Why You Should choose eCommerce Loyalty Program for Your eCommerce Store?

Why you should choose eCommerce Loyalty Program for Your eCommerce Store?


Why You Should choose eCommerce Loyalty Program for Your eCommerce Store?


These days, eCommerce business has become a great field. Most of the business owners are looking for perfect eCommerce store for their online business presence. But, having an online presence is not enough for getting more number of users. You need to do some extra efforts for engaging more number of users on your eCommerce store. And, eCommerce loyalty program is the best way to increase business sales.


There are many eCommerce loyalty programs which you can use for engaging more number of users towards your online store. Here, we are describing some e-commerce loyalty programs which you can use for enhancing your business experience.


The Fee-Based Program


In this loyalty program, customer get a VIP membership by paying some amount of money. It saves them from obstacles that could prevent future purchases. In this fee-based programs, as an online vendors, you can offer bigger discounts to your customers, free shipping, buy one get one offer and much more. You need to keep in mind that this program is beneficial for existing customers as you can trust more as compared to new customers. You can see the Amazon prime membership. They provide cool perks with shipping such as free access to video streaming, some points for early selected deals.


The Reward Partnership


With this loyalty program, you can do partnership with another brand. It will help you enlarge your brand reach through your partner’s audience. This program helps you build business relationship with other brand and offer your customer more than what your brand currently has. You can give some discount on other deals as if your customers buy products from your brand then they may get some special offers by other brands as well.


The Game Program

The Game Program

To attract more users towards your eCommerce store, you can offer them something special. Create a loyalty program based on a game and offer your consumers some interesting gifts if they win in that game. The game should be simple and easy to play so, customer will surely take interest in it otherwise they will not play it. You can choose quiz or “Spin the Wheel” game.


The Cashback Program

The Cashback Program

This type of loyalty program attracts the buyer more. Customers spend some money and they get some cash back on it. It is easy for a customer to understand. The cashback programs increase the interest of the users and with the remaining money they definitely come back to your brand.


For example: You may offer 2% cashback discount on total price. It will definitely engage more number of users.


The Non-monetary Program


This loyalty program is focused on charities and based on your target audience’s value. By this program, you can understand the interest of your customer’s and easily translate their purchase into charitable donations, depending on your brand specifics. This program enables you to support art initiatives, education program, animal right organizations, etc. You need to tell your buyers how their purchase helps those funds through this programs. Provide proper receipt of their purchase to create trust among users towards your brand.


The Hybrid Program


In this program, you can combine different types of loyalty programs. But, make sure that before combining any program, you need to take care of your user. There might be possibility that customers can be confused by getting many loyalty programs on the same products. Points and tier systems work well together as compared to mix of game, cashback, and fee-based programs.

The Points Program


It is the most simple and easy loyalty programs. In this loyalty program, customers earn some points while purchasing an item. They can easily transfer these points into rewards. But, you need to ensure that the points you are providing to your customers should be easy to calculate. This loyalty program works well for a short span of time.


Benefits of using E-commerce loyalty program:

# Get new users on board and existing ones as well.
# Enhance the customers’ interest
# Hold your clients under estimated cost
# Gather marketing requirement
# Increase customer retention rate and reduce churn rate
# Make your brand more recognized



To conclude, after reading all the above loyalty programs, you can see that loyalty programs increase the interest of customers towards your eCommerce store while buying any item. By using any e-commerce loyalty program in your eCommerce store, you can increase the number of sales in your business. Thus, we can say that eCommerce loyalty program is useful for your online business.

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