How I Got 100,000 Views on YouTube in 24hrs

How I got 100,000 views on YouTube in 24hrs


How I Got 100,000 Views on YouTube in 24hrs


Growing a YouTube channel can be a daunting task for those who do not understand the ropes. Be that as it may, you can easily double YouTube views to astronomic levels if you master the game.


While there’s a craze to grow YouTube channels to reap from advertising revenue, recklessness in the process may easily hurt your brand reputation.


Remember the higher the number of views the higher the benefits. Are you still stuck on how to grow your YouTube channel? Here is how I got 100,000 YouTube views in 24hrs.


Before highlighting how I got 100,000 YouTube views for my channel, here is how to get more YouTube subscribers for your Platform.


● Prepare a killer intro. This helps to hook people up with your content.


● Request people to subscribe to your channel.


● Ensure the videos are at least 10 minutes in length.


● To go viral, ask people to comment.


● Respond to comments with either a question or an answer.


● Roll out contests


● Conduct keyword research and use appropriate keywords in the video titles.


● Optimize thumbnails for click-through.


● Promote your video through push notifications and email within the first 24hrs upon production


● Ensure you upload the video transcription.


To learn more about the above, keep reading to understand in detail about what I covered above.


Give the channel a theme


Besides helping in brand identity, having a theme for your YouTube channel helps you stand out among other YouTubers. You have to note that the World of YouTube is flooded hence distinguishing yourself from the rest is critical. This helps in ensuring consistency throughout the content creation process.


On top of that, aim to ensure the YouTube channel is niche-specific. As more people interact with your content the more they find your channel more relevant. That way you are likely to go viral and achieve exponential growth overnight.


For example, if you create your YouTube channel to target entrepreneurs and focus on how to get conversions through Facebook marketing, you are ultimately going to attract curiosity from many business owners who are likely to find the information helpful to them. This will automatically put you ahead of the pack of others.


If you find it challenging to get an appropriate theme for your YouTube channel, then you should just consider picking a problem that your business aims to solve. In that case, you can choose to create your tube Theme based on that. All you need to do after identifying an appropriate theme for your business is create videos based on topics that you believe will offer helpful information to the target audience.


Post unique audience


Generally, videos are likely to draw more attention than any other form of media. Therefore, if you want to drive traffic to your YouTube channel, you have to create incredible content that shares helpful information. Plus, if you can create great content, then half of the work involved in growing the number of subscribers is done.


If you share great content, people won’t get tired of watching your videos since they find the information helpful to them. Whether you share entertainment, informative, or learning experience, all this will still be relevant to the target audience as long as the information shared is helpful to them.


Remember, people can watch content as many times as possible as long as they can benefit from the information shared. In a report published by Hubspot, a top-tier content marketing platform, 54 % of people are always eager to see more video content from marketers. This implies the power of video content as not only a marketing strategy but also an opinion shaper.


Provided that you stick to a theme, it shouldn’t be challenging to churn out valuable content for your audience.


Research for popular YouTube keywords


Let’s assume that you want to create a YouTube channel that focuses on content marketing. One of developing content ideas is by simply entering content marketing into the YouTube search engine.


YouTube being the second largest search engine in the world, you are likely to get more insightful data for keyword ideas.


Though the result may give wider options, the process can be repeated many times to get more specific keywords. A clear indication from the searches is many keywords appearing. That means most people use specific keywords to search content. In that case, you can then use the commonly searched keywords for the video content. That would boost the visibility of the video content on Google searches based on the most popular keywords.


The technique offers important insight to guide on how to target a particular keyword during the video production process. Alternatively, you can choose keyword ideas on various free online keyword tools to get more insight about the niche you intend to target with your YouTube channel.


Improve the quality of your videos


Do not simply shoot and post videos on the YouTube channel without focusing on the quality. While the quality of videos produced may not be a top priority, quality videos can play a critical role in increasing viewership after a while.


As long as the videos offer value to the target audience, then you are heading in the right direction. Should the videos start getting returns then you can invest more time and resources in procuring better equipment to improve the quality of videos produced. While using a phone and a laptop may be fine in the video production process, you may need to invest in a microphone to improve the quality of sound.


Improving the quality of your videos may attract more serious people who may start having confidence in your abilities. That way, you stand a chance of winning the trust of serious sponsors and advertisers.


Post consistently


Garnering a high number of YouTube views solely relies on content shared. If you post consistently, people get used to your content and are likely to become loyal subscribers.




The concept shared in this article is ideal in helping you grow your YouTube followers by double digits. Whereas the quality of videos posted on your channel may not matter at the beginning, they play a great role in showcasing you as a serious person in a particular niche.


All in all, focus on sharing valuable information that helps the target audience solve a particular problem.

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