced advertising industry. Mobile Marketing includes achieving clients and prospects when they’re utilizing the web far from the conventional home/office work area condition. The expanded utilization of cell phones, tablets and comparative cell phones has made mobile advertising an unquestionable requirement for some organizations.


Associations need to start changing their promoting efforts to remain mindful of the advancements in technology. Mobile Phone adoption rates are extending at a phenomenal rate, outflanking 85% in 2017 alone. Impressively, typical mobile phones conversion rates are up 64% appeared differently in relation to the ordinary work region conversion rates for online business alone. Bulk SMS services also play an important role in the conversion rate of a prospect into a customer.In the present automated and interconnected world, the centrality of efforts is flexible and pleasant that can’t be overstated. To avail this exclusive services you just need to contact bulk SMS gateway provider.


Coming up next are five important considerations on the essentialness of cell phone marketing that publicists need to survey as a component of their mechanized framework:


1. Time Spent On Mobile Devices Is Increasing


Generally, people spent an ordinary of 10 hours out of consistently on PDAs. About 35% of this time was spent on phones or tablets, as shown by eMarketer. This infers the ordinary people puts in over 500 hours out of consistently investigating destinations or visiting on their wireless, giving the plenteous opportunity to get their thought and influence them to look at your business on a device they use such an extensive amount the time as a part of their step by step lives. Advancing examples are furthermore responding to this enhancement: It is evaluated that by 2019, about 72% of exhibiting rupees will be spent making applications and plugs for cell phone platforms.


2. Mobile Commerce And Mobile Marketing Go Hand-In-Hand


Clients are using their mobile phones to purchase things from Amazon, eBay and various online business sites. Associations as colossal as Walmart and as meagre as mother and pop shops are seeing this and making straightforward gateways and locales to support bargains. As a matter of fact, it is foreseen that before the completion of 2018, 70% of online business visits will start on a mobile phone. Associations that make composed flexible fights that control customers from thing preface to the arrangement will see an amazing lift in revenue.


3. Customers Purchase In Stores


Flexible advancement allows clients to shop and take a gander at while they walk around the store walkway. Associations that have dynamic flexible promoting endeavours can abuse this: Search engine improvement and an easily sheltered site can give your business an edge when the purchaser is set up to purchase. Additionally, web files are modifying their counts to give a higher tendency to flexible pleasant areas. This makes the necessity for associations to upgrade their web closeness and tie new kinds of automatic marketing into their assignments.


4. Short Message Service (SMS) Open Rates Are Higher Than Email


SMS has an open rate of 98%, and up to 90% of people who open the message will examine it inside three seconds. This is far higher than email displaying or other automated channels. Accommodating your SMS messages so they offer to imminent customers will give them inspiration to furthermore ask about your things or organizations, and they will most likely start on the contraption in which they just got the message. This thing encourages bulk SMS gateway provider to advance their SMS marketing tactics.


5. Mobile Marketing Reaches A Broader Market


Mobile phones and tablets are winding up dynamically surely understood gadgets for correspondence overall economics. They are smaller, lighter, more affordable and more adaptable than PCs and laptops. Producers are in like manner responding to customer demand and developing snappier, more weighty and more moderate phones. These enhancements infer that sponsors have a splendid opportunity to put their displaying messages under the control of their customers, and adaptable empowers publicists and advertisers to contact a significantly broader social event of individuals subsequently.


Digital advertising is industriously progressing, and flexible displaying accept a key employee in that system. The push toward mobile phones is an example that will continue to progress, and associations need to ensure they have a solid flexible displaying plan to interface with those digital customers.

Author’s Bio:

Hello, I am Prashant Shrivastav, Digital Marketing Expert at MsgClub® – A Leading Bulk SMS Company in India. We are helping individuals and small to enterprise level companies by providing smart solutions such as bulk SMS, voice call SMS, SMS marketing tools and many more solutions. For any query or business partnership you can contact us at [email protected].

Advanced Text SMS Services In Small and Big Sized Businesses


Advanced Text SMS Services in Small and Big Sized Businesses


A new revolution is already going on with small and big sized business marketing and it’s called SMS. The term SMS is known by text message. Mobile marketing through SMS strategy is the modern way to catch fire from over the few years especially.


