Top 10 Examples Of User-Generated Content


Top 10 Examples Of User-Generated Content


In today’s marketing world, most of the brands all across the globe are running a User-Generated Content Campaign to market their products in a better and more effective way. With the help of social media, brands are asking their customers to share their unique and creative ideas with the world.


If Content Marketing is the voice of today’s marketing world, then user-generated content is the language marketers use to promote their brand. It is trustworthy and highly engaging. That is why it has assumed so much importance to generate more sales for businesses and expand their customer base.


So in this article, we are going to discuss what is user-generated content, why user-generated content is so relevant, and top 10 examples of user-generated content to improve their overall user engagement.


Let’s get started!


What is User-Generated Content?


Any content that users create over the internet in the public sphere sharing their experiences with your brand products and services can be treated as User-Generated Content (UGC) or User-Created Content (UCC) for your brand.


UGC comes in many forms like-

● Blog Comments
● Images
● Audios
● Online Reviews and Ratings
● Videos
● Testimonials
● Social Media Posts

Users create UGC with their free will only when they are satisfied enough with your brand’s products and services. Hence, it is claimed to be more authentic than any other form of content. UGC is more effective when combined with social media.


Why User-Generated Content?


Reports indicate that websites that blend and display their brand content with user-generated content experience better and higher user engagement.


Other reports direct that social campaigns that contain UGC have 50% higher engagement and the ads that contain UGC have five times higher clicks as compared to those ads that don’t contain UGC.


The above-stated facts indicate the significance of user-generated content for marketing purposes. The following points can understand the importance of user-generated content.


● Cost-Effective


User-generated content is created by the users who wish to share their real experience with the brand. Their free will creates this, and they are not paid for this. Hence, UGC comes free. They have to curate and manage the user-generated data.


● More Authentic


Authenticity is an essential thing in today’s online marketing world. User-Generated reviews and ratings tend to carry along that authenticity along. Hence, they tend to trust those reviews and ratings more than any other brand-generated content. UGC is the most authentic and most trusted form of content that can help you build a long-lasting relationship with customers.


● People Trust UGC

People Trust UGC

Research shows that people trust UGC 50% more than any other form of data. The users of the brand create UGC, so other customers can better relate to it. UGC is created inspired by satisfying customer experience with your brand products and services. Hence, that’s the most trusted form of brand advocacy that there is.


● Higher Engagement


People love UGC. They love to interact with the content created by other users. People love to participate in the UGC campaigns immensely because of the tremendous global exposure it provides to the participants.


● Boost SEO Rankings


User-generated content can help your SEO efforts. Search engine loves to see the latest data and gives preference to the websites that contain user-generated content.

Boost SEO

Better reviews and rankings also give a positive sign to the search engine, and hence, it helps to gain better SERP. There are many user-generated content websites in the market.


Now we are going to discuss the top 10 examples of user-generated content marketing.


Examples Of User-Generated Content


1 Apple


Once Apple users were dissatisfied with the average camera quality of the pictures taken in low light. Apple was really quick to spot this, and in no time, Apple launched its #ShotInIphone campaign to regain their lost trust among the users.


Apple lost a lot of fans due to this issue, and to redeem that Apple put more emphasis on this campaign. This campaign asked new and the old Apple users to take photos in low light and share them online.


The most beautiful photos were then posted on Youtube under the hashtag campaign #ShotInIphone. The campaign focuses on showcasing the photos of common people shot in low-light. With such an innovative user-generated content campaign, Apple was able to redeem the trust back among the users. This is one of the best examples of user-generated content.


2 Coca-Cola


Coca-Cola’s marketing team came up with the idea of the #ShareACoke campaign. In no time the campaign gets a great response all over the world.


The idea of this campaign first came up in the year 2012 in Australia where the brand printed 150 common and popular names on its bottles and asked the people to “ShareACoke” with their loved ones.


After the huge success, this campaign was further launched in other countries based on their culture and backgrounds. Till now this campaign has been launched in more than 80 countries all over the world and is very well accepted by the people.


3 Netflix


Inspired by the name of the series “ Stranger Things,” Netflix decided to promote the series using user-generated content. Generally, to spread word of mouth about their upcoming series, Nexflix share fans post along with the simple hashtag usually the title of the show.


