How to Make a SMS Marketing Campaign Successful?


How to Make a SMS Marketing Campaign Successful?


In comparison to email marketing this particular method has farthest reach. Email marketing has its own area or target audience whereas SMS marketing tries to cover most of the part.


But there are numerous points by focusing on which you can make your Text marketing campaign successful. Let’s see those important points-


● Using the Right Apparatus-


To accomplish a target you need determination towards it. Just like that to achieve the target of reaching more & more customers you need a tool that can send bulk SMS to large number of clients or customers. Many Bulk SMS software boast of providing numerous features but one should always trust on the tool that has essential features rigged in it. The more features tool has the more it will be beneficial for the users.


● Appropriate List of Numbers-


Text marketing is not just sending messages to anyone you wish to but to those who are in or would require your product or services. For that you need some kind of Phone number extractor tool that can give you numbers either from Internet, Files and different other sources. If the tool can extract both on the basis of URLs & Keywords it will be really a great advantage to the user.


● Content-


Always apply the KISS formula for the content i.e. ‘Keep It Short & Simple’. Try to make the message accurate in its explanation. If you will try to make the description long the reader will instantly start losing interest and that may result in blockage of your promotion through DND. So make the content both pleasant and accurate.


● Beware of DNDs-


One of the important factors that may hamper your progress. Many cell phone numbers have DND applied on them and thus can stop your promotion. Try to use Bulk SMS software that have the ability to crack the DND and can deliver your messages.


● Keep the Messages & Numbers-


This features if given can be of great advantage for the users. Sometimes users can require the numbers & content for further use next time thus they will definitely need saving option in the tool. So try to employ software that can save the content along with the numbers so that they can use next time.


So following these steps can bring success to your marketing campaign. It is very important to use the right tool for the right purpose.

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The Advantages of Promoting Your Business through Bulk SMS


The Advantages of Promoting Your Business through Bulk SMS


One of the more up to date approaches to advertise your business is utilizing SMS. Numerous entrepreneurs are doubtful about utilizing SMS as a showcasing apparatus since it might appear to be meddling or held for specific organizations like the ringtone advertise. Be that as it may, there are numerous advantages of utilizing this advertising channel and it might be worth utilizing it for your business.


The primary advantage of utilizing Bulk SMS is keeping contact with your clients:


In the event that you as of now have the client’s contact data, you should utilize it further bolstering its full good fortune. The truth is that numerous organizations don’t contact their clients enough. Utilizing SMS is an extraordinary method to do as such and a powerful method to tell clients about unique occasions and offers.


The second advantage of utilizing Bulk SMS is that it can be very savvy:


This technique is far less expensive than utilizing direct showcasing to tell your clients about your advancement. In the event that you feel that you can’t stand to utilize coordinate mailing as a result of the costs included, you ought to think about utilizing SMS as an option. You might be astounded with the sort of results you get.


The third advantage is that Bulk SMS can make your showcasing advancement more compelling:


Studies have demonstrated that showcasing efforts are significantly more fruitful when different channels are utilized. On the off chance that you have an uncommon occasion or advancement, you should utilize numerous channels from email, sites, post office based mail, telephone development, and even SMS to expand your outcomes.


In case you’re thinking about hiring Bulk SMS Company, at that point you need to investigate the different programming to enable you to deal with these battles. The product will enable you to deal with a database and will enable you to try and alter the message to make it more individual. You can likewise set up follow up crusades to help the viability of your battle.

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Dixit Soni is the Digital Marketing Manager at HSP Media Network, a Email Marketing Service Provider in India. He is responsible for digital marketing activities that have to do with communicating, creating and delivering offering that have value for clients or enterprise partners.

Stimulate Your Business Revenue With Bulk SMS Marketing


Stimulate Your Business Revenue With Bulk SMS Marketing


It is believed that , Everybody knows about SMS Marketing because there is no one who has not received any SMS till date. Mostly every individual is using mobiles whether it be a smartphone or the simple one. The text message has been working in the market for 25 years. So it’s a well-known fact that everybody is aware of SMS or text message. But did you ever think why people/ businesses/organisations use SMS marketing? It is so because SMS marketing is the easiest, effective and cost-saving way to boost the revenue of any business.