SMS marketing is widely used for sending messages directly on the contact numbers of prospects and customers. The reason why many businesses are adding bulk SMS services to their marketing strategy is pretty obvious- people love their phones and they have found active than desktops! When you considered the cultural impact the modern smartphone has had, it makes sense that marketers would find a right & effective way to introduce marketing strategy.


Some of the small businesses have started choosing online bulk SMS panel to send text notifications, reminders and alerts. Because they have less marketing budget and they have to rely on the cost-effective medium.


On the other hand, businesses like E-commerce, Auto-Mobile, Media & Entertainment who usually has a higher consumption of text SMS are moving towards the fastest form of communication. Bulk SMS aggregators who have already established their business are adopting Short message peer-to-peer, SMPP Server to deliver thousands or billions of text messages in seconds.


SMPP is a protocol that is highly recommended for aggregators who assured their clients for 99.9% delivery on all SMS marketing campaigns. Even, we know that bulk SMS service providers already having large traffic on their server and they don’t have scalable load balancing mechanism. So, to provide a best SMS marketing experience to clients they have to rely on SMPP Server API gateway nowadays.


Marketing is all about staying solid in the front of your consumers and building a strong relationship. So, don’t think that ‘’marketing’’ as an aggressive sales messaging. Every business owner goal is to make their relationship alive and build a good reputation.


What are some best ways to use SMS marketing strategy?


1. Send appointment reminders via SMS :-


Doctors do this very genius! Yes, this is a form of marketing. It increases the chances of getting people more at the clinic. Dentist, Physicians can never miss any appointments. A simple text SMS will remind people at what time and date they have to reach. So, they might be postponed or complete their work on time.


2. Send promotions :-


Having a festival sale? Want your potential customers to know about it first? SMS is a fantastic way to reward your SMS marketing subscribers. Send them doorbuster deals and coupon codes on mobile before you send it to anyone else! According to the study, mobile coupons are 5 times more redeemable than those printed ones.


3. Send weekly tips :-


Customers would love it! Just as like you send an email newsletter in a week to stay in front of your customers, a weekly tip right on their cell phone is a great way to keep that relationship alive and well.


So, this is just an idea to get you started with SMS marketing strategy. I am looking forward to your comments if you have any other ideas or innovative ways you’re already uses SMS services in your business then leave a comment in the below box.

Author Bio:

Hi, My Self Akash Sharma and I am a Digital Marketing Expert in Indian based IT Company and We are helping individuals and small to enterprise level companies by providing smart solutions such as bulk SMS, SMPP Server API, Voice call SMS, Smart mobile marketing tools and many more solutions. For any query or business partnership you can contact us at [email protected]

Top 15 Benefits of SMS Marketing


Top 15 Benefits of SMS Marketing


SMS (Short Message Service) is a text message sent by one person to another by the medium of a cell phone. SMS marketing is the term for the use of SMS as a marketing channel. Today, most of the companies have tight marketing budget as a result of which, clear benefits and a high return on investment is expected out of every single channel.


SMS marketing today, because of its various advantages has become an important part of the multi-channel marketing. And if you are not utilizing its benefit then you are missing out on a big marketing opportunity.


To help to know how text message marketing is one of the best marketing channels these days, here are the top 15 benefits of SMS marketing:


1. Direct and Instant Deliverability:


One of the biggest advantages of SMS marketing is that, SMS can reach a customer’s mobile devices instantly and quickly, as compared to the E-mail and mobile push notifications which requires the user to be connected to the internet.


Less than 7 seconds is the required average timing for all mobile carriers and the SMS to move from one person to another. It is definitely an advantage over email and push notifications as the push notification and emails at times are received or sent late due to the poor internet connections.


2. A High Return on Investment:


Still being the preferred medium for instant and personal messaging, with Facebook making the reaching and personally targeting customers more difficult, cumbersome and costlier than ever, more and more people have turned to SMS.


SMS being the original messaging medium still remains the market leader resulting in SMS having a very high return on investment. It has been found that SMS delivers around 1600% return on investment which has placed it among one of the most efficient marketing channels.


SMS marketing has always been one the most inexpensive method of communication in comparison to the traditional marketing mediums.


