Why Insurance Industries Should Use Text Messaging Service?


Why Insurance Industries Should Use Text Messaging Service?


Text messaging is a powerful tool for many businesses and the insurance industry is one of them. It is now a proven fact that customers respond better to SMS marketing campaigns rather than emails or social media campaigning. Around 64% of consumers who get marketing offers via SMS make a purchase.


Text messaging is not only favorable for new clients, but it also helps to provide lucrative offers and customer service to existing clients. Moreover, text messages also offer a quick solution to customers to resolve their issues. According to a survey, around 65% of consumers hold a company in high regards if it offers services via the SMS channel.


Along with these factors mentioned above, SMS text messaging service also has many other benefits, especially for the insurance industry. Here are some of the ways the insurance industry can use SMS to boost their business:


• Quick Service


Texting is beneficial for events that call for immediate attention. The insurance industry has to deal with all kinds of emergency situations such as house fire, medical emergency, sudden death, accidents or an emergency during an international trip. Being in the insurance industry, you know that you need to deal with such issues immediately. If you use text messaging, you can get important information from your clients quickly and you can also keep them updated using SMS.


Telephones or emails can be unpractical during such emergency situations and hence text messages prove to be perfect. The client may not be able to talk on the phone due to noise in the background or email due to poor network, but the SMS facility, reaching out can be easy. SMS also allows customers to read the instructions and revert only if they want to.


The insurance industry also requires immediate photographs of the place or person, where the emergency has struck. Using SMS texting, one can send photos quickly via text and can also assess the damage quickly. The photos sent via SMS can be easily transferred to email or to the records of the client maintained in the company in order to have accurate details.


• Tips and Advice


The insurance industry also needs to send tips and advice in order to prevent accidents or claims to their customers. For example, a health insurance provider can send helpful advice and tips to help reduce health risks such as diet plans, exercise advice, etc. First-time mothers can be sent tips via SMS on how to handle a colicky baby or what to do when the baby has diarrhea. Similarly, a car insurance company can send helpful tips and advice such as how often to change engine oil or how to avoid car theft. Using SMS to provide clients with relevant advice not only helps them avoid insurance claims but also makes them more knowledgeable. These tips can prove easy to read while traveling or in idle time.


• Increase Client Base


Text campaigns help to grow the company’s clientele. You can advertise by offering a free ‘text for a quote’ promotion or a policy discount. This will excite your customers and also those who are not your customers and are reading about the offer. For this, you will have to include details of ‘how to opt’ on other channels such as websites, social media, newsletter, etc. SMS texts are generally more effective in attracting customers when compared to emails and phone calls.


• Enhance Customer Experience


SMS texting is a great way to reach the customers about issues that are important to them. Majority of the emails see the trash bin and you cannot disturb a customer by calling him at an inconvenient time. In such cases, you can inform your clients about any updates via a text message. You can also send reminders for appointments and inform them about any changes in your company’s policies. SMS messages can also be used to update personal information such as address or bank account. This is easier rather than filling out lengthy forms. SMS texting can also be used to offer tips and advice to the client and improving their customer satisfaction.


• Customer Surveys


SMS messages have a higher response rate than emails as they make it easier to get feedback from the client. Getting genuine client feedback and opinions is important for insurance companies as they have to deal with very delicate issues and frustrated customers. Poor customer service often leads to most of the customers abandoning a purchase in between. An insurance company can succeed only when they take care of their customers and provide good service. With SMS text messaging, the insurance company can understand how better to serve their clients.


Text messaging service provides faster and better services. SMS messages have never lessened their importance since they have been invented. If you are in the insurance industry, you should SMS messaging service to improve your business.

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