In one such campaign, Netflix uses #StrangerThings2 in their hashtag to promote the show. The curious Instagram followers of the series looked back at the Instagram page of Netflix. Getting entertained by the idea, people started to share their photos with the strange things in their lives along with the title as the hashtag. With such an innovative campaign, Netflix generated over 1 million audiences in 2 weeks. This is one of the best examples of the user-generated content campaign.


4 National Geographic


National Geographic is one of the leading brands in terms of Instagram followers. It has more than 112 million followers. Hence, it is one of the best examples of leveraging user-generated content.

National Geographic

In 2015, National Geographic launched a user-generated content campaign #WanderlustContest. Under this contest, the users were asked to post their photos to win a National Geographic photo expedition to Yosemite National Park. They embed the user-generated content on their website to grab everyone’s attention.


The campaign was very well accepted by the people, and more than 63K posts were shared under this hashtag on Instagram.


5 Reebok


The Reebok x Crossfit “My Open Goal Contest” sponsored by SPRY, is one of the examples of how to target a niche-specific audience and how you can encourage them to share the content.


The campaign was launched to encourage the CrossFit in the New Year. Reebok encouraged this campaign by asking their users to make a video and record their CrossFit Goal. Their videos were then uploaded to a live video gallery, and the lucky users were awarded the Reebok Footwear. The campaign was an instant hit and is considered as the most successful user-generated content campaign of Reebok.


6 Starbucks


In 2014, Starbucks launched its #WhiteCupContest under which they asked the users to draw the white cups. Starbucks announced that the winning of the #WhiteCupContest submitted by the artist would be selected as a limited edition template of the Starbucks.


People actively participated in this contest, and within three weeks, Starbucks received more than 4000 drawn cups from the customers. The campaign becomes hit in a short period.


7 Tourism Australia

Tourism Australia

While researching social media, people from Tourism Australia came to know that a lot of content was available on the hashtag #SeeAustralia. Within seconds the brand realized that it’s an excellent opportunity to bring travelers into the conversation.


By highlighting the experiences of the people traveling in Australia, they created a community of both the people who have visited and who aspire to visit Australia.


By running multiple campaigns like Giga Selfie campaign, aquatic, and coastal campaign they aimed to attract the younger and socially active consumers, Tourism Australia finds a way to engage the users. With such innovative campaigns, there was a 30% increase in site engagement. This is another great example of user-generated content campaign.




BMW is one of the well-known car brands across the globe. They share photos on Instagram of the BMW car owners along with their cars using the hashtag #BMWRepost.


BMW is one of the most luxurious car brands, and the owners of the cars are undoubtedly proud of their achievements, and the campaign #BMWRepost gives them a chance to showcase their achievements to the people. This is the most successful examples of user-generated content campaign of BMW.


9 Stuart Weitzman


Stuart Weitzman is a leading shoe company recently launched their new campaign #EYELOVE in collaboration with Gigi Hadid.

Stuart Weitzman

The campaign highlights the new shoe campaign along with a good cause- building schools in Ghana, Guatemala, and Laos through its partnership with Pencils of Promise. As the campaign was for a good reason, so it encourages the users to support the campaign to provide valuable education to the children.


10 Wayfair


Wayfair is an online furniture store. They launched a UGC campaign for the customers to show their shopping spree. The customers were asked to share their photos and videos along with the Wayfair products under the hashtag #WayfairAtHome on Internet.


Wayfair then repost the photos and videos created by the people and provide a link to the post so that other customers can also see the actual image of the product and can relate better with it.

Author Bio

John Davis is a professional writer and his articles deals with user-generated content marketing, social media marketing, and related stuff. John has written more than 200 blogs and has an experience of 2 years in this field. The main aim of Jhon is to educate the people and help them to grow their business. Marketing is evolving at a rapid speed to it’s essential to stay updated if you want to grow.

9 Of The Smartest Ways To Double Your Sales Conversion Rate


9 Of The Smartest Ways To Double Your Sales Conversion Rate


Having an attractive website and spending thousands of rupees on the advertisement of your website won’t fetch you enough leads which is a common problem for most of the marketing companies. According to 37% of the marketers prospecting is one of the toughest part of the business. According to the statistics1.56% is considered to be a good conversion rate. So how to achieve this rate? How to make your business stand out of the crowd? Don’t worry we got you covered!