3. Efficient for Brand Reinforcement:


SMS marketing reinforces the brand among the customers. One could leverage upon SMS as a channel to stay on top of the customers’ mind by engaging them with communication that is in line with the rest of the marketing. This has always been one of the major benefits of the SMS marketing.


4. High Engagement Rates:


It has been found that 95% of the SMS messages are read within 2 minutes of receiving them which makes SMS engagement rates quite huge as compared to the E-mails. Thus, SMS can deliver critical information with a very good success rate.


5. Short term promotions for retail or e-commerce business:


Coupons and promotions have proven to be an excellent way to a greater number of people to stores or websites. SMS is a great channel to communicate your offers while conducting a limited time sale or promotion, as obviously one wants many people to know about it, especially when the consumers are on the move.


With this way, one does not have to worry about what they miss out because they didn’t get message on time.


6. Limited requirement of the personal details:


Text message marketing provides the subscribers the option to provide as much little information they wish to provide. This flexibility is often attractive for the customers in general as this gives them the control.


7. Great for the emerging markets:


SMS proves to be a much better channel for communicating information in places where data is very expensive and demand for Wi-fi is low.


8. Good customer service report:


Feedback from customers often proves to be fruitful and SMS has always been great channel to receive feedback from the customers via surveys. Research has shown that on an average 35% customers respond to a surveys via SMS with the average response time for users being less than just 5 minutes leading to great results in a very short period of time.


9. One can use short codes to simplify response and build the database:


SMS marketing gives an advantage to the customers make the first move by adding a short code or keyword to print collateral, advertisements and advertising boards as well as social media. This strategy makes the customers familiar with a brand’s code and the keywords and hence they are more likely to interact and respond.


10. Solid open rate:


Research has shown that open rate of SMS message is a whopping 93% as compared to the 30% for the email. Often customers carry their mobile phones in their hand which makes communication of message easy to them. Solid open rate has made SMS marketing advantageous over the years.


11. Deliver Event trigger engagement:


Use of marketing automation tools such as Gleantap helps in sending event triggered SMS messages to the customers based on their intent and action on the e-commerce store. Event-triggered SMS has proved helpful in engaging customers who are high in value and intent.


12. Automation:


One of the big benefits of SMS marketing is that SMS can often be scheduled to be sent at a certain date or time which frees up the resources and ensures they aren’t sent during unsociable hours.


13. Support and integration with other channels:


One of the major advantages of SMS marketing is its when one integrates it into one of the marketing campaigns. A simple integration of SMS with other market methods to create drip campaigns gets the message straight to the customers and ensures that they know what you have to offer them.


14. Mobile Friendly:


We all know that mobile is here and surely it isn’t going anywhere and will stay here for a long time. But, what makes SMS so attractive is its compatibility with every other mobile phone so there’s no need to worry about eliminating any user or getting the customers on board with the brand-new technologies.


15. Personal:


Very often we see that email and direct mailboxes are populated with unnecessary junk mails and spam which is very irritating. With SMS marketing customers can only opt in to SMS updates from the company they wish to so one can always know that they are delivering the message to the right person without being lost or ignored.


This gives a very good opportunity to make the customers feel really special as it is easy to personalise each message and does not take extra time.




Now that you know how beneficial text message marketing can be, and why it should be preferred over email marketing and other marketing channels.


Not only SMS Marketing cost efficient but it’s also easy and comfortable to use in comparison to emails. And as we see there’s also a high return on investment. Hence there’s every reason for you to switch over to SMS Marketing. It’s force to reckon with and its definitely the future.

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How to Make a SMS Marketing Campaign Successful?


How to Make a SMS Marketing Campaign Successful?


In comparison to email marketing this particular method has farthest reach. Email marketing has its own area or target audience whereas SMS marketing tries to cover most of the part.


But there are numerous points by focusing on which you can make your Text marketing campaign successful. Let’s see those important points-


● Using the Right Apparatus-


To accomplish a target you need determination towards it. Just like that to achieve the target of reaching more & more customers you need a tool that can send bulk SMS to large number of clients or customers. Many Bulk SMS software boast of providing numerous features but one should always trust on the tool that has essential features rigged in it. The more features tool has the more it will be beneficial for the users.