The reason behind choosing SMS marketing to stimulate revenues


Every business wants to expand their customer base because of which they spent money on advertising. But to spend money smartly is the key to achieve success. Advertising can be done in many ways like email marketing, spending money on hoardings etc but it is not that much effective as compared to SMS marketing.


Businesses are opting for SMS marketing to reach to masses. As open rates of SMS is much more than any other medium of marketing. Every second individual has opened the SMS in 3 minutes after receiving it.


As SMS has highest open rates so it is obvious people are willing to read those SMS. When people read promotional SMS they will get attracted to deals and offers mentioned in the SMS and if they want to avail those deals or offers they will surely buy it. In this way, businesses grab the attention of customers and get the gateway to generate revenue. Thanks to advancement in communication and telecom industry because of which businesses are able to reach to their customers easily.


Let us understand how this unique technology works?


First of all, one has to understand how and from where these SMS have been come from? Does it come directly from the organisation, shop, retail outlet? Or there is some technology behind this? Your answer is here is, yes there are many Bulk SMS gateway providers available in the market which is accountable for all the operations.


They have a robust setup of smpp server, smsc platforms to serve bulk SMS services. They provide transactional as well as promotional sm according to your needs. On behalf of the company, these service providers send SMS and they get paid by the companies/ organisations.

For example:

suppose “X” is a fashion outlet and want to promote their fresh arrival stocks to their customers so for it “X” will hire “Y” which is a bulk SMS gateway provider company. “Y” will send an SMS with the name of “X” to its customers.
X is hiring Y because they don’t have that technical platform which Y has. So X will pay To Y to do this campaign.


Why is bulk SMS marketing beneficial for businesses?


The best point about promoting through SMS messages is
it will connect directly to your customers. This SMS advertising campaign has the highest open rates. Businesses don’t have to look for TV, newspapers, or other various platforms for advertising as SMS marketing is the most cost-effective and reliable advertising and promotion platform.


We have understood how SMS marketing helps in achieving customers attention, boosting sales and generating revenues. But there is one more important part of SMS marketing that people usually don’t know about it that is Reselling of SMS.


Many bulk SMS gateway providers facilitate with Bulk SMS reseller program. In which they have provided the facility to resell the SMS. This could be beneficial for those who wanted to earn money without having much investment. So if companies want to earn more or they can purchase SMS from the bulk SMS provider and resell to other after including their profit margin.


In this way, SMS marketing works in the field of promotions and advertising.

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What Do 1800 Toll-Free Service Providers Do?

What Do 1800 Toll-Free Service Providers Do?


1800 toll-free Service Providers in India serve organizations outsourcing their telemarketing activities. This spares time and cash, yet does not bargain on the quality. By Outsourcing telemarketing administrations organizations are assuaged from contracting appropriate assets and diminish the cost that would need to be acquired for preparing them.


1800 Answering administrations enable guests to call an organization without paying for the call themselves. Buyer look into and different investigations have demonstrated that clients are want to call organizations with 1800 toll free number as opposed to calling a business with a long-separate number, which for the most part turns out to be an exorbitant undertaking for the customer. Buyers assume organizations with 1800 toll free number to be bigger and stable.


Subsequently 1800 Toll Free Services Provider makes it their business to help support an organizations picture according to a customer. Brand and Performance of a Company is very huge in Consumer Business.


1800 toll free Service Providers help bolster their customer’s advertising procedures, influence it to practical and get a universal nearness. These administrations help expanding the organizations proficiency. Effectiveness of a Company is estimated as far as confirmation to clients, to not waiting for the following working time frame for their inquiries to be replied.


The toll free Service can be utilized for –

1. Customer Care
2. Taking care of Customer Grievances
3. Advertising Campaigns
4. Business Acquisition

1800 toll free Numbers enable guests to call an organization without paying for the call themselves. Shopper explore and different investigations have demonstrated that clients are want to call organizations with 1800 without toll number as opposed to calling a business with a long-separate number, which typically turns out to be an exorbitant issue for the customer. Shoppers assume organizations with 1800 without toll number to be bigger and stable.

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Dixit Soni is the Digital Marketing Manager at HSP Media Network, a Bulk SMS Service Provider in India. He is responsible for digital marketing activities that have to do with communicating, creating and delivering offering that have value for clients or enterprise partners.