Here is the list of some ways to increase your conversion rates.

• Describe Your Product Correctly

Product description must be clear, elaborate, well written and helpful so that the customer can easily comprehend the features and advantages of it. You must know what your customers are trying to find in that search box and accordingly you should tailor the descriptions. Texts, images, and videos use them all to publish your content on the page. The way you describe your product conveys your brand value.

• Funnel It Properly

A well-defined and directed path must be adopted to convert your potential customers. You must be knowing about the sales funnel and why it is wider on the top and gets narrower at the bottom. The top part is awareness and the bottom most part is loyalty following discovery, evaluation, intent, and purchase in the respective order. With a well thought sales funnel management of your leads gets easier and the conversion rates automatically go high.

• SEO Is Important

You need to have a higher ranking in the Search Engine Results Pages so that you can draw a higher amount of traffic to your website which will automatically turn your leads into conversions. The first step is to optimize your website which can be done by doing research on the relevant and potential keywords for the brands and products you are dealing in.

• Optimized For Cell Phone

Most of the customers nowadays use mobile phones and if your website is not optimized for mobile phones then you are going to lose most of the leads. 52.2% of the total web traffic was mobile traffic in the year 2018 and also in the year 2017 82% of the people in US used mobiles to order online. Do you need more reasons to optimize your websites for mobile phones?

• Check The Content Quality

The quality of the content matters a lot when you are into online business because your website is the face of your business. Visual content is always good when you have to attract customers but that doesn’t means that you don’t focus on the written content. The text content is one good way to pass information to the customers. You must see how your viewers are browsing the page because that will give you a clear cut idea to depict the information correctly. A good place to put the most relevant and important information at the top left corner of the page. Make sure that your content is into small chunks so that the visitors can easily skim through your pages.

• Improve The Layout Of The Website

The layout of your website is the first thing that is comprehended by the subconscious mind of the visitor and if it is not good thatthe interest of the visitor will remain disturbed the whole time. The layout is the main factor that affects the conversion of your leads directly. The buttons, sidebars, and everything must sync with your customer’s needs and if you can’t find it then try to analyse it with your customer’s responses and activities.

• Call to Action Button

The call-to-action button must stand out and by CTA button we mean the button that when clicked direct the customer to the checkout page. These buttons must be spotted easily by the customers and they demand to be unique. If you want them to be catchy then you can also add some captions to it like “30% off”,etc.

• Allow Purchases For Guests

Many people are lazy to make accounts and they rather choose to buy from any other online store in which they have already logged in or in which guest purchase is allowed. So, always remember that purchases for guests must be there to convert leads. Don’t check patience of your visitors and as always make them the king of market.

• Live Chat Should Be Always There

Always keep live chat as an option on the website so that customers can trust your website and feel free to contact whenever they want to. Live chat implies that you trust on your prospects. When your visitors’ every grievances can be understood and solved then there are fare chances to convert that lead.


After the visitor enters your website he/she becomes a potential customer and it is your responsibility to convert it into a buyer. Every person visiting your website can be converted into a customer just by keeping these points in mind. Conversion is totally dependent on the way your website looks, behaves, and responds to the customer. We always suggest you to choose wordpress for easy and effective management. WordPress Development Companies are also booming in the industry which makes it easy for you to create your website.


Nishant Desai – Digital Marketing Strategist at Pixlogix Infotech Pvt. Ltd. I love to write about the latest trending updates, WordPress, Web Design, SEO and other interesting information. I believe in Learning, Sharing and keep growing together.

Top 15 Benefits of SMS Marketing


Top 15 Benefits of SMS Marketing


SMS (Short Message Service) is a text message sent by one person to another by the medium of a cell phone. SMS marketing is the term for the use of SMS as a marketing channel. Today, most of the companies have tight marketing budget as a result of which, clear benefits and a high return on investment is expected out of every single channel.


SMS marketing today, because of its various advantages has become an important part of the multi-channel marketing. And if you are not utilizing its benefit then you are missing out on a big marketing opportunity.