● Appropriate List of Numbers-


Text marketing is not just sending messages to anyone you wish to but to those who are in or would require your product or services. For that you need some kind of Phone number extractor tool that can give you numbers either from Internet, Files and different other sources. If the tool can extract both on the basis of URLs & Keywords it will be really a great advantage to the user.


● Content-


Always apply the KISS formula for the content i.e. ‘Keep It Short & Simple’. Try to make the message accurate in its explanation. If you will try to make the description long the reader will instantly start losing interest and that may result in blockage of your promotion through DND. So make the content both pleasant and accurate.


● Beware of DNDs-


One of the important factors that may hamper your progress. Many cell phone numbers have DND applied on them and thus can stop your promotion. Try to use Bulk SMS software that have the ability to crack the DND and can deliver your messages.


● Keep the Messages & Numbers-


This features if given can be of great advantage for the users. Sometimes users can require the numbers & content for further use next time thus they will definitely need saving option in the tool. So try to employ software that can save the content along with the numbers so that they can use next time.


So following these steps can bring success to your marketing campaign. It is very important to use the right tool for the right purpose.

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Stimulate Your Business Revenue With Bulk SMS Marketing


Stimulate Your Business Revenue With Bulk SMS Marketing


It is believed that , Everybody knows about SMS Marketing because there is no one who has not received any SMS till date. Mostly every individual is using mobiles whether it be a smartphone or the simple one. The text message has been working in the market for 25 years. So it’s a well-known fact that everybody is aware of SMS or text message. But did you ever think why people/ businesses/organisations use SMS marketing? It is so because SMS marketing is the easiest, effective and cost-saving way to boost the revenue of any business.


The reason behind choosing SMS marketing to stimulate revenues


Every business wants to expand their customer base because of which they spent money on advertising. But to spend money smartly is the key to achieve success. Advertising can be done in many ways like email marketing, spending money on hoardings etc but it is not that much effective as compared to SMS marketing.


Businesses are opting for SMS marketing to reach to masses. As open rates of SMS is much more than any other medium of marketing. Every second individual has opened the SMS in 3 minutes after receiving it.


As SMS has highest open rates so it is obvious people are willing to read those SMS. When people read promotional SMS they will get attracted to deals and offers mentioned in the SMS and if they want to avail those deals or offers they will surely buy it. In this way, businesses grab the attention of customers and get the gateway to generate revenue. Thanks to advancement in communication and telecom industry because of which businesses are able to reach to their customers easily.


Let us understand how this unique technology works?


First of all, one has to understand how and from where these SMS have been come from? Does it come directly from the organisation, shop, retail outlet? Or there is some technology behind this? Your answer is here is, yes there are many Bulk SMS gateway providers available in the market which is accountable for all the operations.


They have a robust setup of smpp server, smsc platforms to serve bulk SMS services. They provide transactional as well as promotional sm according to your needs. On behalf of the company, these service providers send SMS and they get paid by the companies/ organisations.

For example:

suppose “X” is a fashion outlet and want to promote their fresh arrival stocks to their customers so for it “X” will hire “Y” which is a bulk SMS gateway provider company. “Y” will send an SMS with the name of “X” to its customers.
X is hiring Y because they don’t have that technical platform which Y has. So X will pay To Y to do this campaign.


Why is bulk SMS marketing beneficial for businesses?


The best point about promoting through SMS messages is
it will connect directly to your customers. This SMS advertising campaign has the highest open rates. Businesses don’t have to look for TV, newspapers, or other various platforms for advertising as SMS marketing is the most cost-effective and reliable advertising and promotion platform.


We have understood how SMS marketing helps in achieving customers attention, boosting sales and generating revenues. But there is one more important part of SMS marketing that people usually don’t know about it that is Reselling of SMS.


Many bulk SMS gateway providers facilitate with Bulk SMS reseller program. In which they have provided the facility to resell the SMS. This could be beneficial for those who wanted to earn money without having much investment. So if companies want to earn more or they can purchase SMS from the bulk SMS provider and resell to other after including their profit margin.


In this way, SMS marketing works in the field of promotions and advertising.

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