Top 10 Digital Marketing Tips Your Business Can’t Survive Without

Top 10 Digital Marketing Tips Your Business Can’t Survive Without


Top 10 Digital Marketing Tips Your Business Can’t Survive Without


In our times, leveraging the digital platform has become a necessity for each and every business and it is safe to say that for many businesses, their survival is dependent on a good online presence. This growing need for digital marketing solutions can be seen all across India, and especially in major cities like Delhi, where many digital marketing agencies have opened.


It is not necessary for businesspersons to have a comprehensive understanding of digital marketing, but, for the sake of giving direction to a digital marketing agency and for analyzing their performance, it is important that they understand some of the basics.


If you are planning to use the digital medium for your business, these simple tips will help you to effectively manage your digital marketing activities:


1. Figure Out Your Online Goals


It is the nature of your business and the objectives that you set out to achieve that define the online needs of your business. For Example, the online needs of an e-commerce business will be very different from a business which is just using the internet for promotion purpose.


Before you invest in digital marketing, figure out ‘what you want to achieve’ and ‘how much you want to achieve’.


2. Build Your Presence


Creating sustainable online assets is the first step of digital marketing. These online assets include the creation of an optimized website, presence across social media channels (Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram & Twitter, etc) and presence on search engines. If you hire a Digital Marketing Agency in Delhi, an audit of your online assets is the first thing they will do.


Apart from that, you can also become a part of industry related forums and social media platforms. Ensure that your branding is consistent across all your online assets.


3. Create Brand Guidelines


Once you have decided to leverage online marketing for your business, it is likely that sooner or later, you will hire a digital marketing agency. Before you do that it is very important that you clearly define your brand guidelines.


By doing that you can ensure that the marketing work that you outsource remains consistent, and the editorial standards and tone of your online content is maintained.


4. Pay Attention To Content


The frequency, quality & utility of content that you publish online has a major influence on the performance of your online assets.


By posting content on a consistent basis (in form of blogs, articles etc) which are of high quality and after reading which your audience feels enriched, helps you build strong and sustainable relationships with them. Even if you have outsourced your content writing work to an agency, make sure that the quality and utility of the content is never compromised.


5. Use More Visual Content


Video is one of the most engaging and effective ways to reach out to your audience and most big brands use videos as a major portion of their digital marketing strategy.


Apart from video content, infographics and rich images are also often used to make a content piece more attractive and readable.


6. Research Your Competitors


You can learn a lot by analyzing the online activities of your competitors. It is true that you need your own unique online strategy, but analyzing your competitor can give you clarity about important aspects like popular keywords, and the nature of the content being published.


And by identifying ‘what they are doing well’ & ‘what they are doing badly’, you can give yourself a competitive edge.


7. Learn Basic Google Analytics


By learning some basics of Google Analytics, you’ll give yourself the ability to assess the performance of digital marketing campaigns being run for your business. Especially when you have outsourced your digital requirements to a digital marketing agency, having some knowledge of Google Analytics can prove to be really handy.


8. Give Importance To SEO


SEO is a tried and tested way to maintain the online presence of a brand or business. Despite so many innovations in this field, SEO still rules the world of digital marketing.


9. Monitor Your Online Reputation


The internet is a free and open platform, and there can sometimes be negative chatter about your company or brand on social media and other online forums.


However, with the help of social monitoring tools, you can observe these conversations, and in case of some negative commentary, be quick to fix those problems. Ignoring online reputation can have a derogatory effect on your brand’s reputation.


10. Test Different Strategies


The beauty of online marketing is that there are many different methods through which you can achieve your online objectives. Be it search engine marketing, social media marketing or Youtube/Video advertising etc, you have a range of options to choose from. A good digital marketing strategy generally has a perfect combination of all of these methods.

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