Bulk SMS Marketing or Media Marketing

Bulk SMS Marketing or Media Marketing


Bulk SMS Marketing or Media Marketing


Marketing is a crucial function of any business as it helps define the brand, promote, and carve out a niche in the marketplace. That is why companies, big and small, put a lot of their resources into the marketing department. There are many methods of marketing, with the most popular being bulk SMS marketing and media marketing.


We are in an era where mobile phones are probably more than people. So businesses need to invest in marketing software that is operable on phones to give them a wider reach. So like when you’re reviewing Dating Rating apps, businesses need to research the various marketing software and be well informed of the pros and cons before committing. But before that, let us understand why SMS marketing works and how.


What is Bulk SMS Marketing?


Bulk SMS marketing is a marketing technique that requires a business to send text messages to their clients. The upside of this method is that you can communicate with clients who don’t have a phone.


SMS marketing tool is an effective marketing and communication technology as the recipient will never leave their messages unread, so you are assured that the message will be read.

What is Bulk SMS Marketing

What are the Benefits of Using Text Message Marketing


Text messaging is a powerful marketing tool that helps businesses reach all people irrespective of smartphones. So how does bulk SMS marketing benefit your businesses?


Wider Reach


Text messaging marketing is viewed as one of the most effective modes of interacting with customers, as many people do not love to have unread messages on their phones.


Furthermore, you can contact customers who don’t have your mobile application and reach out to not active customers.


Immediate Notifications


SMS marketing is the best method of communicating with customers in case of an emergency. That’s why you’ll find that most people have their phone numbers connected to their banks so that they can get a notification any time a transaction happens.


Furthermore, most people can’t spend more than three minutes without checking their phones. And you do not need to download an app to receive text messages.




We are in an era where customers want messages to be tailored to them. And using bulk text messaging, the marketing department can send personalized messages to many customers at once using SMS marketing software.




The development of mobile wallets and revolutionized marketing as now people can make purchases. And when it is paired with SMS marketing, it makes it convenient for customers to shop, redeem coupons, purchase tickets and scan their boarding passes.


You do not need an app to receive text messages.


How Do Businesses Use Bulk Text Messaging


Banks, online shops, and other service-based businesses use SMS text to send transactional messages to their customers. These can include order confirmation alerts, order tracking numbers, reservations, and appointments.


Businesses also use bulk text marketing to send promotion and campaign messages to their customer base. This includes sale alerts, promotions, new products launch, or any other offers they might be interested in.


Businesses also use visual appeal to hook their customers by attaching a GIF or an image to the text message by sending an MMS message. Businesses can also leverage customers’ in-store experience to motivate them to sign up for their SMS service. This can inspire loyalty resulting in more sales because if they love your brand chance of them recommending you to family and friends is high.

The writing is on the wall

Media Marketing


Media marketing is also referred to as digital marketing as it uses digital platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and emails to market a company’s products.


Although it helps with global reach, media marketing is limited to people with smartphones. And unlike SMS marketing, where people can’t ignore the text messages, people can bypass ads on their apps or even delete emails without reading.


Between Bulk SMS Marketing and Media Marketing, Which is More Effective?


Although digital marketing has a global reach, it is not as effective as SMS marketing because you will not read emails or access social media channels if you do not have a smartphone. Besides, you will be required to download social media applications which is not the case with SMS marketing.


With media marketing, people can go weeks or even months without seeing your messages, and others may end up deleting your emails without reading them. But with text message marketing, your messages will never remain unread because people check their phones every few minutes, and no one likes to have unread messages.


Therefore, bulk SMS marketing tool is the most effective in terms of reach, engagement, personalization, and promptness compared to media marketing.


Final Thoughts


If your business, small or big, is looking for effective communication and marketing tools, SMS marketing should be your go-to option. This is because SMS marketing grants a wider reach, prompt notifications, and it is easy to tailor the messages compared to media marketing.


Have you ever used SMS marketing in your business? Would you please share in the comment section how it helped your business?

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