Top 8 Email Marketing Tools To Improve Your Marketing Campaigns

Top 8 Email Marketing Tools To Improve Your Marketing Campaigns


Top 8 Email Marketing Tools To Improve Your Marketing Campaigns


A robotic email campaign is meant for sending a series of emails automatically, triggered by the actions of email subscribers. The click rate of automated emails is much more than manually sent mails and email marketing is still one of the most effective marketing channels for businesses to achieve gigantic conversions.


The key advantage of email marketing automation is that it facilitates companies to obtain clients trust and hence huge return on investment (ROI). This article provides information about the top 8 email marketing tools to get the most out your marketing campaigns and boost your business.


1. Constant Contact


Constant Contact is an easy to use tool because it is user-friendly and very easy to set up. It is widely used across the globe because of its fantastic support, widespread online training, and webinars to assist you in achieving your goals.


This tool is also used to manage event invitations and registrations. Its drag and drop features make designing and customization of email templates very simple. Moreover, mobile mobile-responsive emails have generated that fit on any device.


2. Litmus


Litmus is an extremely flexible tool used to test and track email. It is free for a 7-day trial period and you have to pay after that. This tool enables you to test your emails in usual web-clients and all famous mobile devices like Apple, Android, etc.


It provides efficient link testing by putting the email during a landing page test and very soon you get data about that email with full results for each link. The ESP tracking report will show you the required subscriber data like where the mail was read, time spent by the user in reading that mail, and whether it was forwarded or printed.


3. Mail Chimp

Mail Chimp

Mail Chimp is a great tool to collect statistics, send emails, and enhance the performance of your marketing efforts. The dashboard of this tool provides options to import lists, build and launch campaigns, and continue to grow your audience.


You can also choose to mail everyone or only a particular segment in your list and the process can also be easily customized as per your needs. Besides triggering emails, it also offers integration of social media to post the routine updates.


4. Drip


Drip is a very resourceful email marketing tool including various features like message personalization, complete data analytics, , integration with e-commerce platforms like Shopify, etc. Both text-based and visual tools are available for generating emails which you can use to make effective image-driven marketing campaigns accompanied with follow-up messages to individual users.


It also has a conversion tracking feature which enables businesses to monitor and control the performance of their email marketing campaigns.


5. Mailjet


Mailjet provides a convenient way to merge template-based marketing and transactional email sending in a sole app. Its inbuilt libraries allow you to include Mailjet support to your app in many languages like Python, PHP, etc. and integrate with open source platforms like WordPress and Magento.


The A/X testing feature of this tool helps you to test 10 distinct versions of your email so that you can determine which one is most appropriate for your purpose. You can also judge the performance of your previous campaigns against the current one and thus overcome the shortcomings for future campaigns. You can utilize the app’s UUI to build a campaign or use API integration and apply some code statements to initiate a formatted email campaign to your acquaintances.


6. Sendinblue


Sendinblue software provides automation for both email marketing and SMS messages. You can use the drag & drop builder of this tool to make highly-engaging emails, robotic workflows, and segment users. You can continuously enhance your outcomes by A/B testing your subject lines.


7. Gumroad


The email feature of this tool allows you to group and store potential clients besides existing customers. You can then subdivide them on the basis of many features and send updates regarding your products. You have the option to customize the landing page as you wish, change colors or use CSS for any style.


8. GetResponse


GetResponse comes with an autoresponder tool to email your newsletters that are also integrated into your calendar. You can use drag and drop features for better calendar management and obtain leads with high converting landing pages. It also provides ready-made funnels to build a whole marketing campaign.

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