Bulk SMS Marketing: A Goldmine of a Mobile Marketing Strategy

Bulk SMS Marketing: A Goldmine of a Mobile Marketing Strategy


In this competitive edge, business owners are looking for a way that helps them to reach out to their customers that your competitors aren’t trying right now? Many professional experts recommend bulk SMS service. Read our post more to learn why?


With the advent of technology lot of online marketing channels is available. Most of our valuable time and manpower is wasted on the most visible channels like display ads, search-engine-optimization, social media, email, and content.


However, these amazing strategies for business presence deserve huge attention. But among from them, SMS marketing which is a most vital part of mobile marketing strategy is an equally powerful channel of professional communication & advertising.


Think about it: You usually send at least 2-3 messages every day. Even with competition apart from the chatting apps like FB messenger, Hangouts, WeChat, Whatsapp etc. People are widely enjoying benefits of Bulk SMS messaging and they still sending 350 billion text SMS per month. It is virtually accessible on every cell phone, whereas other mobile apps face problems with compatibility and internet access.


For the right small, medium and large sized business organizations, text SMS is an untapped fountain of big opportunities. Know here 5 reasons to optimize your marketing strategy with bulk SMS messaging-


1. SMS is totally permission-based


You might be heard that the mobile user or customer has to opt-in before receiving any text SMS updates from the brand or company they’re interested. This model established trust between you and your consumers. Just because people agreed to join your list, it’s safe to assume that subscribers think your updates for them are valuable.


2. SMS is mobile-oriented


Texting was especially the main feature of any mobile device, users understand its benefits and limitations. On the other hand, 65% of the web apps were built as websites first than later developed for mobile.


In other words, we can say in text SMS there is no learning curve or user-interface issues. It just works well on mobile phones.


3. SMS has a whopping open rate


According to the reports generated by MobileSquared ‘’ out of 100 more than 90% of the text messages are read by subscribers within three minutes of its delivery on mobile number. Did you ever get any kind of amazing response on email marketing campaign? Email marketing has an average open rate of 22%, 29% for tweets and 12% for Facebook posts.


As SMS is short and simple in nature, customer’s inboxes are much less saturated with marketing messages.


4. People are more willing to receive promotional SMS


As business enterprises need the right incentives to get consumer’s mobile number, many of them obtain contact numbers just offering services like SMS reminders.


According to MobileSquared experts, 54% of the Indian women are signing up to receive updates and reminders on health, sporting and spiritual organizations. So, always offer valuable things so that people are willing to share their active mobile numbers.


So, what’re you waiting for? Get started with text SMS marketing today. As people often send SMS to a friend or family member to share important information, being an owner of your company you should also opt it for any kind of business. Probably there are many bulk SMS gateway providers in India that offer the latest features in their interface to make your transactional and promotional SMS marketing campaign simpler. Even, you can also personalize your content under this technique. Potential customers are likely to be responding more to personal text messages rather than those general messages updates.


Find out the reliable SMS provider in your country and make sure their interface is packed with all features like Schedule SMS, Personalize SMS, Campaign tracking, URL shortener, Unicode etc.

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Hello, I am Prashant Shrivastav, Digital Marketing Expert at MsgClub® – A Leading Bulk SMS Company in India. We are helping individuals and small to enterprise level companies by providing smart solutions such as bulk SMS, voice call SMS, SMS marketing tools and many more solutions. For any query or business partnership you can contact us at [email protected].

How To Find Out The Best SMS Service In India?

How To Find Out The Best SMS Service In India?


SMS messaging is very helpful in sending information about coupons, current events, and special deals to customers. It’s a very convenient idea to reach the market and grow an audience. There’re various text message marketing service providers to help your business meet targets. These can send personalized messages to your customers to enhance the brand appeal. However, it pays to have ideas on how to find out the best SMS service in India. Consider the ideas below.


Reliability is key


The primary objective of contacting a reliable SMS service provider is to increase the success of your SMS marketing. The best SMS service provider should offer a reliable and secure platform with guaranteed high uptime level. this means you can always use their services at your convenience. The best SMS company should offer about 99 percent uptime. This ensures sending your messages any day or time of day.


