7 Ways to Protect Your Online Business

7 Ways to Protect Your Online Business


7 Ways to Protect Your Online Business


Proprietors are the ones who undertake risk and are constantly involved in the process of innovation and discovering new business opportunities. The number of people entering into online business is on a rise mainly because of the alluring prospect it promises. The radius of customers for an online businessman is not fixed but can increase substantially over time. Many get inspired to go for an online business because of the immense freedom it offers with respect to the working hours, technology, the workplace, low initial capital investment and the scope of accessing the huge market across the world.


But in this digital era, it is of paramount importance to protect the online business as accessing the private commercial information is an easy-breezy job. Around 33% of such business faces the risk of cybercrime. Internet, being one of the basic necessities of the commercial world today there is no way it could be avoided by someone wishing to reach out to a wide range of customers. So the best option is to protect the online business from hackers in the following ways:


1)Using a Virtual Private Network (VPN) – Majority of the business today demands online commercial communications and transactions with the clients. VPNs help to affix an extra security level by converting data into code in order to restrict unauthenticated or unauthorized access, hiding IP address and camouflage traffic issues. A variety of VPN is available in the market characterised by a varied list of services. One should avail the one which suits his/her business need.


2)Convert to HTTPS – HTTPS stands for hypertext transfer protocol secure. It can be interpreted as a secure communications agreement that offers an extra level of security between the client’s web server and browser. Thus, the data conveyed is backed up by security and its privation is ensured.


3)Keeping site up-to-date – Unmarked applications are easy to be targeted by the fraudsters. They look for unpatched sites with the help of automated internet bot. Thus it is of unparallel urgency to keep the softwares, upgraded with the latest version of security patches. Setting all the software programs to install updates automatically is the best thing to do.


4)Safeguard passwords – The very first step of ensuring internet security is to set a rather tough and solid password. This ensures singular protection to the commercial data and files of a business entity. The passcode should be formed by uniquely mixing letters in uppercase and lowercase, numbers and symbols and special characters. Further setting 2-step verification while signing in is considered to enhance security.


5)It is important to backup important data on a regular basis – Entrepreneurs going for regular back-up strategies are likely to save themselves from the misconduct of the hackers. In case of any malicious activity, one can restore the data in no time and continue the business activity without any sort of interruption. Adopting old school practice of storing the files in a CD or a pen drive rather than in an online platform could be of help on many occasions.


6)Imposing a security scheme – Employers must keep an eye on what his employees are surfing or downloading. Setting restrictions on the range of employees’ accession to items not related to work is very important.


7)One should possess knowledge of the trend of fraud – One can be cautious of little things like the name of the email providers, email domain label and client’s previous order history. Businessmen should invest in organising training to recognise the patterns and style of hackers. Experience teaches personals to recognise specific patterns of fraudulence and helps them to be vigilant. The hackers mostly aim at high valued products as they yield maximum profit and provide such delivery address which is out of reach for verification.

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