14 Excel Tips Tricks & Shortcuts Make Your Easier To Use Microsoft Excel


14 Excel Tips Tricks & Shortcuts Make Your Easier To Use Microsoft Excel


Microsoft Excel is the most popular computer-based spreadsheet, used for data recording, analyzing and manipulating. The spreadsheet makes many of our routine tasks easy to complete within the stipulated time. This is the reason why everyone prefers Microsoft Excel Training to complete personal or professional projects more efficiently.


If you are too searching for Microsoft Excel Course Shortcut Tips, then, here we have a list of few as follow:

Customize status bar

1. Customize status bar


Some features Excel status bar displays, like sum, count and Average by default. But, if you want to customize right click on the status bar, the menu allows you to customize. You can add other available features like count, Minimum or Maximum etc.


2. Convert big data in charts


Your big database can look more attractive in the form of graphs and charts. Just follow the below steps:

● Select the data
● Press F2 to open the formula bar,
● Press F9 to evaluate the form
● Press Enter key

3. Splitting the spreadsheet


You can access two sheets simultaneously just by clicking with the mouse. You need to follow just below steps:

● Go to the view tab on Menu Bar
● Select Split
● Or to Remove Split to restore a single window

4. AutoFill Rows and Column Option


AutoFill option saves your time in case of repetitive nature items.

● Click on File>Options
● Go to the foot of Advance menu
● Look for General Heading> click on Edit Custom List
● Add new list under New List option

5. View multiple sheets on one spreadsheet


This tool is more beneficial for the inspection purpose. Follow the underneath steps only:

● Click on view tab on the ribbon
● Click on the new window, then
● You will see multiple sheets
● Using Synchronous Scrolling option, you can scroll through both pages by dragging the slider bar.

6. Use of Conditional Formatting


You can use Conditional Formatting by following simple steps:

● Click Home tab
● Go to Conditional Formatting
● Select Data bar
● Choosing a color set in the Gradient Fill gallery

7. Print Optimization


The common problem in printing can be eliminated just by following the below steps:

● Go to File tab
● Put your Pointer on Print Option
● Many options will appear to change in size of the document, number of copies, print header etc.
● Optimize as per your requirement

8. Formula Extension


You can easily extend your formula just by entering in one cell. Let’s know how:

● Click on the formula cell
● Select the cells up to where you want to apply a formula, or
● Double click it will take it all the way down if you have continuous data.

9. Add Multiple Rows/Column


Adding multiple Rows or column now is an easy task. Follow these steps only:

● Select the number of Rows or Column you want to add,
● Use right-click to insert Rows/column, or
● Use Ctrl shift+

10. PivotTables


Pivot table completes your hour’s study in few minutes by showing figures in short filtration mode:

● Select the cells
● Go the Analysis tab
● Click on PivotTable Option
● You see the Big data in the filtered form

11. Combining Two Cells Information


Two cells information can be easily combined just by adding “&” option in cells. For example, combine “A” and “B” cell data add =A2&” “&B2.


12. Quick Analysis tool


This tool helps you work with a small dataset. Simply, Select the cells and then click the Quick Analysis tool that automatically appears in the lower-right corner of the bottom of the selection. You can quickly generate charts, tables, and graphs.


13. Excel Text-To-Speech


You can get Excel to repeat the numbers or data back to you to check for errors as you type. You can activate this feature as follow

● Click on More Commands,
● Go to All Commands option, then
● Speak Cells to add this function to your quick access toolbar.

14. Freeze Panes


This tool allows you to keep the row or column names static while you scroll through the data, you can freeze the panes to help keep track on the data you’re looking at. Steps to follow:

● Click on the cell below the column/Row, then
● Go to View tab, and
● Select Freeze Panes

Final words


Microsoft Excel is played important in all sphere of business projects. Microsoft constantly updates the app to make it more useful for the end users. But if you find any problem don’t hesitate to join the Microsoft Excel Course. Go to the training institute and learn new shortcuts to make your project easy.

Author Bio:

By profession, Aysher Ryan is a techy guy and Microsoft Excel expert trainer at Best Excel Training Institute in Singapore. From basic fundamentals to advanced core concepts, he’s fruitfully trained every person in Excel