To help to know how text message marketing is one of the best marketing channels these days, here are the top 15 benefits of SMS marketing:


1. Direct and Instant Deliverability:


One of the biggest advantages of SMS marketing is that, SMS can reach a customer’s mobile devices instantly and quickly, as compared to the E-mail and mobile push notifications which requires the user to be connected to the internet.


Less than 7 seconds is the required average timing for all mobile carriers and the SMS to move from one person to another. It is definitely an advantage over email and push notifications as the push notification and emails at times are received or sent late due to the poor internet connections.


2. A High Return on Investment:


Still being the preferred medium for instant and personal messaging, with Facebook making the reaching and personally targeting customers more difficult, cumbersome and costlier than ever, more and more people have turned to SMS.


SMS being the original messaging medium still remains the market leader resulting in SMS having a very high return on investment. It has been found that SMS delivers around 1600% return on investment which has placed it among one of the most efficient marketing channels.


SMS marketing has always been one the most inexpensive method of communication in comparison to the traditional marketing mediums.


3. Efficient for Brand Reinforcement:


SMS marketing reinforces the brand among the customers. One could leverage upon SMS as a channel to stay on top of the customers’ mind by engaging them with communication that is in line with the rest of the marketing. This has always been one of the major benefits of the SMS marketing.


4. High Engagement Rates:


It has been found that 95% of the SMS messages are read within 2 minutes of receiving them which makes SMS engagement rates quite huge as compared to the E-mails. Thus, SMS can deliver critical information with a very good success rate.


5. Short term promotions for retail or e-commerce business:


Coupons and promotions have proven to be an excellent way to a greater number of people to stores or websites. SMS is a great channel to communicate your offers while conducting a limited time sale or promotion, as obviously one wants many people to know about it, especially when the consumers are on the move.


With this way, one does not have to worry about what they miss out because they didn’t get message on time.


6. Limited requirement of the personal details:


Text message marketing provides the subscribers the option to provide as much little information they wish to provide. This flexibility is often attractive for the customers in general as this gives them the control.


7. Great for the emerging markets:


SMS proves to be a much better channel for communicating information in places where data is very expensive and demand for Wi-fi is low.


8. Good customer service report:


Feedback from customers often proves to be fruitful and SMS has always been great channel to receive feedback from the customers via surveys. Research has shown that on an average 35% customers respond to a surveys via SMS with the average response time for users being less than just 5 minutes leading to great results in a very short period of time.


9. One can use short codes to simplify response and build the database:


SMS marketing gives an advantage to the customers make the first move by adding a short code or keyword to print collateral, advertisements and advertising boards as well as social media. This strategy makes the customers familiar with a brand’s code and the keywords and hence they are more likely to interact and respond.


10. Solid open rate:


Research has shown that open rate of SMS message is a whopping 93% as compared to the 30% for the email. Often customers carry their mobile phones in their hand which makes communication of message easy to them. Solid open rate has made SMS marketing advantageous over the years.


11. Deliver Event trigger engagement:


Use of marketing automation tools such as Gleantap helps in sending event triggered SMS messages to the customers based on their intent and action on the e-commerce store. Event-triggered SMS has proved helpful in engaging customers who are high in value and intent.


12. Automation:


One of the big benefits of SMS marketing is that SMS can often be scheduled to be sent at a certain date or time which frees up the resources and ensures they aren’t sent during unsociable hours.


13. Support and integration with other channels:


One of the major advantages of SMS marketing is its when one integrates it into one of the marketing campaigns. A simple integration of SMS with other market methods to create drip campaigns gets the message straight to the customers and ensures that they know what you have to offer them.


14. Mobile Friendly:


We all know that mobile is here and surely it isn’t going anywhere and will stay here for a long time. But, what makes SMS so attractive is its compatibility with every other mobile phone so there’s no need to worry about eliminating any user or getting the customers on board with the brand-new technologies.


15. Personal:


Very often we see that email and direct mailboxes are populated with unnecessary junk mails and spam which is very irritating. With SMS marketing customers can only opt in to SMS updates from the company they wish to so one can always know that they are delivering the message to the right person without being lost or ignored.