Timely delivery of messages


Just like in any other form of communication, timing is key. Delivery of your messages should be done with minimal delays and free from impediments. Ensure to find an SMS service provider with a direct relationship with quality carriers. The right company should have a partnership with local and global tier one carriers. This will ensure a higher possible percentage of your messages are delivered successfully.




Regardless of how many messages you’re to send, choose the best bulk SMS provider in India who is scalable. This means the service provider has the capacity to accommodate the future needs of your business. It comes with working with businesses regardless of size and number of messages to send. Working with a scalable service provider eliminates the need to look for a new company as your needs evolve. The right agency should handle various requirements including:

– SMS campaigns
– SMS marketing
– Shortcodes
– Missed call alerts

Accessibility to customer service and support


A credible and professional SMS company must have a special customer service team. This should be accessible whenever you need their assistance. This will be very helpful in case you have burning issues to address or need to troubleshoot an issue. Choose a company with various options through which you can contact their technical team for assistance. These should be clearly visible on the company website. The various ways to contact the service provider might include:

– Social media profiles
– Instant chat
– Telephone numbers
– E-mail

Convenient payment options


Today, traditional bank transfer is not the only option for business transactions. Ensure to work with a company with a variety of online payment options. These might include Master card and Visa card to ensure you choose an option convenient for you. The various payment options offer different benefits and shortfalls.


Compliance with TRAI regulations


The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has guidelines regulating sending bulk SMS in the country. Therefore, ensure to work with a service provider who complies with such regulations. It will protect you from getting into the bad books of the law. The TRAI regulations are always updated to guide operators of bulk SMS service. Areas regulated by TRAI include:

– Transactional SMS
– Broadcasting to classified categories
– Promotional SMS
– Sending time
– Sender name

Industry experience


Before entrusting your requirements to any SMS service provider, ensure to evaluate their experience in the industry. This regards a check on how many customers they have and the number of years in the industry. Additionally, ensure to find out that the company works in your sector. A service provider who covers s a variety of sectors is your best bet just in case your business diversifies in the future.




Finally, the right company should have a platform with easy integration with your current customer relationship management software. Additionally, the platform should easily match with your loyalty programs, applications, and infrastructure. Such a platform will save you from a headache to enhance the effectiveness of your SMS transactional and Promotional Bulk SMS.


Bottom line


Evaluating SMS service providers might seem overwhelming but it will prove beneficial in the long run. Ensure to have a checklist when evaluating service providers to enable your business benefit endlessly from this innovative communication tool.

Bulk SMS Services – Your best tool for Mobile Marketing and Client – Engagement

imagelWhether you own a Fashion portal and want to send out upcoming festival season sale updates to your customers OR you belong to an electoral party and want to do campaigning for the upcoming elections; Bulk SMS is the best and undeniably the cheapest option you can opt as part of your Mobile marketing strategy.

Moreover, if you are dealing with International customers or need to reach out to your international clientele, HSP Media Network got you covered in that too – our comprehensive list of prices for International SMS services are designed to caters all your needs.

Bulk SMS services have proven track record of the best Sales conversion rates, and can be used for varied purposes:

  • Message Notifications (like transaction alerts, login alerts, etc.)
  • Birthday/Festival/Occasional wishes.
  • Offer notifications (EOS sale/New Products on Discount, etc.)
  • Newsletters
  • Alerts (Order Confirmation/Shipment/Delivery, etc.)
  • Product Promotions.

Above are one of the broader categorization of services which can avail the benefits of this mobile marketing campaign giant, but its real implementation can open doors to countless benefits. If you belong/own a business which caters customers for any of the above categories, and still haven’t opted for the Bulk SMS service to automate your marketing – YOU ARE BEHIND!!!

You might be the best in your business, but in this fast-paced digital world, if you are not cashing on this medium, your competitor certainly has an edge over you. When the SMS reaches the customer containing name of your business in it, believe us – that’s the biggest Brand campaigning you can do for your business.

image (2)

To summarize, using Bulk SMS services can help you make quick and efficient decisions about your mobile marketing strategies, as you can track its effect real-time. Moreover, your brand value will be sky-rocketed with just a click of a button!

Still confused? Or want to explore our services? Contact HSP Media network and someone would be there to assist for all your queries. Even if you want to switch your existing provider’s services, just call or contact us, for a quote – we promise that our customer centric plans would surely blow off your mind!