7 Benefits of SMS Marketing for Small Business Owners

7 Benefits of SMS Marketing for Small Business Owners


7 Benefits of SMS Marketing for Small Business Owners


People have become quite attached to their smartphones, which has led to a rapid increase in sharing text messages since the 21st century. Businesses have realised this as an opportunity and are seeking to leverage the power of SMS Marketing.


Startups and midsize businesses, regardless of the niche they operate in, are benefiting greatly by sending promotional campaigns or transactional messages for marketing through SMS. Taking this into consideration, let’s shed some light on the benefits of SMS marketing and how it enables SMBs to ace their marketing strategy.


7 Ways SMBs Are Benefitting From SMS Marketing in 2021


High open rates and conversion rates.


When it comes to conversion rates, text messages have the edge over the new-age marketing techniques. Despite multiple marketing sources available nowadays, people are more likely to visit the links sent through SMS and act upon the promotional offers shared through text messages. According to research, 98% of the messages sent are opened by users.


Since SMS provide an urgent vibe for many, most people view the text message received within 5 minutes. This is precisely why SMS marketing is preferred by entities aiming to provide efficient and effective customer service and satisfaction.


SMS marketing is cost-effective


Bulk messaging service is available through Cloud messaging services, allowing businesses to reach out to thousands of customers without any hassle in just a few steps. Hence, SMS marketing is more budget-friendly than other forms of marketing such as commercials, social media marketing and digital marketing.


SMS Marketing taps into a wider audience


Regardless of the target audience’s age, gender, or demographic, businesses are able to tap into a wider market due to the fact that several individuals possess a smartphone nowadays. Similarly, a router table has become quite popular these days and is in high demand due to their stability that enables individuals to work efficiently.

SMS Marketing taps into a wider audience

SMS marketing also enables businesses to stand out since many employ a multitude of modern marketing techniques like social media marketing, email marketing and digital marketing as well. Therefore, people are more likely to pay attention to promotional texts received through SMS.


Integration with other marketing channels.


Text messages can seamlessly be integrated with other marketing systems. This integration can be immensely useful for collecting valuable information and making the most out of other marketing techniques. For example, when a customer visits an e-commerce website and leaves something in the cart; a follow-up message is sent to them automatically, reminding them to make the purchase.


Personalization and brand loyalty


SMBs can customize SMSs according to their customer’s requirement. Rather than sharing irrelevant content for marketing products, businesses that send personalized messages bring greater results. Moreover, personalization helps build brand loyalty, as the customers begin to believe that the business is legitimate; this shall bring in sales.


Another reason why personalized text messages work is because customers are often used to receiving promotional emails in their inboxes. Email inbox is divided into Primary, Social, and Promotions tabs, which is why many individuals might not bother checking the promotional emails.


At the same time, SMS do not have any such categories. Henceforth, sending customized messages works better for increasing brand loyalty.

Personalization and brand loyalty

Customer engagement and interaction.


As mentioned earlier, the number of smartphone users is increasing exponentially every year. Businesses can make use of this and send out interactive messages to which the customers can reply. Let’s dive straight into a few ways businesses can implement to boost their engagement:


Exclusive deals: SMBs can offer special discounts or coupons to those subscribed to the messaging services. Exclusive deals make people feel overwhelmed and content.


Insider information: Businesses can send some exclusive information to your subscribed audience. For instance, there could be some special announcements before the information has been disclosed to everyone else.


Contests: Running contests is one of the most successful ways to increase customer enthusiasm and satisfaction. Keep the contest simple, like customers merely have to send a message to participate, and the prize should be reasonable to get everyone to participate.


Quick delivery.


Unlike email promotions which are quite lengthy, text messages contain only a few sentences. Generally, these messages also include a link to redirect customers. In the case of long emails, customers may or may not go through them entirely. However, with SMS, people tend to read them completely due to their short length.


And what’s more? Small businesses that generally do not have a lot of workers can also effectively promote themselves through bulk SMS marketing.


Bottom Line


SMS marketing can prove to be extremely effective when executed in a proper manner. Businesses can leverage the power of SMS Marketing to gain an upper edge over their competitors and provide top notch customer service as well. What’s more, The text messages integration with other marketing tactics can prove to return higher sales. Therefore, businesses must utilize SMS marketing to promote themselves effectively using less budget.

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