This gives a very good opportunity to make the customers feel really special as it is easy to personalise each message and does not take extra time.




Now that you know how beneficial text message marketing can be, and why it should be preferred over email marketing and other marketing channels.


Not only SMS Marketing cost efficient but it’s also easy and comfortable to use in comparison to emails. And as we see there’s also a high return on investment. Hence there’s every reason for you to switch over to SMS Marketing. It’s force to reckon with and its definitely the future.

Author Bio:

Aishwar Babber is currently as working at Gleantap, as an outreach manager. He is a passionate blogger and digital marketer. He loves to talk and blog about gadget, and latest tech, which motivates him to run GizmoBase.

Stimulate Your Business Revenue With Bulk SMS Marketing


Stimulate Your Business Revenue With Bulk SMS Marketing


It is believed that , Everybody knows about SMS Marketing because there is no one who has not received any SMS till date. Mostly every individual is using mobiles whether it be a smartphone or the simple one. The text message has been working in the market for 25 years. So it’s a well-known fact that everybody is aware of SMS or text message. But did you ever think why people/ businesses/organisations use SMS marketing? It is so because SMS marketing is the easiest, effective and cost-saving way to boost the revenue of any business.


The reason behind choosing SMS marketing to stimulate revenues


Every business wants to expand their customer base because of which they spent money on advertising. But to spend money smartly is the key to achieve success. Advertising can be done in many ways like email marketing, spending money on hoardings etc but it is not that much effective as compared to SMS marketing.


Businesses are opting for SMS marketing to reach to masses. As open rates of SMS is much more than any other medium of marketing. Every second individual has opened the SMS in 3 minutes after receiving it.


As SMS has highest open rates so it is obvious people are willing to read those SMS. When people read promotional SMS they will get attracted to deals and offers mentioned in the SMS and if they want to avail those deals or offers they will surely buy it. In this way, businesses grab the attention of customers and get the gateway to generate revenue. Thanks to advancement in communication and telecom industry because of which businesses are able to reach to their customers easily.


Let us understand how this unique technology works?


First of all, one has to understand how and from where these SMS have been come from? Does it come directly from the organisation, shop, retail outlet? Or there is some technology behind this? Your answer is here is, yes there are many Bulk SMS gateway providers available in the market which is accountable for all the operations.


They have a robust setup of smpp server, smsc platforms to serve bulk SMS services. They provide transactional as well as promotional sm according to your needs. On behalf of the company, these service providers send SMS and they get paid by the companies/ organisations.

For example:

suppose “X” is a fashion outlet and want to promote their fresh arrival stocks to their customers so for it “X” will hire “Y” which is a bulk SMS gateway provider company. “Y” will send an SMS with the name of “X” to its customers.
X is hiring Y because they don’t have that technical platform which Y has. So X will pay To Y to do this campaign.


Why is bulk SMS marketing beneficial for businesses?


The best point about promoting through SMS messages is
it will connect directly to your customers. This SMS advertising campaign has the highest open rates. Businesses don’t have to look for TV, newspapers, or other various platforms for advertising as SMS marketing is the most cost-effective and reliable advertising and promotion platform.


We have understood how SMS marketing helps in achieving customers attention, boosting sales and generating revenues. But there is one more important part of SMS marketing that people usually don’t know about it that is Reselling of SMS.


Many bulk SMS gateway providers facilitate with Bulk SMS reseller program. In which they have provided the facility to resell the SMS. This could be beneficial for those who wanted to earn money without having much investment. So if companies want to earn more or they can purchase SMS from the bulk SMS provider and resell to other after including their profit margin.


In this way, SMS marketing works in the field of promotions and advertising.

Author Bio:

Greetings!! Myself Asmita Mishra, a person of letters performing with MsgClub for last 3 years as a wordsmith. Being a columnist, I am immaculate, pristine and full of ingenuity. I am symmetrically flawless in both technical and non-technical content crafting. My endeavor in undertakings is to convey and furnish the attributes of every aspect of my work. MsgClub is the leading company provides bulk SMS solutions, voice SMS, missed call services and so forth. for any assistance reach us at [email protected]. It will be our pleasure to assist you in any manner you want.